Aaron Payne: The Great Billionaire

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Aaron Payne: The Great Billionaire

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“You’re useless.” These words had been said countless times in Aaron’s ears, he was spat on, humiliated and even divorced by his wife, However, his fortune took an unexpected turn when the old ring he wore revealed his true identity as the rightful heir to a powerful business tycoon. As the true son of a mighty businessman, armed with his newfound inheritance, he vowed to make those who had looked down on him pay. [System task] [Attain the status of the world's greatest business] [Penalty for failure: Death] "Ehh?”

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1. What was once lost.
"Why are you so useless?" A voice screamed out.Attention was turned to the voice that screamed and quickly the manager who owned the restaurant ran outside, looking confused. "What seems to be the problem miss?" He inquired."This, this thing." She pointed at Aaron Price, who was the employee who had served her. "This thing messed up my order, I wanted a chicken salad and look at what he brought out.""She ordered beef stew, Sir. She's lying." Aaron explained.Upon seeing that all the employees were looking at him, the manager turned and looked at Aaron who looked wary of his mistakes. However, in that quick moment, he hit Aaron over the head with his fist. "This isn't the first time this has happened! Why are you so useless!"Everyone in the restaurant turned to them, some laughing and others clapping as Aaron was publicly mocked. "Get your things and leave, you're fired!" The boss ordered and Aaron made way for the door.This was not the first time this was happening, whenever he t
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2. Free Real Estate
They drove through countless acres of land passing by multiple estates and lavish homes, so much so that Aaron believed he was being kidnapped."Master Payne." Aaron thought to himself, "Who the hell is that?" He looked at the butler.He wondered what would have happened when they found out that he wasn't who he was, would they take him back to the bridge? Would they have taken it one step further by pushing him off it?"I'm sorry, I don't want it to be as if I lied or misled anyone. But please, I honestly do not believe I am the person you are looking for, I am nothing more than a failed attempt at an entrepreneur.""No matter how many self-deprecating words you tell yourself, your history and lineage are far greater than you'd imagine." The butler coughed when he realized he had forgotten to introduce himself. "Where are my manners, my name is William. William Van Claude, a humble servant of the Payne family.""Nice to meet you." Aaron made a semi-bow. "I'm Aaron Price.""So that's
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3. Wake up and get out
He woke up.Or rather.He didn't sleep.After being told that failure to convince the family would result in the loss of everything he had gained erased all the sleep that had clouded his mind, with it disappearing into the night as if it had never existed.He sat in his bed for hours until he heard a subtle knock on the door, he got up. Wondering whether it was time for the meeting already.However, behind the door were several maids who all had a different product in their hands. He glanced at each product until he concluded that they were trying to bathe him. "Oh, I'm fine I can bathe myself."Doris, one of the maids shook her head softly. "William ordered us to bathe you every morning, that is an order that we cannot refuse."Again, Aaron looked at the maids and eventually gave in to their orders. He was taken to a large bath that stood in the middle of the house and there he was massaged, bathed and taken care of.His bruised skin and unkempt hair were taken care of, so much so t
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4. Show them why you’re needed.
The entire table was filled to the brim with board members, family members and directors who all worked at the company and showing a great deal of confidence, Aaron shut them up as he walked in."I'm assuming you are the so-called heir to the business." Dillon Brooks, the head of marketing spoke first."Yes, um...""Dillon Brooks, head of marketing. Of course, you'd know that if you read up on the company before coming for a potential takeover." Dillion made a snarky remark and all the members of the board chuckled.The air was definitely shifting and he needed to regain back their attention. "Now, I doubt you remember every ant you've ever stepped on, Mr. Brooks.""Forget the metaphoric insults and let's get straight to the point." Another member of the board spoke. "Ever since Richard died the company has operated without a CEO and ever since then sales have been up by 15%, no disrespect to our late boss but I believe everything is going as it should.""Yes, everything is going acco
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5. The first deal
Today was the day.He got up from bed heading toward the maids this time, he was bathed and massaged and after that, he walked into his walk-in closet. Grabbing a brown suit and putting it on."Are you ready, Sir?" William asked, implying that the time for the deal had approached."As ready as I'd ever be," Aaron replied.Within the week he had meticulously planned the meeting as well as everything in between, he had read about Tectonic as well as the Payne corporation and now he knew everything he needed for the meeting."Shall we proceed, Sir?" The driver asked and Aaron nodded.While reviewing the company's assets, he stumbled upon a connection to the Von family, the same business owned by his ex-wife's parents. Discovering they were under Payne's ownership brought a crooked smile to his face.Upon reaching the headquarters, several black SUVs were already parked, anticipating his arrival. The chauffeur opened the car door and Aaron stepped out."Tectonic is here, Sir." Jane, his a
