Magus Of The Endless

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Magus Of The Endless

By: Arch Angel CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The pursuit of knowledge and the pursuit of happiness. That’s all Dream ever wanted. As he grew up though, his naivety vanished and he found that the world was nothing more than a prison that would allow neither of those things. However, after giving himself up to the endless abyss expecting to disappear, he found himself awoken in a new world! Magic, skills, science, technology, and the secrets of the universe within his reach. Dream found everything he ever needed and wanted. he would go on to unintentionally dominate the lands with his unprecedented ability to fuse the world of the arcane with the world of science.

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  • imills76


    I loved this book. I wish there was more.

    2023-05-18 08:01:24
  • Richard Tominio


    it was such a great story. I hope it had a continuation .........

    2023-06-19 07:52:43
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295 chapters
There once was a man nicknamed Dream. He was 17, a bit of a science geek, and played all kinds of sports. A fairly well-rounded individual who had decent looks, smarts, and high ambitions. However, all this did nothing to prevent the apparently common case of self-doubt and hopelessness.As a kid who grew up in Los Angeles, California during the year 2060, he had all the knowledge he could ever want at his fingertips. Scientists were constantly pushing the limits of physics to develop greater technology as they always have. The entertainment industry was growing by the day, jobs were constantly being taken by robots, the lives of everyone ordinary becoming better but more intruded upon. It was just your normal, everyday descent into the dystopias you read about in books.Dream grew up in the midst of all this, but was raised under one creed: "Question everything." This is what his parents always told him, and it shaped his entire life.In highschool, he was quite the ambitious teenager
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The first day
"...huh?"When everything turned to black and Dream couldn't feel anything anymore, a voice rang out inside his head. He could 'see' text being displayed.'What...the hell?'Dream had no idea what was happening. Well, he kind of did, but he wasn't sure whether or not he wanted to believe it.'Oh...Cool. Abilities... I may just be in a really good lucid dream... Get it?''Origin Energy? Like mana or something?'As Dream asked that, he finally 'woke up'."...."Opening his eyes, the first thing Dream saw were green leaves and sunlight poking through them like pillars of light. It wasn't super bright, but because he just came from a dark place, he squinted and put his hand up to block the brightness."Ugh. Bright... and hot. Damn, what is it, a hundred degrees? Let's get rid of this."Saying that, Dream sat up, reached over, and pulled off his sweater and shirt that was already causing him to sweat. Going from a cold night air to hot and humid jungle weather was not fun.Once he was stri
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While Dream had intended to continue off for a while, he found that the wounds on his leg were worse than he imagined. So after barely walking for half a mile, he found himself a tree to sit against."Sheesh... That dog did a number on me. At least the bone isn't broken. Probably. Uh, catalog. I need bandages and a disinfectant. What's a good disinfectant?"[A good disinfectant would be-]"Who's there?!"Suddenly shooting up, Dream brought out the gun and aimed around after hearing a voice.[Nobody is there.]"Then who's talking to me?!"[I am talking to you.]"And who are you?!"[I am Savant.]"Savant?"[Yes.]"...Hang on."[...]Remembering that name, Dream brought up his status and looked at his skills. Sure enough, one of his passive skills was named Savant.After realizing that this was just a voice in his head, Dream calmed himself and sat back down."*sigh* Okay then, Savant. So what exactly are you? I've never had schizophrenia, so I don't think I'm imagining things."[I am a
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*Scratch!* *Scratch!*When the sound of sharp objects grinding against rocks filtered into his ears, Dream's eyes shot open.When he brought up his head and looked to the entrance to his fox hole that was blocked off by rocks, he saw that it was still night out. Despite that though, there was something outside that was attempting to claw through the entrance.*Click*Grabbing the pistol that was holstered on his hip, Dream flicked off the safety and pointed it to the rocks. He didn't want to use the rifle as that might blow his ears out if he fired it inside the hole. If he fired with the pistol, it would be a bit more manageable.While he couldn't see what was outside and trying to get inside, he had his guesses. It was probably a wolf. Those things were nocturnal after all.'Let's just hope it doesn't insist on getting inside. I don't wanna go deaf yet. Actually... Savant.'[Listening...]Savant responded to Dream's call.'Get me some earplugs.'[Understood.]The next moment, earplu
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After sitting around for a while, Dream started thinking to himself."It'd be really nice to set up a place here. I really only needed a water source, and here I have one."He had been thinking of a time to settle, and although he wouldn't stop now, he would at some point. He had already given himself a month, and if nothing happened then, he would stop searching. And this place seemed like an ideal spot to settle.However, he also now had better chances of finding civilization. People founded cities and towns around water sources, so if there was any more of a direct way to find a town, then travelling up or down stream would be it. This was what he was planning on doing now. He couldn't think of a better way to advance."Welp, I guess that's the way I'm going then. I'm gonna hang out here for a while though. I can head out tomorrow."Dream spoke as he looked at the sun. It was already getting late into the afternoon, and the sun would be setting in a few hours. There was no use in h
