Asher the Insane

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Asher the Insane

By: Solomon Cliff CompletedFantasy

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After a misunderstanding with Asher's own unique skill, he breaks his own system and gains the [Insanity] debuff while attaining overpowered abilities, which he uses to wreak mayhem and mischief in the new world he finds himself in. *Also on Wattpad, RoyalRoad, Tapas and WebNovel

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  • Solomon Cliff


    Heya folk, I'm the author and I think you should give this book a try.

    2022-03-28 06:06:06
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103 chapters
01 - Asher the Isekai-ed
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- oh hey, it doesn't hurt anymore," I said, coughing to clear my throat from screaming out my lungs just a moment before.At ‘The moment before’ I felt an excruciating pain but now it had just vanished.I padded myself down. There didn't seem to be anything wrong, so why was I shrieking like a banshee then?Huh, I can't remember what happened.I'll just have to retrace my steps.I need to think.For a job interview at the supermarket, I was outside...Because being a NEET, or more specifically, a full-blown hikikomori, doesn't pay a lot of money, and I ran out of dough.Something awful happened.I was overcome with chills and shuddered at the sensation I experienced while attempting to remember."Aww dang, now I know. I was run over!" I yelled out.Not by a freaking car or even a truck but by a damn carriage.It was my own fault anyhow, I didn't look both ways twice when crossing the road, and then BAM. Came out of nowhere too, or I was just blind. Who does
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02 - Asher the Pre-Incarnated
After what must have been at least a few hours I explained to the so-called goddess, in great detail, what anime, and especially isekai, was. I think I finally finished.After all, I can't expect her to have known all of that, having in mind how much more complex the universe I had known turned out to be.In the meanwhile, the goddess created a nice boudoir, with fancy chairs and very grandiose bed, in which I lay in, after she offered it to me, most likely because she felt bad for me, seeing how I had already lain on the floor for a while."Mortal Cyrus, why is it that you want to get into such a world?" The goddess asked me."I'm something of a weeb," I told her.I saw her nod but I'm not sure if I explained to her what one was. Under the haze of everything I told her I forgot if I did or not."Is there also something with RPG mechanics?" I asked."I am sorry but I also do not know what Arrpeegees are."I spend another few hours telling the goddess everything I knew about video-games
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03 - Asher the Baby
The reality of being reborn kind of sucked. I thought 'being reborn' meant that I would just, you know, 'pop' into the world like I had been, like a great many isekai-ed men, and women, were before me. But no, I'm a real, literal, baby. My parents, my family, my appearance, why, even my name have all changed. Cyrus is Asher now, which I thought was a cool name.Lying in my crib, being swayed side to side I thought there should have been another person here, but who? Oh yeah, short and grumpy Faye. Where even is she? She did hop, or rather, float, into the portal with me. As a baby I can't even call her. Screaming is a clever trick and one of the few things I can do as a baby, so I'll give that a try. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAHH" There was a strange feeling circulating throughout my head. [Skill [Voice LVL. 1] threshold reached. [Voice LVL. 1] -> [Voice LVL. 2]][Skill [Screaming LVL. 1] threshold reached. [Screaming LVL. 1] -> [Screaming LVL. 2]][Skill [Speech LVL. 1] threshold reach
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04 - Asher the Tester of the Water
You know, you have to be grateful for what you have in the long run. Like good old Buff X. It could be comically overpowered, having the potential to be much stronger than I had initially thought. I discovered that I could stack it on itself when I was four years old. I played outside for along time, went home at night, used the skill, went to sleep for almost an entire day and when I finally woke up and got out of bed I could use it again, gaining two stacks. Funny how these things happen, right? But what I first failed to realize is that there are buffs for nearly anything in this world. Ever played The Sims? It’s something like that. Being too happy or being too excited could trigger a buff that would just be a rush of emotions. Eating your favorite food or just enjoying the moment would take away all my stacks, which just sucked. But since I turned eight I didn’t miss a single day where I didn’t successfully apply the buff on itself. I was ten now, and when I asked Faye
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05 - Asher the Stacked
Today was my birthday, I was eighteen. In this world, eighteen is a bit older than you have to be to be considered an adult. Fifteen or sixteen I would also be one but eighteen just sounded right, to me. Until now I have lived life as any common man would but only until today, because today is the day everything will change! I stacked [Buff X] about 3650 times. Theoretically, the next buff I would get should be about 36500 times stronger, right? ‘Do I have that right, Faye?’ ... ‘Nothing to add?’ “I do not have anything to add.”Right, you never do.Over the last two decades, you rarely spoke and even then you only spoke to me when I directly addressed you.…'Fine, fine. That's just who you are but please, show me my stats, will you?' - [Asher Burell] - [LVL. 18 Human Man] - [[HP 99/100 │ MP 100/100 │ SP 98/100]] - [[STR 9] [CON 9] [DEF 9] [INT 9] [WIS 9] [CHA 4] [DEX 11] [LCK 7] [VER 10]] - [[Buff X]] [[Body Skills] [Mental Skills]] - [[Power Beam LVL. 19] [Secon
