A scientist's Journey in a fantasy world

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A scientist's Journey in a fantasy world

By: Ghost_Worker OngoingFantasy

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World-renowned scientist and two-time Nobel prize winner Elric Mageia, due to an unexpected lab accident was suddenly transported to a western fantasy world. With only an accidentally soul-bound A.I chip, see how he uses his past life knowledge to conquer his new home.

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30 chapters
'Who am I? Where am I? My head hurts….'This was our protagonist's first thought upon waking up. It felt as if there was a cut on his head, hurting so badly that it seemed as if his skull was about to crack apart.As his consciousness cleared, he realized he was in a dark cave surrounded by a group of primitive people with animal skin clothingOpening his eyes, he surveyed his surroundings.What filled his vision were a few dead bodies and a group of around 10 shivering people. 6 men and 3 womenHe seemed to be lying down on the floor resting his back on the walls of the cave. Feeling the biting cold floor He realized that his body would not be able to bear lying down much longer. To avoid catching a cold, he struggled hard to get up in a hurry.At that moment, he felt a sharp pain lancing through his head.The pain was sudden and brought with it a flood of strange memories. His eyes rolled back as he fainted."Elric... Elric! Wake up…" Elric heard in his daze, and couldn't help but o
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A.I. Chip
"This?" Elric's eyes widened when he heard the mechanical voice in his mind. 'Isn't this the assistant A.I. Chip from my previous life? How did it reincarnate with me? This doesn't make sense!' He found it hard to believe. He thought to himself, 'A.I. Chip, scan my mind and locate assistive systems.' After a mere moment, the A.I. Chip's mechanical voice replied, [Beep! Scan complete! No foreign existences were found in the host's mind.] "Hmm, scan my body, and display its stats." This statement was met with another mechanical sound. [Beep! Scan complete. Elric. Strength: 0.4, Agility: 0.5, Vitality: 0.4, Status: Minor concussion at the back of the head, many injuries to the soft tissues. No A.I. Chip is present in the host's body!] A 3D hologram appeared before Elric's eyes. It displayed Elric's own body and showed stats on the side. 'No A.I. Chip? The A.I. Chip is equivalent to a material substance. How did it follow my soul through reincarnation?' Elric thought to himself, 'It
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Beast Core
Getting off the ground, Elric dusted his body looking at the somewhat unusual crystal on the ground. Upon further inspection, he realized there seemed to be a giant corpse beneath it. taking a deep breath he turned and shouted."hey, George come over here!" George who was getting ready for his nap was rather annoyed by the sudden call."what is it Elric aren't you the one that said we need to sleep?" dragging his feet he mumbled"just keep quiet and look, what is that?" Elric pointed at the glowing crystal curiously. "It seemed to be produced naturally be the creature's death!"As he reached out to touch it he suddenly remembered something.Following the habits of his past life, Elric immediately said: "A.I. Chip! Scan this crystal and analyze its components!"[Beep! Task Established! Begin Scan!][Discovered unknown components. Starting simulated experiments!][Experiments complete! The crystal has a slight chance of strengthening the human body other functions are currently unknown]
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As the sun descended and the moon rose, the decreasing temperature seemed to be a constant reminder of the day's end drawing near. Reviewing the events of the day and pondering the future that was in store for him, Elric had a wide grin on his face as his favorite thing even back on the blue star was to explore the unknown."I really should get some sleep" Elric yawned, thankfully his animal robes were thick enough to protect him from the cold. Positioning his body he lay down to sleep. However, it seemed the night had other plans in store for him.Strange darkness covered his view making the already dark cave a few shades darker. His body was suddenly enveloped by a huge shadow coupled with the sudden sound of footsteps that produced a rhythmic thump that echoed through the cave it almost felt like he had transmigrated to a horror film.Forcefully calming down his nerves he held the book to his chest ready to use it as a projectile if needed. After all, all the knowledge is stored al
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Elias a world said to be so huge that huge with millions of planes are being born and destroyed every moment with only the main plane stating firm through the ages.According to legend, in the beginning, was the void and from the void, the creator god Kaos was born. With the head of a dragon and a humanoid body he sits and watches the void for all eternity.Over time perhaps due to loneliness or whatever reason Kaos decided to create another life other than him and open the sky!With just his bare hands he waved them towards the endless void with all his strength causing the seemingly empty void to show signs of destruction. however, he continued to attack the void. Time passed maybe thousands of years, maybe millions with the repeated action a large space formed since then there had been another attribute to the void, space!However, unlike what he hoped to achieve there was no life, just a space. Before he could figure out what was going on the space started to close in. Unwilling t