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Different World
After exiting the fog, Dream ran around the fog as fast as he could to get to where the man and foxes would exit the fog.His backpack bounced up and down against his back and everything inside like his bullets and shovel shook loudy. After getting close to where they would be though, he started slowing down and walking quietly, using the trees as cover.'I don't see them though. Savant. Give me an overlay of the map you created.'[Understood. Generating map.]With those words, Dream saw a map pop up in his vision. This was one of the things Dream was able to find out Savant could do using visualization.When the map popped up, he could see all the area he had traveled sinc he got here. It created a long line, but he quickly zoomed into where he was at now. When he did, he could see the huge tree dome and the forest around it. He could also see where he was at on the map.'Alright. I was here. They were here. Savant, plot where they would have exited the fog.'[Understood.]The next mo
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After spilling the truth, the girl in front of Dream titled her head."Another world?""Yea. Another planet. I got dropped into this endless forest around 2 weeks ago and have been wandering mindlessly for a while. At least, that was until I found you guys.""So you really have been lost. How were you able to survive so long?""That's thanks to this."Dream motioned his rifle, and the girl looked at it curiously. He still had it pointed at the man, who was the biggest threat, but since these people obviously didn't know what it was, they didn't care about it. He didn't lower it though. He had to be able to react should this man get violent.As the white-haired beauty inspected his rifle, the man kept staring with narrowed eyes at Dream."...Sigh, fine. I guess you aren't suspicious.""I really am just lost. I'm not in my world anymore, and I don't know anything about this place.""I've heard about people like you actually. Ones who aren't native to this world.""So there's more like m
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"Whats going on?"All three people in different parts of the house headed to where Dream was at. They saw him standing next to the table with a very happy face. On the table was a bag they didn't recognize. It was yellow and green with weird letters on it."Are you okay Dream? What happened?" (Luna)"Hey Luna..." (Dream)"...Yes?""Have you ever tasted heaven?""Uhh.. I'm not sure what you mean...""Come here.""...okay?"Luna walked cautiously over to Dream who maintained eye contact with the bag. When she was next to him, he grabbed the bag and started to peel it open. He then took out... something."Eat this.""I'm not sure I want to.""Luna. You will never regret this decision for the rest of your life."Dream spoke with a serious voice but a smiling face. And seeing that he wanted her to try it that bad, she took the piece of food and put it in her mouth."...Mmmmm..."After the sugar hit her tongue, she was introduced to a new world of flavor she had never felt before. A childis
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Riddick and the girls were expecting Dream to come back, but after several hours, he was nowhere to be seen."He is coming back, right?" (Luna)"He should be. He has his stuff still here. Plus that forest can be dangerous. Those weapons may not be able to save him. He'll probably show up before night hits." (Riddick)The girls nodded at his words. They didn't wish for Dream to meet a disappointing end like that. They had fun with him, even if it was only for a day.Unfortunately, even when night hit, Dream still hadn't shown."There's no way. It was just an argument! Is he just leaving?!" (Iris)Iris started panicking a little. She didn't want him to die just because they argued. Luna spoke up in worry."Dad, should we look for him?" (Luna)"No." (Riddick)"No? Why not? You said yourself he wouldn't last long out there." (Iris)"Well the boy is smart. And I also have a feeling I know why he doesn't want to come back. You insulted his homeworld, but he probably thinks we don't want him
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Dream called it a Gladiator battle because that's how the wolves treated it.Barks of excitement sounded out as they were certain of their prey's death. They created a ring and boxed Dream in.They didn't all pounce on him to kill him quickly, but sent in pairs or trios to attack. If Dream wasn't faster by a certain margin, he would have fallen due to the numerical disadvantage. But he was able to manage.Dream would hold one off with his left arm and attack with the knife in his right. He used any means available to go through each one. He grabbed their fur and threw them away. Sliced at their legs, cutting them off. Punching them in the snout. Or just straight up stabbing them through the neck.One thing he quickly learned was that you didn't have to kill them to disable them. If he sliced off a wolf's leg, it was done. It wouldn't be able to fight him so he didn't worry about killing it.After the wolves took about 12 casualties, the leader finally appeared."...Ah, shit."An exasp
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