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06 - Asher the Gajillion Times Worse
At first, I was so disappointed, but then a familiar warm, cozy feeling came over me. Though it started to be uncomfortable and then slowly turned into a burning sensation. Then I started to hear it, louder and louder. My head began to hurt and I wandered the streets with my head in my hands. [Skill [Thinking LVL. 50] threshold reached. [Thinking LVL. 50] -> [Thinking LVL. 51]][Skill [Breathing LVL. 145] threshold reached. [Breathing LVL. 145] -> [Breathing LVL. 146]][Skill [Metabolism LVL. 160] threshold reached. [Metabolism LVL. 160] -> [Metabolism LVL. 161]][Skill [Sight LVL. 114] threshold reached. [Sight LVL. 114] -> [Sight LVL. 115]][Skill [Regeneration LVL. 60] threshold reached. [Regeneration LVL. 60] -> [Regeneration LVL. 61]][Skill [Blood Flow LVL. 190] threshold reached. [Blood Flow LVL. 190] -> [Blood Flow LVL. 191]][Skill [Muscular System. 80] threshold reached. [Muscular System. 80] -> [Muscular System. 81]][Skill [Aura LVL. 17] threshold reached. [Aura LVL. 17]
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07 - Asher the One Who Got Used To It
I still feel very normal, though I needed a few days to adjust.There still was the headache but hey, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm OP but insane, gotta take the good with the bad, right? Sitting in the town’s park, enjoying the rays, things don’t seem all that different from just a week ago. Faye? ... Faye, you in here? ... Huh, no answer. Give her a bit of time, Asher, that's just how she is. I waited, one minute, two minutes, still no answer. That’s unusual. I stood up and called to her again as loud as I could mentally. FAYE. ... God damn, where is that lady at. “Are you calling me?” I heard behind me. I flinched and turned around, “shit, you scared me.” There was a small woman sitting on a bench. I knew her face and her hair though there was something different. Animal ears and a tail. “A fox-girl?” I looked her up closer, “Faye, is that you? What are you doing outside in the really real world?” "I decided to leave since it was getting too noisy. Howe
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08 - Asher the OC
I was on my way to the adventurers guild to sign up as any isekai protagonist would. I was already an adult so I couldn't go to school here anymore, so no academy stories in this book. Sorry! Either way, this is the best way to get started on my journey. An important question was: What kind of persona should I take? I didn’t have a gun, yet, so my options on the edgy side were a bit limited. But I did have a katana, that was a good start, now, just a trench-coat and my destiny will be fulfilled. But in all seriousness, should I be the Edgy Lone Wolf? I kind of liked being around other people and of course I loved to talk my heart out. Seems like that was something new to me. In the old world I would barely speak a word to anyone, in real life, online I wrote paragraphs worth of stuff if I could talk about it. There were other options. For example: The cocky brat. Nah.Dumb Shounen Protagonist. No way, I ain't THAT stupid.The Pervert? No. I looked at the sword and contem
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09 - Asher the Already Different
I yawned loudly. It was another beautiful day and the adventurer business was booming. I’ve done a few quests already and had gotten a nice sum of money from them. There were a few opportunities where I could test out some of the new skills I learned. On one mission, where I had to kill a few acid-spitting toads, I used one, which was called [Inside Out], and to my horror, it literally did what it was called. But I was the dumb one for using it, the spell did exactly as advertised. Another quest was saving a cat from a tree.I could climb it normally but no instead I used another spell in my repertoire. [Steps] It build a magic staircase wherever I wanted one. The only limitation was that it had to touch the ground somehow and that every step I took I had to spend more mana, but in addition to my insanely high stats, the skill has leveled up so much that I could basically walk up to the clouds and back. The quest I found the strangest was traveling ten-thousand kilometers whi
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10 - Asher the Independent Actor
After completing a lame extermination quest successfully, and having already went to collect the reward in the Adventurers Guild, I was simply minding my own business, walking down a road I have never been to yet, then, in the distance, I noticed a large group of people marching in unison. Were they soldiers? Mercenaries? Maybe a traveling caravan? I ran to catch up to them. Faye, as usual nowhere to be seen unless I called to her, and usually, 'walking' or 'running' was not something she did, instead she hovered and no matter how fast I was she always kept up with me. Recently, I roamed the world so frequently and for so long that I was unsure of which country I was in at this time. In general, I didn’t know anything about the countries or kingdoms of this world. It wasn't like I purposefully didn’t listen but I also didn't actively seek out any knowledge of this world. Well, now I could learn something. At the end of the giant march, I started talking with the last guy in the
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