Aegis: Pandora's Box

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Aegis: Pandora's Box

By: Hyuuse OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ibis is the son of the mayor of Floris. He belongs to a family of well renowned mages that have governed their town for decades. He is expected to take over his father in the future. But a bad news shock their entire family after Ibis receives a negative result from the test that determines his magic affinity. Though frustrated, Ibis continues raise look for ways but to no avail. Then one day, he receives a gift that will make him understand a little of his special case. Will that gift change Ibis life for the better or for worse?

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9 chapters
In the end, you succumb to your greed.” An old man in rugged clothes whispers weakly as he leans toward a dead man and close his eyes. “If only greed did not consume you. You should still be alive today.” TING!The sound of a rolling metal ball catches his attention, it came rolling from his friend’s hand. He immediately picks it up and inspects the object. “Strange, what is-!” TING!Startled by what he had just seen, he drops the metal ball on the ground. “This is impossible.” He turns around and sees that his friend’s body is now gone. “Hasmuth, you did not-!”He then turns to look at the metal ball and takes it away in a hurry and left.
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Parting Gift
159 years later,In the busy town of Floris, the streets are bustling with young people moving towards a certain building. The excited look on their faces is evident that something good is about to happen to them today.“Look at all these young men and women going to the evaluation center. I remember that we have that kind of expression back in the day.” A baker said while using magic to bake.“We have all been there. Those were the times. Now that I think about it, it's almost an entire year after that kid failed to pass test?” the baker shakes his head in dismay when it is brought up.“I know, the mayor has high hopes for his son but to think that he would end up in that state. How devastated the mayor could have been.” They both stare at the tallest building in town where the mayor and his family resides.--------------------------------------------------------------- “Ibis, even if you are the mayor’s son. This is unacceptable!” a young man in the age of 22 tries to
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Don't Skip Meals
He inspects the object and place it on the table. “A metal ball?” he says to himself and thinks that its ordinary but after realizing that the ball is covered in dust, Ibis rubs it off and reveals the strange design on the ball’s surface.“What is this? It can't be used as a paperweight since it will just roll around, is this a toy?” While Ibis thinks of the possibility of the ball’s use, he remembers that he read about artifacts in the past.His eyes lit the moment it crosses his mind. “The only thing that I have to do now is understand how it works.” He says to himself.Ibis decided, this is one of the ways he can cope up with his frustrations in life. “I might forget the tragedies in my life with this.” He whispers to himself. And grabs the book to look for the instructions in how the metal ball can be used.-A few days have passed-Ibis’ mother walks inside his room only to find it in complete mess. Books and papers lie around the floor scattered. “This kids really is-“The sight
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The Fourth Holder Of Aegis
“Fourth holder of what?” I can't believe what I just heard, an unknown floating object just speak to me.I try to go back to my room but something invisible is keeping me inside. If it weren’t for the fact that I can’t go back, I would not even have the courage to stand on my legs right now.-You are the fourth holder of Aegis-“Aegis? Does it mean the metal ball?” I think to myself because that is the only thing that I held on to last before getting pulled in this strange world.-The Aegis is the accumulated power passed down by the first holder to the last--Aegis is a magic artifact that was created in the beginning of time-The more I listen to the object’s words, the more I think that I am losing my mind. “Magic artifact that was created during the creation of everything? Is there even an object like that?” I want to ask the object that question but the feeling that I’d get killed once I open my mouth is hindering me.-It is as you think, mortal. The object that you are holding,
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Greatest Regret
“What’s up him. My skin still crawls every time I think about what happened earlier. To think that there is an old man as crazy as him remain in this world.” He says to himself while riding the carriage. His entire team is called back after a messenger disrupts them in the middle of the operation. None of them expects what will happen next.“I’m fine with cancelling the operation but..” he turns to his side and sees the old man that he is about to eliminate earlier if not for the messenger stopping him. “…why is he supposed to come with us back to the headquarters?” None of them knew the answer. The messenger that relayed the message immediately disappeared, and they are ordered to bring the old man with them. He turns to his comrades and sees their reaction, they are uneasy to have him travel with them.“Just as I suspect. I am not the only one feeling the same thing.” The team leader shares their feelings towards the decision of their leaders.“I wonder what made our leaders bri
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The Sign
“This place did not change. So as the leaders, I see.” The old man says while looking at them sitting across the large round table.They moved to a more private place where they can discuss things more openly without worrying about the other members overhearing their conversation.Their leader, the oldest of them all speaks out first, “Master, will you not change your mind?” the old man just looks at him in response. “Is there need for my mind to change? It doesn’t matter anymore.” His brief reply makes all of them worry considering that it has many meanings.“What do you mean, master?” He turns to look at all of them, and not even one has a different expression compared to the others. “They are all the same.” He says to himself.“You all know what I mean, and that is exactly what you are all thinking.” Their eyes widen in shock, none of them could utter a single word after what he said. The room is filled with silence as they try to process what just happened. But as soon as what
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Additional Information
“What did he mean by those words?” what the old man said to everyone yesterday caught me off guard. “Does he know about the artifact? How can he say those words?” my thoughts are in disarray every time I think about it. “And the way he looked at me after saying all those things makes me think that he is indeed knowledgeable about this artifact.” As I am thinking of the things that happened yesterday, I did not expect to get a visit from mother, who had brought me some snacks.“I see that you are still working on that.” She says after seeing me holding a pen, “Yes, but I am just about to finish up. The events yesterday got to stop thinking about artifacts today,” I reply.Mother just smiles and leave the snacks before going back. I feel bad about lying to her, I just can’t tell her about the artifact without learning more about it first.“Let's just hope for the best, Ibis.” I say to myself as if decided to take a break.While I am enjoying the snacks that mother left me, I opene
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A Suspicious Invitation
SHHHHHK!I pulled my body away to evade the raging flames coming towards me, and all of a sudden, I feel my right side ache. It was a dream, I am back in my room. While trying to make out what happened, I feel so sweaty all of a sudden and realized that I bathe in my sweat while sleeping.“HUFF! HUFF! HUFF! What the hell? I saw that place again?” I immediately take off my shirt as it is dripping wet from my sweat and change into a new one. “Why did that place appear again?” As if I almost felt its connection, I turn to look at the Aegis and see that the runes are arranged differently this time, it is a bit less chaotic than the first time I saw it.“When did this change?....” almost instantly, I remember what the old man told me, ‘Let its power flow within you’ I wonder if this is a part of the change that he was referring to but pondering about it too much will not give me any result, so I decided to leave it for now and observe if things continue to change.Seeing that the w
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A Suspicious Invitation II
A few hours ago, I barely got out of our house and nearly got left behind by the carriage that my parents are hiding, I also witnessed how Fernan is being scolded by his parents, “Looks like I was not the only one that got scolded.” I almost burst into laughter if only my father did not pinch my ears.“You rascal, do you have time to laugh at others?” my father says while giving me a scolding. I turn to Fernan and see him holding back his laughter as well.After a good scolding, father tidy his clothes as mother tidies mine, “You don’t have to be that strict, he just did not notice the time. He is still just a kid. You and I always lost track of time in the past.” My mother convincingly suggested.Seeing how mother defended me, father could not do anything and just let me off. “Next time, be mindful Ibis. I’m letting you off this time because your mother says so. I might not be so merciful next time.” He warns as my mother winks at me, “I’m sorry father.” I apologized.Half an hour
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