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6. The news getting out
"Good evening, viewers. Today's top story is a dive into the business world as Payne Corporation has made a groundbreaking move by acquiring full control of two major companies, Tectonic and Wrath, through a strategic purchase that was made sometime during noon yesterday." Dina, the reporter on channel six spoke."Yes, Dina I too was surprised when I heard it, a two hundred billion dollar purchase. If only some of that money entered my bank account." Rob, the second reporter joked."You and me Rob, you and me. But did you hear that the full negotiation wasn't made by Elizabeth Payne, who is in fact the late Richard Payne's wife and their board of directors, but by a new CEO whose name implies something amazing.""When I heard that Richard's son, Aaron Payne, had emerged out of the cracks to take charge of his company, I was caught in a frozen state of confusion. Unsure if he's genuine or perhaps, a survivor," Rob declared, punctuating his words by slamming the stack of papers onto the
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7. The Heir’s Induction
"Did you hear? That little bastard has the position of CEO now." A man spoke, talking over the phone."And what does that have to do with me?" The voice on the receiving end pondered."We both know that's your spot, Kid." The voice paused, before continuing. "You better go claim it before it's too late."The call cut off and the man stared at his phone before tossing it onto his bed. "Richard's son huh..." The man lit up a cigar, blowing out smoke from his nostrils. "Careful not to end up like your father."*****************Aaron was confused, the man in front of him, Willis was a family friend that he had spent some time with in his childhood, at least until he disappeared. "I'm so confused, wait... did you know who I was? That I was a Payne?""Calm down, Kid." Willis laughed. "Let's take this talk somewhere private, I know just the spot."They headed toward the back of the house, to an area with large railings closing off what seemed like a waterpark. Behind the large rides were ma
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8. He who once looked down.
Aaron's jaw dropped as the system assigned him an impossible task, worsened by a time constraint. Panic set in, his efforts seemed futile. Acquiring both Enigma and Glendale appeared impossible, regardless of his growing proficiency.Signaling a need for the restroom, Aaron excused himself from Jordan and Gertrude, making his way through the crowd. His heart raced as curious glances followed him, an uneasy awareness settling in.The grand ballroom shimmered with the radiance of crystal chandeliers, and the air echoed with the sophisticated melodies of a live orchestra. The party, a dazzling display of magnificence, brought together the high echelons of society—celebrities, actors, and influential figures who swayed to the rhythm of the music.Amongst the lively atmosphere, Aaron Payne navigated through a sea of tailored suits and elegant gowns, his every step met with nods of acknowledgment and discreet whispers. He couldn't escape the scrutinizing glances from those who had once dis
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9. Fashion Show (Part 1)
Glendale, a towering masterpiece of modern architecture, stood as a testament to the prominence of the Glendale empire. Its sleek design of reflective glass reached skyward, catching the sunlight and casting a breathtaking glow over the city. At the pinnacle of the imposing skyscraper, the crowning jewel is the illuminated initial "G" that adorned the top floor. Lit up against the night sky or gleaming under the sun, it served as an unmistakable symbol of Glendale's dominance in the industry.Jordan Giles, the visionary at the helm of Glendale, arrived in style. His sleek limousine gliding to a stop outside the entrance, signaling his arrival with a subtle display of class. As the car door swung open, Jordan stepped out, exuding an air of confidence and authority.Surrounded by an entourage of vigilant bodyguards that shielded him from the onlookers and reporters hoping for a scoop, Jordan walked towards the entrance.As he walked in, his assistant. Raven jogged toward him, filling h
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10. Fashion Show (Part 2)
Exiting her limousine, Elizabeth gazed ahead at the imposing mansion of the influential Von family, prominent stakeholders in the company. Having received a call from Alastair earlier, she had arrived to address the matter.Passing through the gates, she observed Alastair approaching, his face flushed and perspiring. Clearly unsettled, she needed to unravel the cause. "Good day, Mr. Von," She greeted, maintaining her composure.“Yes, Yes,” Alastair spoke quickly. “Come in, please.”“My pleasure,” Elizabeth responded as she walked into his house, being led to the study where they could discuss in private.As they walked into the study, Alastair, with a steely gaze, disclosed the unsettling encounter with Aaron. "Elizabeth, he threatened to strip me of my ownership when he takes control," Alastair confessed, beads of sweat forming on his forehead."Calm down, Alastair. Are you genuinely scared of this brat?" Elizabeth raised an eyebrow, adopting a nonchalant tone."No, he's just wieldin
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