God System Scientist

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God System Scientist

By: IsseiVeskitos OngoingSystem

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In this world where monsters and magic exist, there are all sorts of things inexplicable with science. Lee Woo was a famous scientist in his old world until he got sent to a monster world where science doesn't exist so he will make it exist.


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63 chapters
Chapter 1 - Elder Dragon Genes
In this world where monsters and magic exist, there are all sorts of things inexplicable with science.Lee Woo was a famous scientist in his old world until he got sent to a monster where science doesn't work, but that's not the most important thing right now there are some more amazing things happening.The hero threw a slash at the dragon but the dragon blocked easily.The two exchanged claws and spears for long minutes, but the ancient dragon launched a dragon's breath at the hero.Suddenly the hero shouted "Heavy Armory!" A magic armor-like shield with a big spear in his hand materialized and he sliced the dragon's right wing with his skeletal magic armor but the dragon didn't sit idle and used forbidden magic to turn back time and recover from his injury.Seeing this, the hero growled and launched an aura-filled blow with his magic armor and exchanged hundreds of blows with the dragon at the speed of light while destroying the huge cave filled with magic stone and the waves. of
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Chapter 2 - Phoenix Genes
He saw a big magnificent plain with flying islands, a beautiful village, gigantic rivers. [Quest completed, the rewards will be transferred to you immediately.][System Alert: You are going to level 2][You get the fire ball rank F spell][1 attribute point has been added to all your attributes]"System, merge my genes with that of the horned goblin"[The process begins]Suddenly, two horns grew on Lee Woo's head and he felt stronger and he now has a better sense of smell and better use of his senses."System opens my information bar"Name : Lee WooRace: Elder Humanoide DragonClass: Level: 2Strength: 7.1Agility: 6.2Dexterity: 5.8Stamina: 10.2Mana: 110.2Talent:- Dragon Heart (EX)- Stealth God (SS)Skill:- Fireball“Perfect, I feel super powerful right now”[I would like to tell you that grown men all have 5 attributes everywhere, which means that you are strong only for average people.]"...I have to practice, but first let's go to this village then I'll test my new magic
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Chapter 3 - What's your name ?
Name : Lee Woo Race: Syueishh (Dragon + Pheonix + Goblin + Demon) [Incomplete] (2%)Class: Level: 3Strength: 13Agility: 13Dexterity: 13Stamina:13Mana: 200,9Demonic Ki : 10Talent:- Phoenix Body (EX)- Dragon Heart (EX)- Stealth God (SS)Skill:- Fireball (F)- Water Basic Magic (E)"Ok, now I have to go apply for the guild, and use them to get stronger while taking all kinds of bloodlines and mixing them with my blood to create a new existence like I did with the Z-Pheonix .Then, kill any kind of race, demons, monsters, divine beast, werewolf, vampire, ghost, cerberus, angels, gods or demigod, elves, dwarfs, orc, ogres, Ashura, spiritual beast and created a kind of immortal life, as a scientist he always wanted to be immortal and invincible.But he didn't succeed in his previous life and died from experiences that would normally make him invincible but now he's sure he can succeed.""Let's go to the forest next door and test my new magic skill to see if my hypothesis that
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Chapter 4 - Visiting the guild
"My name is Lee Woo, Great Lord.""Ahaha, no need to be polite to me with such mental strength at your age, you deserve a real master, I will become your master and I will teach you but on one condition you have a year to beat one of the instructors, whether the weakest or the strongest.But first of all you passed the test that no one has ever passed I will leave you with my right arm go to your new home and you will have instructors to train you until you get strong enough scholarship You will be showered with pipules of strength and ki.You will have to do everything else like the others and pass missions to train yourself in real and bloody combat such as assassination, investigating enemy guilds, guarding merchants during their journeys.And you can do bounty hunting for the guilds and earn strength pills and money.But first of all for beginners like you no matter how strong you are, you have to start with E rank missions such as clean up the city, search for lost cats.In short
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Chapter 5 - A fight with Eldort
After arriving at the rookie vip ground, we could see many more demons with two horns like Lee Woo even Eldort has only one horn which proves his hard work considering his position he must have worked hard to become so strong . As a sign of distrust Lee Woo decided to keep his phoenix power hidden and the fact that he could use human magic that was taught by dragons.So he could only use his pure strength and it limited him a lot but he is still twice as strong as normal people even though he doesn't know if the system is talking about human or demon but he is at least confident because he succeeded in killing a demon in one blow the hour of his arrival."So are you ready?" Eldort's voice snapped him out of those thoughts and he pulled the spear out of his inventory."Ohh, the demon magic of tidying up? or a tidying up ring""Everyone must have secrets." Lee Woo said and Eldort chuckled and said "Ahaha that's right, now kid come at me with all your might.""OK !"Although Lee Woo was
