Arkan – Intuition VS System VS A.I

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Arkan – Intuition VS System VS A.I

By: Excelsior X OngoingFantasy

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What is FEAR to that whose only dream is to die while standing? That is the only dream of a boy who was born in the slums and had to fight his way out just to find himself still at the bottom of the food chain. Arkan, a boy obsessed with the ability to shoot lasers was this person. A dying god had summoned him and in turn of reincarnating him into another world, he would avenge him by hurting and killing all of the other god’s chosen ones who had reincarnated in that world long before him, for he was the perfect person who could do so. A person who could not and does not wish to use mana and possesses a power only fantasied on earth and one that no one had ever been able to produce using magic in that world, the power to produce laser. So starts the journey of Arkan. A journey that no one else could walk and live in order to fulfill his promise, he would have to hunt and face powerful people who not only possessed something powerful on their side, as they could choose to either have a System or an A.I to assist in their journey while he would only have to rely on his intuition. Not only that, but he would have to fight the powers of that world both in the shadows and in the light as many kingdoms fall while the powerful fight and ancient beings start to show themselves again. To make matters worse, by being summoned the way he had been, a divinity that no one would ever want to have was left in his soul, for the one who he has to avenge is the god of misfortune, OIZYS.

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Golden blood
'What doesn't kill, makes you weirder... What makes you stronger can kill you. If it is immortal, consume it and make it a part of you.....' Yes, these were the thoughts of a young man who was lost in them while walking down the street with no care in the world. Thoughts brought about because of watching countless movies, gaming, and reading light novels and manga. Some would say those are the thoughts of a madman, well, only if you think they applied in the real world, but unfortunately, the person who was lost in his head at that time was one who would argue that they applied in any world. Well, that would bring about a whole other different conversation, which would bring about the question of if there are any other worlds in the first place. Suffice to say, it's a conversation you could not win with him if you wanted to remain sane at the end of it. Unfortunately many had fallen headfirst into the pit of useless conversation with him that he could convince even an astronaut t
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A meal to die for
'If it is an unmovable object, go around it, if you can't, change its state or form. If facing a power beyond your control, act cool while retreating in style, it is better to fight another day while making a flashy entrance. If you find yourself alone with a princess, kidnap her!!!!! Steal her heart and kill any basted who so as looks at her....'Arkan was lost in his head again. The more he was left to think to himself, the more nonsensical he became."Ohh..."Something caught his attention. Two girls were sitting on a bench talking. What made him take notice though was that they were both beauties and since he was feeling happy that day, he did not mind showing the world what a charmer he was.He walked by where they were sitting and immediately the two of them noticed him. It did not take much for them to get on the defensive as they saw the scar on his face."Just wanted to say, the two of you look beautiful... Ladies..."Arkan said as he bowed a little while passing by. The two
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Scarred Demon
"You bastard, you think that because they call you the Scarred Demon now I am afraid of you?"A man asked Arkan while both of them were sitting down in the man's office. Only a small table was separating the two. They were in a hideout that had two floors.Behind Arkan, Alax was standing while they talked together with three of the man's guards that were there for his protection.From a young age ever since Alax and Arkan met and were inseparable, whenever there was a fight or a confrontation, Arkan would always confront the leader of the group with no fear in his heart and Alax would take care of the rest."Sunny, I do not care if you are scared of me or not. All I care about is that you now work for Danny. And man... You know that I can't have that. I do not even mix with you guy's business and the guy is still gunning for me."Arkan said nonchalantly."Look at this fucking kid. Boy, I am 37 years old. I am not going to be told by a 15-year-old who I can join and not join."The old
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We need to talk
"Awe, is that Arkan that I see?"Danny said as he stood up, watching the two girls run away and trying to act cool like he just had not fallen out of freight a moment ago."Father, are you alright?"Fred said as sweat ran down his forehead. He would not let anything happen to his father. If something did happen, he knew that the other gangs would have his head on a spike as they went for their territory.Arkan and Alax said nothing. Looking at the three left, they knew that they were dealing with masters and no matter how much they trained, they could not match them in the years that they had been training by themselves and without a teacher.With the element of surprise not on their side anymore, there was nothing else they could do.Arkan clicked his tongue and started to step back, angry at the missed opportunity. He had not pictured his first meeting with Danny after he killed his sister would be such a missed opportunity. Seeing this, Danny smiled."Ohh... How fortunate for me to
