Flames of Fate

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Flames of Fate

By: MSini OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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At the dawn of the journey of my life I found myself within a dark forest. In a world where violence was common, and with a destiny that wanted me dead.

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Flames of fate (1)
"It's starting to get chilly, maybe I should have dressed more ..."Eizo Gigli, a young man about to turn twenty, said to himself during a solitary excursion to a wood in the Alps, on an August morning.He was dressed in ocher yellow shorts and a midnight blue gym jacket, with tall dark brown boots on his feet, thinking it wouldn't be so cold.He had come to Italy from the USA with his parents for the funeral of his paternal grandfather and to meet his grandmother whom he had not seen for many years.Eizo was in fact half American, on his mother's side, and half Italian, on his father's side. He was average tall, had curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and long eyebrows; in his life he has always played sports, inheriting his father's passion for football, and for this reason he had a sporty and agile physique.If you're wondering why his parents gave him a Japanese name, well, both his father and mother have always been passionate about Japanese culture, and it was on one of their tri
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Flames of Fate (2)
As I checked the time, another thing left me puzzled, I didn't even take a notch. 'Well, after all, I am in a cave in the middle of a forest in the mountains, it is not as rare as a thing ...' Then I turned around and "plunged" into the forest again. 'Mmh ... there is something wrong ... but what ...' I stopped in the middle of the pine trunks, I looked around, and a lump rose in my throat. 'Where am I?!' I noticed that I was no longer where I was before, the pines were mostly bare of needles, many had reddish needles and looked sick. There were neither brambles nor mushrooms attached to the foot of the conifers. It looked like a dying forest. I also noticed how much colder, almost wintry air was, and how much it gave a gray and gloomy aspect to the surrounding environment. I remained motionless for a while with fear. *Fuh I recognized the sound instantly and turned towards it. A grayish flame levitated to my left. *Fuh Fuh Fuh… Other flames from the round base appeared
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"I ... I'm not a hero!" I raised my voice, "Besides, why am I here? Soon there is my grandfather's funeral... send me back to my world! " I let all my emotions come out."Hihihi ... what an unoriginal reaction ..." the old woman said with a crazy smile on her face, both irritating and scaring me not a little, "You have no choice, you are the seventh hero of this world, and until you kill the Lord of the Plagues ... this will be your world! "I looked down again, I wanted to complain, but, what would have changed?"I, I can't be a hero, I have nothing special…" I raised my voice, then took a breath trying to calm down, "Probably ... you're wrong about me ...""Hihihi ... what humility…" She said wryly, "Khihihihi ... well, whether you want it or not, you ARE the seventh hero of this world, put your soul in peace. "I did not want to accept this, however, I realized that I could not make her change her mind in any way.'Me, a hero?' I thought ... 'the idea of ​​being some kind of hero,
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A gloomy world
*RumbleI rolled on the ground, but without hurting myself, the clothes the old woman had given me had cushioned the shocks.'And now…' I stood looking at nothing, thinking about what to do. It was difficult to realize what had happened. My heartbeat quickened and my breath became heavy.I instinctively touched the hilt of my sword and the feeling of discomfort I was experiencing subsided.I got up from the ground, looked around, and noticed that the door to the witch's shop had disappeared.I pulled out the magic compass.'It seems that the compass still points to the inn closest to me ... maybe I could go there ...'I tried to think of better alternatives, but nothing came to mind, so I walked towards the inn.I walked through that grayish and dying forest, sometimes I looked up, the sky above me was always covered with clouds.'Who knows what time it is in this world ... I hope to get to the inn before evening ...' Although due to the darkened sky of the clouds it already seemed al
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Brown Bear
'D-did I do it ?!' The sharpness of the sword shocked me.I turned towards the errant and saw a repulsive scene. I had indeed cut off the bear's head, however, not entirely, in fact, it was still attached to its body, but only for a small break of skin. The bear stood up on two legs, its head swayed during the movement until it stopped leaning against its chest.From the bear's head, precisely from the cut I had created, now came white threads that looked like alien worms. They seemed to be moving on their own. These stretched out until they reached the other part of the beast's body, lifting it slowly.I realized the wanderer was trying to reattach his head, so I sprinted at him."Oh, no!".I braced myself to hit it again with a side swipe to the neck, but the beast managed to keep me at a distance with a paw swipe to my right side.'Can you close a wound like that ?!'I had to kill it before its head was completely reattached, I knew that if the errant was back up and running at 100
