Black Sword and Fragments [Vol. 1: Unforeseen Conspiracy]

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Black Sword and Fragments [Vol. 1: Unforeseen Conspiracy]

By: NimrodAlfheimr OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Due to his crippled magicule vein, the defected body of Allastor Frauzz needed to consume more magicules compared to the normal rankers. Because of this disability, he also performs almost three times the usual training of a typical ranker. Having said that, despite his fatigue from the intense training, he didn't expect that his progress to level up would remain slow. He had already made up his mind that night. He would just accept that he wasn't meant to be one of those rankers sitting on top of the food chain. he was not hoping to travel all the continents in Illunor anymore. However, on the same night when he wasn't home, an unknown notorious criminal murders his family. His dream to become strong has been crushed because of his defected body, and now, his family has been taken away from him. On how many tiers can his bad luck reach? His heart has been shattered and turned into ice-cold that night. Finally snapping from the nightmare, he is now walking for merciless revenge. ---- Black Sword and Fragments[Vol. 1: Unforeseen Conspiracy] Book cover--Illustrated by: MarxMade

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  • Xao Tien.


    Interesting Story!

    2022-05-05 04:45:57
  • Jamie Martin


    Please write more to this story.

    2022-10-06 01:17:08
  • Romela Sua


    i love the story but why there's no update? may tagalog ba nito?

    2022-05-18 21:57:12


    Must Read!

    2022-05-05 04:40:33
  • NimrodAlfheimr


    Incase my announement didn't show up on Goodnovel. Again, the update will start on May 1st!^^

