Being A Hero

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Being A Hero

By: Izzy Bee Mak CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Exploring the world of multiple heroes and the difficulties they face as heroes. Superheroes are meant to save the day and save the world, but what's it like when you have problems of your life? it's not child's play, as they face life threatening problems while protecting and fighting for those they love. With great power comes great responsibilities


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89 chapters
(UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 2020)(SUNSHINE CITY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)The walls inside were white and the facility had all the necessities. Including techs as well. In the main room which had computers, was; Mark Bryan, Mary Stark, Ben Gilbert, and Dr. Robert Hicks; All seated on different chairs. Dr. Robert said, “Mark, Mary… your super-suits are ready,” He continues, “So are you guys ready to be superheroes?” “yes, we are…” Mary answers, “If my dad can be a superhero in Star City, then I can do that too. And it feels even better to have someone else who has superpowers on the team.” Ben chuckles softly while Mark said, “there isn’t much threats on this city, but this is the age of superpowers, so we’re just doing this in case of emergencies”.Ben nods and added, “oh yeah, and I’ll be right behind the computer desks here monitoring everything that goes on”. He chuckles, while Mark replies, “but I have unfinished businesses I should attend to, and I won’t make it direct, I’ll a
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)The team of four (Mark, Mary, Ben, and Dr. Robert) were present. Mary was speaking while others sat listening, she said, “guys, a thief came to me last night, and it turned out he had some weird super abilities, like elasticity… but I couldn’t see his face”. Ben sighs and replies, “dis his voice sound familiar?”. Mary answered saying, “no, he was able to escape only because I didn’t wanna show my powers”.Dr Robert cuts in and said, “I think… I think it’s a superhuman like both of you… who’s using his abilities to commit crime to satisfy his needs”. Mary nodded, “that’s possible”, he said. Their attentions were directed towards the computer on the wall, which was showing a news of people talking about a thief who came into their houses, the headline was, ‘Superhuman Burglar Steals From Homes In A Night’.They were surprised and the news showed a woman testifying, she said, “the thief knocked and told me he was my friend at work, but wh
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)Later that day at Roberts Lab, Mary was now awake and was on a bed in one of the rooms. She was still on her superhero outfit, and then she stood up from the bed. .She came out of the room, now in a casual outfit which was quite big for her, she could hear Ben’s voice as she walked through the passageway, until she got to where they were; the main room with computers.Ben and Kyle were having a conversation, and she interrupted saying, “hello…”. They looked at her and Ben quickly rushed to help her to sit on a chair. He said, “Thank God you’re awake now, how’re you feeling?”. Mary smiled and replies, “perfectly fine. Kyle… thanks for saving me today”. Kyle chuckles and replies “but you saved me from getting hit, if I had gotten hit, I’m pretty sure I’d be dead now”..Ben said to Mary, “so Kyle is Bethany’s sister, which makes him like Mark’s step-brother”. Kyle sighs and replied, “yeah, maybe”. Mary asked sharply, “where’s Mark, where’s Dr R
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)That night, Mark was asleep on a bed while the others were also there; Mary, Kyle, Ben, Dr. Roberts, Bethany, and Nesa. Bethany was beside Mark and she said to herself, “so, Mark is Hero… Mary, you’re Miss Awesome, I knew your voice was familiar, but his own was totally different… he saved my life”. Kyle replies, “same way Mary saved my life from that same guy”. Nesa sighs and said, “well, now we’ve gotten Phantom, so no one’s getting hit anymore”. Dr Roberts stares at her and replied, “yes, but I still don’t trust you… yet. I’m going home now, goodnight everyone”.******************** .Inside a luxurious large house was a young man who had little hair; the one who was watching Mark and Bethany the other day, Johnny Tony, he was in his house seated with some of his high ranking workers having a meeting when someone entered. Johnny was putting on a blue suit, and had a smile on his face, no beard, except a little shave. Someone came in,
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(MARK’S HOUSE)Mark and Bethany were at his house at night, he kissed her forehead as she went on to the bedroom to sleep while Mark stayed behind in the parlor, watching a movie, he got up and headed straight to the fridge, then as he opened it, he suddenly felt a pain in his chest, he grunts, then he brings out an energy drink, went back to seat and drank from it. Mark sighs and said to himself, “why am I feeling weak? the injections Dr. Robert gave me should be making me stronger… not weaker”, he wondered..*********************** .(THE NEXT DAY)(DR. ROBERTS LAB)Mark, Mary, Ben, Kyle, and Nesa were the only ones there, Ben was busy with the computer, there was silnce until Nesa said suddenly, “so, when will you be ready to fight Moza?”. Mary answered saying, “oh that’s true, Mark…”. Mark shakes his head saying, “I have no strength to fight for now”, Ben looked surprised as he took his hands off the keyboard, and replied, “take one of the injections”.
