Absolute Zero

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Absolute Zero

By: Sirius OngoingFantasy

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Vampires, Creatures that only exist in books and movies but, that all changed since the great tragedy 50 years ago. 90 percent of the human population has partially turned into vampires and those who fail to adapt are turned into ghouls which are predatory creatures that are thirsty for fresh blood. Now humans build great walls to protect them from threats that were originally only fictitious now become real threats. Five years ago the walls of mankind were breached by the vampires and caused many victims to fall, Luke who witnessed his family being massacred and saw his younger sister kidnapped by the vampires. Luke joins an army of vampire hunters and is determined to go on an expedition beyond the walls into vampire territory to save his sister and eradicate the vampires from this world.

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Slowly, he opened his eyes. He saw that his ankles were chained to a chair. His body felt heavy and the pain was slowly starting to be felt by him. "Urghh…" He groaned in pain and the man tried to move his limbs. His limbs could only move slowly and he realized that his hands were also chained behind his back. He looked around him slowly with a heavy breath holding back the pain he was feeling. This room looks like a laboratory and looks like a staircase not far in front of it, it looks like the location of this place is underground. He slowly closed his eyes again and soon after he heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs.He slowly opened his heavy eyes again and looked slowly. "Ooh… Looks like you're awake," said a man whose voice echoed as he descended the stairs. "Shall we continue it again?" asked the man who was still descending the stairs. What continues? Where am I? Damn, I can't move my body at all. There were many things he still didn't understand why he was here
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The Beginning
The loud sound of the morning alarm woke him up. He reached for the alarm not too far from him and turned it off. Slowly he started to get up from his bed and walked towards his bedroom window, he opened the window and looked out the window. The sunlight slowly illuminates the city that looks like a giant shell. Axiom is the name of this city. The city is surrounded by large walls and domes that cover the city's sky to protect humans from the contaminated air. Originally the sun would not be able to illuminate this city but thanks to the dome sunlight could be emitted into this city. This world is different. This is not a world that humans are familiar with in books or movies. The humans who live in the world are in the shadow of fear. Vampires, that's what they're called. From the outside they are quite similar to humans but what distinguishes them from humans is that their skin is pale, their eyes are red, their teeth are fangs and their physical strength is twice as strong as ordin
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3rd Division
Division 3 Headquarters. Why was he in front of the Division 3 headquarters building? The day before he was here he got an email telling him to report to district 10 and it turned out that Luke realized that from today on he would be assigned to a newly formed division that wasn't even 3 months old. Why was he placed in division 3 instead? If the placement of each member who has just finished their training is based on academic grades and physical ability scores, Luke is not a person who deserves to be in the 3rd division because he is always in the top three both academically and physically. If, then he could have been placed in division 1 or division 2 and he was also not interested in being in division 2 because the ones who carried out expeditions outside the walls were members of the 1st division and, Luke's goal was to join as a member of the human corps. another was to go on an expedition outside the walls while looking for clues to where his little sister was. Indeed, most of
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STG(Special Task Group)
"No, it's just that I didn't expect to meet you here.""Have we met before?" Verin asked in an flat tone while looking at Luke who showed a surprised expression after hearing Verin's question.They had met before, but how did the man who had saved her forget that they had met? Did that guy do it on purpose? No, the man didn't do it on purpose and the look on his face didn't tell a lie. After all, can that flat stare be classified as someone who is lying or telling the truth? Luke thought as he looked out the window of the elevator that was going up to the 7th floor of this building."No, we've never met, in fact I've only heard about you a lot." Luke replied with a slightly fake smile at the man who was leaning against the elevator wall while folding his arms."You, lying." When Verin said that Luke was shocked and how did this man even know that he was lying. "If you're wondering how I can tell you're lying, that's easy, because I have the ability to tell if someone is lying or not."
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"Awaken…"As a voice could be heard calling out to him faintly, Luke opened his eyes.It's dark, is it night? That was the impression given by the man who had just opened his eyes. However, not too dark he saw a light from a candle. Not a light from a candle but a light from candles lined up like a circle. It was as if someone had lit the candles hanging on the walls that didn't seem to have ends. Where is this? Wasn't I in the 3rd division headquarters. He touched a hard and rough surface but rather a rock. The sensation he felt so real as if he really was here. If he is in the VR world, there is no way there is a VR game in this world that can make the players feel a real sensation like this. Could he be currently in a cave? If indeed this is a cave, why did he get here? Is there a cave in this city?The candles that lined the wall were placed quite high above him, he reached his hand towards the candles and felt a hot sensation from his palm. He was in a state of confusion at the m
