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So I wrote Acnefera on Webnovel. The grammar was awful. The spelling was inconsistent and I am going to rewrite it. it is going to make more sense and it's going to be better with more fleshed-out characters and better motivations better villains. I'm going to rewrite the story even better. So enjoy.

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A start of a new thing
The bus moved around the streets. Picking up students and adults as the bus when from stop to stop. The 25 bus dinged as people came on and off.The best reached Longacre Place where the bus flooded with students. A guy that was about 5'5 in height had been there since Lynmouth heights.He was wearing an ironed white button-up with black trousers. He also donned a black clip-on tie. He had black cornrows and light skin.A girl that was around 5'4 sat down next to the guy. She also had an ironed white button-up and black trousers. She had a black clip-on tie and she had a very noticeable bust. She had white skin and long brown hair. The guy thought why him? Out of all the seats why him? He looked out of the window as the announcement system came on."This is a none stop run from here to the end of the bridge. This bus will not stop until Edge Warren square. This bus terminates at Eden Law station."The announcement finished and the bus closed its doors. The girl turned to look at the
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An altercation
The bus hovered over the bus lane smoothly. The bus reached a roundabout where the bus took the second exit before continuing. The bus would slow before making a left turn.The bus continued down the bus lane before turning into an area with a place with parked buses and 5 bus stops. Two for terminations. It had a turnaround that had a shelter.At the end of the turnaround, there were giant garage doors at the side of the turn. The station also had an underground train station which was filled with passengers waiting for a train.The station was dark with one source of light and that was where the buses would enter and exit. Bus 25 hauled into stop number 5.All of the students got up and headed towards the exit of the bus. Stas and Sylvia got off the bus nearly last and they crossed the bus turnaround. Stas took out some money from his pocket, look at the money and walked to a shop. He walked into a shop and look for something he picked out some croissants.He walked to the till and
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Fire coated
Rama's fist ignited in Stas's hand. The fire-coated hand started to scorch Stas's hand. "What's wrong? You may be fast but you are not a match for me!" Rama Garcia said mockingly."I'm not only fast!" Stas moved to the side of Rama and smashed his unguarded abdomen. "What the hell?" Rama clutched his abdomen as a combination of blood and spit started to flow."Why are you defending that little bitch?" Stas took 1-2 seconds to respond, "This is between me and you, Rama." Rama charged Stas with killing intent.Stas stood there as his fist coated in a blaze. Stas faded out of his line of sight and punched Rama in the jaw. Garcia dropped to his knees in pain.Stas grabbed his collar before Stas's face burst into flame. "Eat shit!" Rama laughed proudly as a squirt of water came from Sylvia holding a water bottle.Stas looked at Rama as a flash of light appeared from Stas as his face was unharmed. Stas grabbed his collar again and struck him across the face."You thought you were powerful?"
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A tall student
"So have you gotten your blazer?" Stas questioned Sylvia, "Yeah! I got mine a week ago."Stas pulled out his grey blazer and just looked at it.As they walked together a taller student was just watching. The guy watched from the other side of the road. Despite being a giant amongst men people didn't seem to notice him.He was tall and black. He had a buzz cut and was wearing a blue jacket. The taller guy put on his blazer over his jacket as he walked on.They walked down a road that had a few houses, "You sure we going the right way?" Sylvia questioned, "Google maps said this was the way.""So what is your power?" Stas finally asked and Sylvia thought, "It's a sword I can summon but it has a demon inside.""The sword can communicate with me and it can cause chaos." Stas stared at her with confusion. "It can make people go insane unless you are a higher being like a demon, an angel or God.""So what's your power?" Stas immediately responded, "So I take damage and that damage is convert
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The General
Stas walked and he followed the signs and he got lost. "You look lost. Are you a first-year?" Stas looked to the place where the voice came from. It came from a tall man with the same uniform but with the expectation of a trench coat with 4 stars and a black shirt instead of a white shirt. And a radio on his shoulder."Yeah, I'm lost and I'm a first-year," Stas confessed on guard. "There is no reason to look scared. Just turn around and take a left. This was where the old hall use to be." Stas finally eased, "Thank you." Stas with this walked off to the main hall. "The man shrouded in the darkness just smiled. "The newer students seemed more powerful than last year's students."He clicked his radio and it beeped, "All active personnel go to the hall now." It beeped signalling the end of the transmission. The students stood in the hall waiting. Captains, Majors, Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels entered the halls and stood on the sides. Over 12 men and 8 women were wearing white shirts