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(ROBERTS LAB)Mark, Kyle, Ben, Nesa, and Ronda were present, all having personal conversations when Dr. Robert came in; he had a smile on his face, and as he dropped a briefcase which was in his hand, he spoke, “hello guys! It’s been a while…”, sighs and Mark replied, “oh you’re here, Doctor Robert... to continue killing me?”, Ben smirks and added, “we now know your secrets, you and Johnny Tony”. Dr. Roberts chuckles softly, “are you serious? I think I should leave for now”, he scoffs. Nesa blocked his way saying, “no you’re not, tell us everything Johnny is planning and what he has done”, Dr. Robert knew he had been caught in the middle of this, he laughed like a lunatic, and then stares at Mark, while he yells, “like you’d let me go free if I tell you what we’ve done. Look… Johnny and I killed your father, I killed your mother, she could have survived the accident which Johnny planned but I finished the job”, Mark was furious already, then he yelled back,
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(ROBERTS LAB)The heroes were amidst a conversation, except Ben, who had not returned from his trip. Ronda; clad in a brown short gown -fitted and elastic- and also above her knees, thereby revealing a said portion of her thigh. “A lot of people have turned their backs on Johnny Tony; because you saved this city,” she said, with a smile, and a tone of relief. Kyle sighed, before Mark gave a rely, “… couldn’t have done that without all of you”, he smirked. He was putting on a white top; short sleeve, and a navy blue trouser. “now I say, we can take on him, reveal his secrets and let justice prevail”, Mary said, with a stern look on her face. She wore a blue top, and black trousers which stopped between her knee and ankle. Kyle replies sharply, he was always looking happy, “of course, but about Moza… where could he be? Back to Planet Hulton?” he asked, eagerly expecting an answer, and Mary exhales sharply, and answered, “I was also thinking of the same”,
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“…the one who’s gonna finish this is coming… HERO” Moza chuckles and replied sharply, “no, he won’t be able to”. Suddenly, they began to hear people murmuring; and then the murmurs gradually became shouts of joy, as the people stared at a figure above them; who is revealed to be ‘Hero’. Moza saw him and grins, while Miss Awesome said inaudibly, “perfect timing”. Hero came down slowly and lands beside Miss Awesome, “I’m glad you’re fine… I’ll leave him to you”, she said, while he smiles and replied, “thank you…”, then he faced Moza, “Moza, time up, you’ve used up your time in the land of the living, that’s the first thing I’ve come to tell you, so you will die, second…” Moza yells and boosted towards Hero; trying to punch him but Hero grabbed both of his hands and said, “… I’m not done talking” He headbutted Moza, and punched him backwards which sent Moza breaking through houses and as he finally falls to the ground, Hero landed on him and continues, “second, you k
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(ROBERT’S LAB)Ben was back now and with him were Mark, Mary, Bethany, Kyle, and Ronda. Ronda was working on the computer, and Mark asked, “it’s been a while now and Moza hasn’t shown up, even Nesa isn’t back” “and I’m thinking Moza went back already and she’s in danger”, Kyle said worriedly, while Mary replies, “I hope that isn’t the case, if it is, then we should start preparing for war”. Ben said, “the battle hasn’t ended… it could be that he’s given up” .Bethany replied, “what if he’s still here on earth getting prepared?” “that’s why we need to find him”, Ronda answered. Mark sighs and said, “alright, I’m gonna look for him everywhere I can”, Mary replies sharply, “I’m coming with you”. Mark retorted back sharply, “no, stay here” Bethany smiles and said, “let her go with you, find him and end this”..************************ .Johnny Tony was with Dr. Elias inside a laboratory, Johnny asked looking worried, “the pills?”. Elias sighs and repli
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(SUNSHINE CITY)(THE TONY’S COMPANY)(BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING)In a large and spacious office sat men and women on chairs; which were next to a long metal table, and they were beside one another. Johnny Tony sat at the head table, alone; he was the leader, they were having a meeting, and Johnny was speaking, “… Now we should take the big step of making amazing invention, in technology too, but most of all, we all know the creation of Ultrahumans started in Star City; a project which was replicated in other cities like Clifford City… we could be superhumans like Hero, Miss Awesome and so on, all it takes is to replicate the same. And before I do that, I respect the decisions of the board, therefore, we’ll vote, and I will carry out the project to make us superhumans” A man suddenly replied, “why do we need to be superhumans if Hero is there to protect the city?”. Johnny smirks and answered, “because he’s a man, he has to sleep, if you’re about to be assassinated by a monst
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