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The road of magic!
As the glow of the morning sun began to penetrate the cave at the end of Elric's words, only deadly silence filled the air. It seemed rather impossible for this land's natives to accept the overnight appearance of 'magic'. Though this was still within Elric's expectations. With a slight cough, he began to explain the concept of magic. "Through the knowledge given by our ancestors, magic is a phenomenon caused by the existence of mana! What is mana you may ask? Mana is a unique element that exists in the air!" Motioning for them to sit down he continued, "this unique element is then absorbed by the strange magical and powerful beasts that exist throughout Elias, through what is called a mana core!" he then pointed to the crystal-like substance behind him. After giving pause for the natives to ogle at the strange new substance, he then continued "This, however, is not a mana core but rather a mana crystal formed after the death of a creature possessing a mana core. It fixes itself in
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Orcs (I)
Feeling the familiar aura on one of the weaklings with doubt in its eyes it strode closer, at this point Elric and the rest had begun to hear its footsteps. turning their gaze it seemed as though the whole cave had lost its voice. Fear seemed to have stuck as a creature such as a Tantibus carries an overwhelming sense of presence for normal humans who haven't even set foot in the realm of the extraordinary. However, what happened next was to everyone's surprise the creature ignored everyone and strode toward Elric with doubts in its eyes. "A.I. chip what the heck is going on!?" although confused he still managed to put up a calm pretense as he spoke to the chip. [ Report to the host! Due to the soul inscription earlier, the host soul is emitting a slight fluctuation similar to the Tantibus ahead ] "Really? it seems my guess was not out of context, the creature that produced that mana crystal was either a Tantibus or was related to it especially after observing those sad eyes from
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Orcs (II)
Orcs is a word used to group a large number of species in the land of Elias, they consist of many tribes such as the kobolds (dog-headed people with humanoid bodies), Tauren (cow-headed people with humanoid bodies), Fox people, goblins and so many more.Although orcs consist of many species they are generally known for their humanoid structure, love for battle, and innate strength. Thinking back to the knowledge of orcs taught to him by his father Elric couldn't help but have a dignified look on his face however, looking at the anxious crowd and thinking of the current situation it was clear this wasn't the time to panic. However, before he could try to appease the current situation a slight cough interrupted his thoughts." *cough* young master we were ambushed! you have to run now! Davi- *cough cough* Davis, he's trying to hold them off" Mustering up most of his strength the bleeding tribesman managed to cough up those few words before fainting. With his fainting, a sudden gloom fil
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Orcs (III)
The sun rose and the birds hummed, perhaps due to spending the night together, the goblins and the tribesmen had become quite close. On the far right of the cave, you could see Davis and Zriork having an arm wrestling competition together, with the constant cheering from both sides, a lively scene filled the cave."You can do it, Davis!""Victorrit es or's!""Don't let the young master down!""Winnar es lan!""Come on Davis!The language barrier seemed nonexistent in the progress of having fun. Shaking his head Elric began to do one thing he needed to do before the trip began, and that was to burn his ancestral inheritance book. After all the A.I. chip had recorded the knowledge and carrying any longer would have been a liability.Moving to the campfire still burning from the night without any hesitation he threw it in. "Don't worry ancestors I would put your knowledge to good use." Clenching his fist, he was not sure if he was making that statement to himself or his ancestors."Young
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Freedom Town
"yaaaarit!""Hahaha"The sound of laughter reverberated through the night. Everyone seemed to have unloaded the stress from the long journey earlier."Human come over!" With hearty laughter, Elric was immediately called upon by Zriork as he entered the lake.With that call, almost all the attention was drawn to him, adding to his now naked condition a surge of embarrassment rushed through his body. Fortunately, there seemed to be a lack of shame on both goblin and human sides."Ha-ha, how's everyone doing?" With a dry laugh, Elric tried to divert the attention but it seemed he thought too much. Everybody went about their previous activities."Young master over here!""Elric over here!"The voices of George and Davis also came over. It seemed they had gathered with Zriork and the shaman to talk about something important. Not having any other options, he simply went to join them."Young master, the goblin chief, and shaman were just about to explain what the human gathering would be li
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