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Skip to the next chapter to continue the story."The next category is Warrant Officer there are 5 Warrant Officers ranks. There aren't only 5 spaces for Warrant Officers there can be up to a hundred of Warrant Officers. The lowest rank in this category is Warrant Officer W-1 and the highest in this category is Master Warrant Officer." Stas looked around the talk was boring but necessary. Stas was bored. "The next category is Company and Field Grade Officers. The lowest rank is the Second Lieutenant from this point you will get a jumper with visible shoulder pads. You will still keep your blazer but from this point, it isn't necessary. The ranks from Second Lieutenant up until Colonel are different but there will be no physical changes. But from the Second Lieutenant rank to the General rank you will get a metal insignia badge. Now for the last category is General Officer. From the rank of Brigadier General, you will get a trench coat with epaulettes. Depending on which rank you are th
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The general finally finished his speech as the whole hall full of students burst into clapping. He spoke one more, "From this moment, you are now privates." The General walked off stage and walked out as a Lieutenant General took to the stage. "You have been assigned a captain+ personnel. Go to the personnel. You have already been informed via your ID. The class will have a Captain+ personnel meaning that you will have to find this person." He spoke loudly and with pride. He took a deep and long breath before reading."Class A Captain Osgar""Class B Captain Roti""Class C Lieutenant Colonel Sile""Class D Major Rickard""Class E Colonel Voll""Class F Captain Saga""Class G Lieutenant Colonel Rizvam""Class H Captain Jelle""Class I Major Lindsay""Class J Captain Zed""Class K Captain Merv""Class L Captain Lucila""Class M Colonel Egino""Class N Major Sayyid""Class O Captain Heather""Class P Captain Anat""Class Q Major Victoria""Class R Captain Golzar""Class S Lieutenant Col
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"Class E here!" A line formed in front of the Colonel. "Hey Sylvia, you're also in class E?" Sylvia spun around. "Yeah, I am! I didn't think we'd see each other until the end of the day." Voll looked at Sylvia and Stas who were just talking."You two lovebirds stop talking." Stas and Sylvia immediately stopped talking and looked at Voll. "Alright, Lieutenant General I think we are ready to go." The Lieutenant General just nodded as Voll started to walk off with class E.The class walked from the hall to a building. The building was big and was labelled block 6. The class walked into the block and walked down the corridor to a big studio with heavy equipment and a track. "I am Colonel Magnus Flen Voll and I am your commanding officer." Voll proudly proclaimed."Today we will test your physical attributes so we can rank you correctly." Voll finished as he walked to a desk. He picked up a stack of papers before passing the paper out. "Ok, so the first person to start on the machine is Sy
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"ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO!" One student screamed, "So high!" A student muttered. "He should definitely be captain!" Voll stood there. "Alright alright settle down everyone. It's not that high the highest recorded was six thousand three hundred and forty-one." The whole class including Stas look confused, "So who did it?"Magnus laughed, "It was by me!" The class started laughing, "So you don't think it was me? That was recorded two years ago." Voll walked up to the machine. He pulled his arm back and threw it threw the air as it connected with the pad. The points skyrocketed from one to three thousand and it kept going up."Five thousand! Six thousand! Seven thousand! Nine thousand! Nine thousand Seven hundred and ninety-two! HOLD ON WHY AREN'T YOU BRIGADIER GENERAL?" The class yelled. He calmly retorted, "Because I get some responsibility and I was going to become one this year.""Well, that was a demonstration. Before you punch the machine please swipe your ID becaus
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"That's faster than me!" Voll said calmly, "so since stas was first he gets ten points. I never got to ask Stas what is your power?" Stas thought for a second, "I have an experience bar and I can level up and it heals me every time I level up." "Colonel, What's next." Voll looked down at a sheet. "It says IQ test. So follow me, Class E." The class followed him back into block 6 where they went to a computer room. "Alright, everyone to log in you need to swipe your ID and think of a password.""Sylvia this is boring and this test is going to be easy for me," Stas said cheerfully as Sylvia sat down nearly drained and out of breath. "How did you- Is it even- How are you run at 9.11 times the speed of sound?" "Stat points. It took you 4 minutes. Very slow." Stas laughed, "You were born with a super overpowered superpower." Sylvia slumped over still tired. "Everyone stop talking the test is about to start. The rules are no talking or cheating.""Cheating: consists of opening other tabs,
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