    2022-04-27 09:02:49
Latest Chapter
45 chapters
Prologue “Fuck-fuck! This is crazy, What would I even do! He-hey, Luna! All the magicule beasts in this place can speak, ra-right?” Frantically asked the young man. His knees are shaking vigorously as if there is a small tremor occurring inside his limping legs. He cannot recall when was the last time he felt so much fear. All that is inside his clouding mind is a potent urge to run away... Nonetheless, fuck this, fuck that, his body won't cooperate. No one in their right mind will feel calm with this foreign situation. A wide range of silence palpitated his heart much extremely. Slowly turning his head side ways, on his peripheral vision, he saw the dazed woman answering his question by as if mindlessly nodding. Getting his answer, what else could he react but an effortless smile of gloom. Even though the young man had a hard time talking once again, he mustered his body to have even the slightest riselience at this moment. Finally, taming the muscle on his mouth once again. “A...
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Dream and Glory! It is a very peaceful morning. In the “Kingdom of Kreo”, where the small town called “Irongrass” is located, the people of that town are again starting their daily morning routine. There are these groups of working out men, a rather few numbers of Carriage Drivers waiting for their passengers, and of course, most importantly, there are roaming Royal Soldiers that are always present here Twenty-four-seven. This morning town will never be peaceful without them. Meanwhile, in the largest wooden house located as well in the said town, a group composed of twenty children were born by the big door. They came out like ants that were disturbed in their burrows. They left their lady guardian as they hurriedly race to whom will get to the three carriages first. Their lady guard halts for a moment as she stares at their shrinking silhouettes. She sighed at that joyful scenery and a sweet smile formed on her lips. Not long after, the lady also followed the young chil
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Adventurer's Guild At that moment, it is as if Allastor's world stops spinning. He couldn't accept this sudden dark revelation. His Aunt Ishara admitted that his grandfather has gone and will never be able to return again. However, even though indirectly, he still realized what those words mean. He realized that his Grandfather Allan has passed away. Allastor felt his body weakening. Even though he doesn't want to believe it, the tears dripping down from his eyes are showing his real emotion. “You are kidding me again, Aunt Ishara,” Allastor smiled bitterly as he looked at the lady with a teary eye. “You are just kidding, right?” "But you should know it soone-" Allastor did not give enough time for Ishara to finish her word. He vigorously runs inside the wooden Orphanage house as he keeps on wiping his uncontrollable tears. “You are just kidding me!” Ishara tries to reach Allastor's shoulder, however, only the wind w
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Full-time Adventurer! Ever since Allastor entered the Adventurer's guild is that he couldn't measure how excited he was. nonetheless, as the huge man's word immediately rang through his ears, he became nervous. “I worked here for the past few years and did not see you here before.” deep and earnestly said the huge man, “are you sure that you were not lost, kid?” Allastor, feeling startled, paused for a moment. He looked at the huge man and noticed that on the left side of his suit was a patch of a burning sword symbol, also known as the symbol of the Adventurer's guild. At this point is that he now has an idea of why he was blocked by the huge man. “Do you know that you can not enter this building unless you are part of the Adventurer's guild's government?” “An officer of Adventurer's guild!” In Allastor's mind. “If I will be looking funny and ridiculous, I will be forced to be kicked out. I need to state my goal here!” Allastor coughed a bit and he puffed out his ches
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Cursed Sword! Another three days have passed since Allastor became a full-time Adventurer, and right now, he is on the highest floor of Adventurer's guild and is about to take his first quest. In those past three days, he used the chance to get familiar with the Adventurer's guild and its rules and regulations.  Allastor realized that the lowest floor or the underground floor is also the floor of registration for the aspiring adventurers. A registrar will be accepted as an official adventurer if they can prove that they already can feel the magicules in their surroundings. And it is just so easy to prove, it is because compared to a normal human, their surging magicules are much stronger. In addition, it can be proven on the registration floor that a human can now feel the magicules if they will just simply show their Magicule mark. In the Kingdom, only the people who become a ranker or can feel the magiciles have this mark on their body. Asid
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Fragments“Why do I feel like this sword is absorbing my Magicules?” Immediately asked by Allastor. He was still staring at the sword with an earnest but confused expression. The old man smirked. “Hoho, so you also noticed it, huh?” “Honestly, there are no weapons here in my shop that can meet the price you want. Even the cheapest weapon I have will cost you forty Silver coins.” He looked at the black sword in Allastor's hands. “In addition, I don't intend to sell that sword. It is cursed and causes bad luck to its user. There are already several Adventurers and Royal soldiers who used that word before to a battle, but in the end, they just lose and gave up something precious to them...” Allastor's forehead wrinkled. “Forty Silver coins?! That is too much for a weapon!” “Is the price the only thing you have heard?!!” Feeling shocked, the Old man responds. He was already expecting that Alastor will be scared of his warning. “Do you not care about the bad luck I am talki
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Allastor and the Forest of Kurnell In this world, the monstrous creatures that live here are what they called Magicule beasts. And just like humans, these monsters are also ranked just like them. Their strength can also be classified according to their levels and ranks. All of them start at the Bronze rank up to the other higher ranks. According to the famous story around the whole Kreo Kingdom and also according to the rumors of the elders, Magicule Beast and Humans were used to living together before. There are no blood-shedding war and chaos in that timeline, and both sides were full of love and teamwork. There has even no discrimination from each side. yet, one day, when a powerful god descended from the sky, he manipulates the minds of the Humans and Magicule Beasts. He planted hatred and Hostility inside their heart, causing them to slaughter their opposite species. No one knows the reason for the doing of that god, still, they believe that he only did those for hi
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Level up“I did it! I won against a Magicule beast!”A minute had passed since Allastor lay on the dry leaves, and now that he had recovered from the tiredness he felt before, Allastor get up and he immediately came closer to the Devil Rat's corpse. He held his sword tighter as he sliced off its body into pieces. He only stopped slicing at the corpse when he found a small glowing ball. This ball is white and it is also coated in white glowing smoke.“This could be its Life core.” Earnestly said by Allastor. He bent down as he grabbed that glowing object. “I only need to break this thing to absorb the stored magicules of this Devil Rat.”Allastor grabbed tightly at the Life core. It made a crackling noise as it get crushed within his hand. Liberated energy of magicule spread to his surroundings. He immediately tried to absorb it into his body.although, he was shocked by what happened next. He was expecting that the magicules will be automatically absorbed by his body after
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Beast tamer“Sword-bash!” Simultaneously with the young man's shout, his sword glows. It was as if his sword became a hammer—violently slashing down towards the three devil rats.With a reverberating flesh-cutting sound, blood gushes out from one of the magicule beasts' feet. Its front feet flew in the air, causing it to fall and lose balance on the ground.“Eek!!”From afar, the green cougar raised its eyebrows when it saw what happened to the Giant rat. howbeit, it stays still where it stood as if waiting for someone to arrive.Seeing what happened to the devil rat who lost its pair of feet, Allastor didn't let the chance slip away. He again launched towards the wounded devil rat. But, just like what he was expecting, the two uninjured devil rats didn't let him continue his plan. Those devil rats surge towards Allastor, making him fail to kill the injured one.When there are only a few remaining inches before the giant rats' attacks reach Allastor, using his forearm as a
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9: The Cursed Sword and the one who surpassed the Platinum rank “Puah! I have forgotten about that pesky green cougar!” Allastor, with a violent expression, said in his mind. Even though he felt a sudden weakening of his body, Allastor still tried to stand up. Standing with his shaking calf and knees, he lost his balance. howbeit, just right before he fell, he noticed that his body was coincidentally caught by the trunk of the giant tree. “What the! If this continues, I will never win...” Frantically said the young man while gasping for breath. His clothes are also damaged now. After saying those words, Allastor noticed that the magicule beasts are rushing toward him again, but this time, the ferocious green cougar are accompanying them. Allastor, while keenly observing the movement of the magicule beasts, anxiously looks from his left and right. “This isn't looking good... Damn it, what should I do now?...” “Oh!” Allastor raised his eyebrows when he saw that on the ri
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