Anthologies of Love and Passion

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Anthologies of Love and Passion

By: Sasina Zariel Leir Rhaghdary OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A collection of tales from the world of Lovecraft County, is the city of mob and pleasure, in which is the mecca of crime and mobsters, for many years, there were countless mobster wars and conspiracies, murders, between the fact that the countless mafia clans, vampires, werewolves, gods, men and monsters, were engaged in fights over territory. When the whole city where everyone was involved in conspiracy and manipulation schemes through the authorities who were being bought and manipulated. present, of love, hate and envy, mystery, beyond space travel, increasingly involved in darkness, between tales of pleasure, pain, love and terror, romances through the world of life and death, between businessmen, werewolves, vampires, gods and aliens. Tales of love and legends, bringing men, women and hidden beings from the multiverse to the current world, in the midst of walks towards the abyss of pleasures and tales of lives of random pleasures, in which mafiosi, gods, criminals, are involved. the murderers, the businessmen, there are so many that everything revolves around envy, love and death, when each of the ancient enemies involved, conquerors, pleasures and love, in which each of them, the crimes of men and gods Involved with the world of researchers and pleasures their relationships, between villains, gods and lords of pleasures, those who seek a moment of pleasure.

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Among the slaves of love.City of Hustur .State of Lovecraft County.Richard MacCall and Selene McCall, married for 45 years, lived in an upscale neighborhood, toward a mansion next to a series of condominiums.Richard was brown haired, red eyed, a dominant man who looked to be in his early forties.Selene was a vampire with golden hair, full breasts, thick thighs and red eyes with vertical pupils, her body defined, her shapely legs, her round breasts, her thin waist, she was voluptuous, who lived in long dresses and a life being manipulated by her controlling husband.Both Richard McCall are entrepreneurs, they have been in the fashion and clothing business for over 40 years, they were introducing themselves by entering into a partnership with Amaterasu Delphos a man of mixed Japanese with Greek with eyes as blue as ice, hair as white as snow, sculptural body , they were partners in the venture business.Both were vampires who had lived for more than a hundred years on Earth, beauti
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One day he caught the attention of an older woman, who was a fatal woman, her name was Doris, she was another vampire in the club, with whom they started talking.She approached him one night and said.- When you stop pretending you didn't see me and invite me to drink with you? - She questioned him.- How about now, I want you with me, babe. - He said.The woman flashed a white-toothed smile, with full red lips, a black corset, and fishnet stockings.Doris had long silky white hair, she was a vampire older than him, and she was fatal, but sensual, he was everything that Diana was not, he did not accept being ordered around, so, flirting with the man day after, day, he even liked it, that tension.They spent their afternoons and evenings together, the man left the woman either at home or when he left and she came home from work, but he never went out with her.Without thinking twice about Diane, he was attracted to Doris, an extrovert, he started flirting with her, she was the impulsi
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- Once and never again. – Hassan proposed.Amaterasu looked from side to side, then he turned away as he stood up.- All right... – Amaterasu said. - One time. - He said.Then they headed down the hall, entering his shag-rug office.- Let's get out of this outfit first. Hassan said.As they started to take off their clothes, revealing their muscular bodies, each of them hovered around him, kissing him for a few seconds, when they broke apart breathlessly.- So... - He said, after a few seconds...- First let's see where this is going… – Hassan said.When they continued to kiss, each of them, circling him, hugging him one in the front and the other behind, kissing and smelling him, groping his thighs, squeezing and kissing his neck, licking and pulling his body, licking and their hands joined in pumping his cock, pushing the man towards the floor, with the thick mat that was used for each of them.- Tasty. - Hassan said, taking his penis between his hands while pumping it, when a man t
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When Hassan as much as he was a strong and muscular athlete, in which he was a pretty big guy, as much as Amir, in which he sends an email that will turn into a virtual friendship, had sexual content, it seems that they developed a fantasy of master and slave, while the men were her masters, while Selene was her slave, she was kneeling, between when receiving a collar, when sucking the penis of each of the men, after the meeting, she was wearing a knee pad.It had been some time since both men had known Selene, and she was used to being submissive, rather than scaring her away, she would give a friendship and an ardent virtual connection, new and dark between the three men who would care for her.Participating in a submissive and dominant relationship between three men, in a ménage.So they started sending one another videos of their nudes, each of them showing numerous positions, when they got back to the company, after work, they turned the woman on all fours on the table, prancing