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'When in front of what seems to be a god, don't move, don't panic, and definitely always show respect. Who knows, you might just get some of that sweet divinity. Fuck.... I just died and I can't even process all of this right now....'Arkan thought as he looked at the giant of a man right after he started to talk to him."We need to talk."The man said with a serious tone that it broke any nonsense he was thinking at that moment and the words made him aware of the grandeur of his situation.Without thinking, he got to the ground and kneeled with one knee just like how a knight would to a king."Awe...."The giant of a man said in surprise."Ohhh yeah... I almost forget that this is a core part of your character."The giant said. It was as if he knew him. Arkan just kept on looking down and said nothing."Hahahaha..."The giant was amused."So, that sweet divinity huh?"He said, still amused at his actions like an adult would to a child who thinks is smarter than they are. Arkan finall
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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
"GUARDIAN OF MISFORTUNE? Me their tormentor?"Arkan asked. Things were just happening too fast for him. Now, some Guardian who seemed to have a bone to pick with the others wanted him to torment them?Not to mention that these were like gods and him just a human. Infect, he was looking at one looking at him right then."Many of us are born from living things, from their nature and everything that revolves around them while others come to be because of the universe itself. We come to be because there are laws that need to be put in place and guard against them so the dark era does not come back."Oizys said."We live for a long, long time... immortal in a way."He said as he looked at himself mockingly. Arkan asked the one question he wanted to ask."If you are immortal, then what happened to you? It seems like you are bleeding, and getting worse by the second."He asked."This... Well, let's just call it misfortune coming to finally collect."Oizys said mockingly."We are immortal, be
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Intuition Vs System Vs A.I
'hahahahaha!.... I guess just like 007 this is the part where I get my gadgets for a secret mission.'Arkan had an evil laugh in his head as he thought of the powers he might get, well, that he hoped that he would get.Realizing the nature of the spark of divinity he had, he shattered at the fact that it wouldn't be farfetched for him to be unfortunate when it came to that too.Oizys laughed again. It seemed that the powerful but dying Guardian was being entertained by his thoughts in his last moments."Relax... I know all about you and what you always wanted if this dream of yours to be reincarnated ever came true. You are my first and might be the only child I allow to carry my spark. I would not be a good father if I did not spoil you a little now, would I?"Hearing those words made Arkan to be optimistic again. The fact that he would be a child, a Chosen for a Guardian, and him calling him his child made him emotional for the first time. He could finally have someone to call his f
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Oizys held his hand out and a small light with a tint of red but as bright as the sun floated on the palm of his hand."The ability to emit light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. The Laser. Only you can use this ability to its fullest as no one else has and will not be able to produce such a thing for thousands of years in Eldian. Radiation is almost impossible to manipulate using mana."Oizys said. At that moment Arkan had sparkles in his eyes."This will be your core, the source of your power and the abilities I have gifted you. No one will be able to sense it, even a System and A.I."Oizys said and then the small bright light flouted to Arkan."You will be lethal to those who use mana as they will be lethal to you."Oizys said as the whole of him started to crumble into dust.The ball of light entered Arkan's belly and as soon as it did, pain that he had never felt before assaulted every part of his body, the
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Am I this unfortunate?
Whiles this was happening, on Earth, a man was running for his life. He did not know why but he had been seeing the same white truck since killing a boy that was a nuisance to him and his business. He thought that he was being followed.This man was Danny. He could not find his son anywhere and the three guards that had run away. He needed to get to his hideout in case anyone traced the shots that were fired back to him.He had to cross the street to finally reach the neighborhood that he controlled and feel safe again.He looked left and right then crossed.Out of nowhere, a white truck appeared with its headlight brightened and at full speed. When he looked at the headlights, he felt his soul crying.That day was the last time anyone had seen him as the police could not identify the person that the mincemeat that was sprayed all over that road was from.Like he had been waiting for that one last thing on earth to happen, Akarn was born into Eldian while his mind raced as he never th
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The hooded man
In the sea of dark clouds, as it rained the raindrops passed through the layer of dark clouds and then onto the land beneath and making the ground muddy. As the raindrops passed through the clouds, their quality changed.They went from being transparent to having a dark tinge that fell on a dark forest where its trees, land, and water were dark and sickly. The land was eerie and forbidding. If one took a glance at it, one would think that nothing lived there.That was until you took a closer look and listened to the surroundings while letting the goosebumps travel throughout your body as you realized that the land was full of life. Well, of life that did not belong anywhere else in the world.The place was dark but the strange part was that the same clouds that covered the vast land had a tint of a dark purple glow when it was night, allowing little light for those who could not see in the dark.In day time some of the sun's light would pass through, showing that the sea of dark cloud
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