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Chapter 6 - New system
After 6 days of cultivation, Lee Woo didn't feel tired at all but rather fit even though he hadn't slept all night. [Ding! Quest completed][Ding! You now have 3 hearts, a human heart which has no power, a dragon heart which gives better magic control, doubles mana and can use dragon word after reaching 100% lineage, you have a heart of demon which doubles the demonic ki, allows to better control the demonic ki and can use Demon Sacred Ki after reaching 100% of the bloodline][The demon lineage has become more pure! 20% have been completed][Ding! A new part of the system is unlocked!]In front of him there is a gene kit and he decided to open it.[You have gained the low-level bloodline of werewolves whose benefits are not fearing death, monstrous strength, and being able to enter a berserker mode]"Perfect! I feel super powerful" says Lee Woo【Lee Woo】[Race]: Syueishh Hybrid (Dragon + Pheonix + Goblin + Demon + Human + Werewolf) [Incomplete] (10%)[Talent]:- Dragon Heart (EX)-
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Chapter 7 - Rank D Mission
"So tell me when did you join the guild?''"I joined the guild a few days ago as a VIP recruit.""Ohhh then, you have to be strong don't you?""Not really, I'm just a rookie after all"In addition you are humble"Then, he spoke for 8 hours to Nicolas then at bedtime he received a quest[Quest: Protect Nicolas from banditsReward :- Fruit of the Divine TreeDuration: 10 days if owner misses death] Lee Woo was of course still awake and saw bandits approaching him and Nicolas.He took his spear out of his inventory then put it away and said to himself "Might as well fight with the magic of dragons and humans it will help me to see how powerful it is and also test my new skills then he entered the berserker mode.[Berseker Mode: Enabled, stats are doubled and you are not afraid of torturing, killing or dying.]He threw a big ball of fire directly at one of the bandits who burned to death and left this world with a cry of pain."Ahhhhhh"After the death of the first, Lee Woo rushed the o
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Chapter 8 - Lee Woo vs Zero
After 2 days of training and traveling, Lee Woo finally finished his mission and said goodbye to Nicolas and Nicolas replied "If you need help with anything come to Navi, I will help you as best as I can.Lee Woo thanked him for deciding to visit the beautiful city of Navi which has tall skyscrapers, a fantastic landscape thanks to the gold he looted from the hero, he was able to try all kinds of food that did not does not exist in his old world with food that does not exist in this world.While eating at a gourmet restaurant, he was stopped by a beautiful young woman who appeared to be in her twenties with two horns on her head and quietly said to him "Are you interested in participating in Our Highness Charlotte Navi Strongneard's competition? You seem pretty strong and believe me I know how to spot young talent, I'll teach you and you end up at least 3rd place for me ok?""Mhh, why not" Lee Woo didn't sense any lies or murderous intentions coming from her so he decided to trust h
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Chapter 9 - The Loser
The two looked into each other's eyes without moving to try to find a weak point. The first to move was Zero who threw a super fast slash towards Lee Woo.Zero and Lee Woo exchanged blows and Lee Woo used a special move learned by Aghla, he moved his foot in a circular manner then put a spinning punch and stabbed his spear in Zero's ribs and put a baleyette at him with the foot placed in the middle but Zero got up immediately and jumped into the sky and landed 50 meters from Lee Sung and spat blood then decided to counterattack.Lee Woo dodged with his Werewolf instincts and sensed the danger in Zero's slash to counterattack he uppercut Zero and a spinning kick to the liver which sent Zero flying twenty yards away.He spat blood for 2 seconds but Lee Woo didn't let him breathe and threw fire demon magic he learned from Aghla, black flames in the shape of a ball came towards Zero, he didn't dodge it so took full force attack.Zero emerged with a burnt body, hairless and bloodstains al
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Chapter 10 - Lee Wood vs. Marcus
【Lee Woo】[Race]: Syueishh Hybrid [Incomplete] (15%)[Talent]:- Dragon Heart (EX)- Stealth God (SS)- Demon Heart (A)- Phoenix Body (EX)[Attributes]: Water, Fire, Lightning [Mana】: Master[Demonic Ki】: Rookie qualified[Skills] :- Spearmanship (skilled)- Phenix Mode (qualified)- Mode berserker (skilled) [Magic] :- Fireball technique (skilled)- Basic water magic technique (qualified)- basic lightning magic (beginner)[Overall Strength]: Low Quasi-Master[Ding! It is detected that the host has similar magic, Fire ball technique, Lightning basic technique, Water basic technique]"OK?"Lee Woo was surprised when the system beeped again.These three are similar magic?[Do you want to merge them?]"Yes !"[Ding! The merge is successful, congratulations to Host for getting the lower rank magic elemental magic]"I feel my control over dragon and human magic is improved and I can use more attributes even healing magic and telekinesis but low level knowledge gets into my head."
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