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When Luke realized that the pressure he was feeling was slowly disappearing and his body felt light again and his voice and throat didn't feel hoarse anymore. " Did you just realize it's human?" The shadow spoke again but he didn't answer the question Luke had repeatedly asked to him. Luke realized that he was in a very unfavorable situation for him. If only he did such a reckless act he would only end up being killed in this world. "Don't worry, I have no interest in killing weak creatures like you." The shadow spoke again but he knew what Luke was thinking at the moment. "W-what?" The shocked Luke didn't know what to do nor was he thinking about finding a way to get out of this situation. "You want destruction, don't you?" The words that were uttered by the large shadow sitting on his throne made Luke speechless because he had hoped for some destruction for a creature called a vampire."Why do you ask that?" Luke didn't tremble anymore he didn't feel scared and he felt that he was n
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"Alright, before we start this morning's briefing I will explain again what kind of group this group of 10 is. Please take your seats." Only his voice could be heard from behind the mountain of paper. The other members don't seem to care what Daniel's sitting pose looks like now and it seems like only Luke is a little curious."Group 10 is officially not in this division and this group is deliberately kept secret by the higher-ups. Of course this chain of command is the same as any other group, what distinguishes this group from the others is the way we act," Slowly his face began to appear and Daniel started to stand up from behind his desk and headed towards a large digital screen. We are moving separately and currently there are three people who are carrying out their mission in the western region and the other two are in charge of searching for information.""Hey, captain can you speed it up?" Said Kento who was taking a cigarette from his pocket."Shut up uncle." Said a girl name
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The City Of Evil
"Why are we even given the task of chasing crazy scientists while the rest of the team is just making expeditions to places that are not even dangerous." Kento complained while spitting out cigarette smoke from his mouth."Kento, if you're complaining to me it's pointless, just say it directly to the higher-ups.""Well, if only I could do it, I wouldn't complain here even if I was crazy enough and attacked the offices of the existing superiors I got fired and didn't get paid, if I don't get paid then I can't see Mona anymore.""Mona?" Luke was a little surprised to hear someone's name."What do you want? Are you interested in Mona too?" Kento looked at Luke while showing a smile that seemed sly or not? Maybe an evil smile? Luke didn't know."Hey, uncle, don't teach this new member your perverted habits.""Don't act like that Charles, I just took you there last week and you're addicted to Lisa. How many times have I warned you, don't call me uncle!""Lisa?" Once again Luke was confused
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The Armory
Everyone was silent, it seemed they had understood what they were going to do and what their respective roles were in this mission. It seems that only Luke is confused about his role in this mission. He is just a new recruit who yesterday was still in the academy and now he has become one of the soldiers of the human corps and he will be deployed on a very important and dangerous mission. But, in order to find Rena he is willing to do anything because he believes Rena is not dead yet. Indeed, if he spoke to other people about his belief people would surely tell him to give it up but, Luke didn't tell anyone about his main goal he just always said to kill the vampires and want to go outside the wall."Ainswald, after this come with me.""All right, Captain.""Alright, let's end this briefing session. You are free to do whatever you want." The captain turned off the digital screen."Hey, Captain, you can do it tonight, right?" Kento gave a hand signal as if
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"Are you sure about the weapon you chose?" Suddenly Captain Verin was beside him. Since when had this person been around him? Besides, I couldn't feel his presence nor hear his footsteps."Yes, I have confidence in this weapon." Luke slowly lifted the sword from the wooden shelf where it was on display."Okay, come with me."Captain Verin started walking in front of Luke and this time they headed towards the white door. Luke just kept quiet and walked behind him while holding the sword that still emitted a terrifying aura. Verin opened the door and saw a white 4x4 room and nothing in the room."Now, sit in the middle of the room while putting the sword you are holding in front of you."Luke followed his captain's orders and started walking towards the center of the white room. Slowly he sat down and placed the sword in front of him."Alright, close your eyes and feel the sword calling out to you."Luke started to close his eyes and tried to feel the call from the sword.After he finis
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