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He was joining them at the table when the man said.- Would you sell it? – He said whether it was a joke or not, but your husband said.- If you can afford it, you can take it. - He said.He wasn't jealous.Trying to play the conqueror, talking in her ear. - He doesn't deserve you. – He said shamelessly.- Let's meet again. – He said, then they left.It was evident that Cassius had an interest in Aphrodite, so they began to eat at the restaurant frequently, and he began to gain the trust of Aphrodite's husband.Sometime later, they leave, they always come back, so that he flirts and flirts with his neighbour’s wife, in a way, while the husband was not at home, paying attention to a future lover, she had more of a relationship of convenience between them.Cassius managed to gain Bacchus' trust, he went to that house, in which he fixed everything in Bacchus' house, when it was clarified that they were together as an arrangement to take care of the young daughter.Cassius's wife, Cassand
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Then, she realized this was their second date, he got hooked on her.But she didn't pay attention to the problems of her husband and his mistress as long as she had her own.She knows that Aphrodite spends a lot of time with her husband, even if her husband doesn't know who she is with, she herself sends messages to her lover.He denied that it was Cindy, just knowing about her husband's flirtations, he doesn't know the extent of his betrayal, the bright side was that she knew about hers, but he didn't know about hers.She can't believe that this was happening, she started to gather evidence, so that she could remove this doubt, so that in the future, she would want to separate from him, so, the woman followed him, with the help of her lover, while she did recordings of their encounters.Cassandra tried to confirm her suspicions, arranging to meet her lover in a private car, plant the cameras and pay for an employee when she followed them to a hotel, none of them realized that she was
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Then, with her show of strength, the officer pulled her to her feet, then carried her into the police car, just as he was pulling down her pants, as he turned her face down in the driver's seat, the man slammed his butt toward the steering wheel, causing the horn to sound, while the policeman thrust his pelvis, front to back, in and out.In between his thrusts, which were hard, in and out, with powerful thrusts, with skin slapping against skin, between his thrusts, with deep thrusts in and out, with each stroke, when he was thrusting his hips.Every thrust of his hips, as the man thrust in and out, the next orgasm came with every thrust and with force and speed, when they were fucking like caged vacations that literally, panted and roared, while he was pulling her shirt open, opening it. -as, tearing her apart in the process, with it.When they were getting ready, when they were getting ready, as they went their separate ways.About that.Romulus Olympus and Artemis Olympus, married f
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She could go home, and then she would take her husband home without any problems, and she would take care of him.He doesn't respect women, seeing them as objects, boosting his ego, and his pleasure game.With his wife confined at home, doing her own thing, he did what he wanted..., go out to have fun and drink, obviously, he didn't know he was being watched, giving free rein to others to take advantage of it, he said.It doesn't take long for Romulus and Doris' relationship to evolve into something more intimate.It was on their fifth club date, of that last series of drinking dates, that day, when they looked from one to the other then, he asked.- Can I have sex with you? – He questioned her.- In my mansion, now. - She said.So, he took her hand, she took him in her car, driving to her mansion, which was so plush and spacious, with luxurious furniture and exquisite decoration.As soon as they arrived at that mansion, not even they expected them to put a foot on the doorframe, it w
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When the man was sucking every part of his body and was going down his nipples, belly, belly button, licking and sucking every part of him up to his penis, finally, swallowing it with a mouthful, scraping his penis in his greeting, when he continued to suck, from tip to base, sucking on his cock.- God... - Tsukuyomi said, when he was moaning and screaming louder and louder, with each lick, sucking and scraping his teeth in his fulfilments, when he ran his tongue through his slit, his cock more and more hard, oozing semen from inside his cock.- Almost that. – Ebrahim said, while pumping and sucking, when he was licking, biting, and sucking his penis, then he nibbled and licked his testicles, while the other man sucked and licked his nipples.They turned into their respective monsters, licking, and sniffing and swallowing his cock, how good Ebrahim was at sucking his cock, making it hard, at that time, when he swallowed his cock, sucking it, the man between screams, coming in Ebrahim'
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That's when they turned around laughing.- He really won't, he practically doesn't come to the company. – Tsukuyomi said.- So, who do you have the idea to bring to the new group? – Tsukuyomi asked.Even though they didn't live close, they met every day, while using the company's excuses, as they used the excuse of meetings to be late, as much as Ebrahim, Amir, Artemis, and Tsukuyomi with their complicit gazes on each of them.When Ebrahim as much as he was a strong and muscular athlete, in which he was a pretty big guy, as much as Amir, in which he sends an email that will turn into a virtual friendship, had sexual content, it seems that they developed a fantasy of master and slave, while men were her masters, while Artemis was her slave, she was kneeling, between when receiving a collar, when sucking the penis of each of the men, after the meeting, she was wearing a knee pad.It had been some time since both men had known Artemis, and she was used to being submissive, rather than fr
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