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The magician of the invisible house (1)
She greeted me with a fake smile asking me if I was hungry or thirsty, I shook my head.*gulp'I can still feel the looks of the others in here …'"Um ... I need help... out here is a wounded woman who needs treatment as soon as possible ..." even though it was urgent, I said it in a low voice.She opened her eyes wide and put her hand on her chin with a thoughtful face."B-by chance ... is she short, blonde, and ... light eyes ?!" She said with a worried voice. Her accurate description made me realize that she knew her and that she was probably waiting for her."Yes-"She instantly leaped over the counter with an athletic gesture and ran towards the club's exit."TOM! Take care of the counter! ""EH ?!" A man replied. I did not understand from where, perhaps from the kitchen."It's urgent!" She screamed in a trembling voice. The man walked out through a door behind the counter.She looked at him "Marie!" She screamed at him, her face worried. He nodded.…Have you ever felt completel
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The magician of the invisible house (2)
He removed all of Marie's robes, even the cloth around the wound in her leg that I had put on, which made me look away from embarrassment. Then, the old man raised his walking stick and brought the metal knob towards the woman's body. Then he muttered something and the woman's body, previously dirty with mud, dust, and blood, was thoroughly cleansed. 'MAGIC!?' He too, like the old woman who had welcomed me into this world, was a magician. Well, maybe I shouldn't have reacted so surprised, after all, just before, he had opened a door out of nowhere. 'I still can't get used to the idea that magic exists in this world ...' Now that the woman was completely clean, I noticed how beautiful she was. The old man took out of the ampoule some of the healing ointment he had created and spread it over all the wounds, abounding in that on the woman's leg. "Good!" The old man said, "Now we have to let her rest for at least one night..." "Will she be cured?!" Asked the agitated innkeeper. "E
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The magician of the invisible house (3)
The room, in addition to the bed with clean beige sheets and a blanket made from bear fur, had a dark wood nightstand next to the bed, a small empty two-door wardrobe of dark and shiny wood to my left, and a candlestick which descended from the ceiling with five arms and lighted candles.These candles illuminated the whole room with soft light. I noticed that the candles did not have wax collectors under them, however, looking more closely, I saw that such candles did not wear out and the wax did not melt at all.The floor of the room was in light parquet while the walls were white, although the candlelight yellowed them a little.The only negative point of that room was certainly the lack of windows, which gave me a thread of claustrophobia.'Now that I think about it ... not even the living room where I was before had windows...'I took off the shoes, the fur coat and put the sword by the side of the bed, and lay down in bed. I was tired but, even if now I was alone, I still could n
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Aquatic Flames
I followed Rivorio into another room in the house, small and gloomy. There was only a source of light that came from the ceiling through a circular oculus. This illuminated above all an open gilded casket, placed above a low column of white marble in the Corinthian style. "W-what is it?" I asked. The casket was not very large. This featured, on the front face, a bas-relief depicting a man plucking a heart-shaped fruit from an apple tree. "HEHe" He laughed smugly, "This is my greatest invention!" He said fiercely, "It's a magical crafting box, specializing in healing and buff potions ..." he smiled at me. Seeing me not entirely enthusiastic, he made a face and spoke again, "Tsk ... look ...". The old man turned to a shelf on his left. He picked up a glass bottle, a twig of something, and a blue leaf, and placed them inside the casket, closing it later. I watched the process and was confused by it. After all, when he told me we were going to make a potion, I imagined she was usin
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'I have to take courage ... either I cross this bridge or I will have to swim it ...' the idea of ​​swimming in the icy waters of that lake did not invite me at all.I decided to untie the sword belt from my waist and place it on the ground, this in order to have as little weight as possible with me during my reckless walk on that bridge.I took the first step, another creak, second step, and history repeated itself. I kept walking, trying to be careful not to put my feet in the parts where the wooden boards were moldy.*Crrrk!I was now halfway across the bridge when, placing my right foot on a plank of the bridge, it yielded in the center, almost knocking me forward.At that moment, instinctively, I tried not to fall by holding up with the parapet to my right, this at first held my weight, however, in the end, it too gave up.Now, instead of falling forward, I was about to fall into the void to my right left by the parapet. This would have been even worse as I would have fallen into
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