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A child who was gifted with magic, grew up to live a simple life and never knew the existence of his supernatural powers. He was happy with his lifestyle, until the day he almost got killed while trying to save a girl he fell in love with at first sight. After he found out about his amazing powers, terrible things started emanating from every single corner of his life. And since then, the world he knew of never became the same as it was. He never knew his real destiny was to restore peace and bring balance to the world. Will he be able to overcome such task that lies ahead?

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It was a beautiful day in Lumina village, where everyone lived happily. There was this beautiful family, who were happy with their married life. This two beautiful couple Thomas and Allie, were always happy whenever they work together in the house and at the garden. They've been married for five years, and they were hoping to have a baby. But to their utmost surprise, nothing happened.Three years passed and still, they had nothing of their own to care for. Thomas became so worried, he was sad to see his colleagues in the village with their own children, and sometimes they laughed at him for not having a single child. Seeing this tragedy, he was devastated. His wife Allie on the other side had already lost the hope that they would bare a child. So later that evening, Thomas told his wife Allie that he is going to the woods to grab some woods for fire to keep them warm for the night. "Alright honey, but please make sure you come back early for dinner ok?" Allie said."Of course dear,
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"Don't panic, it's a good news. She already knows about it because I told her."Then what is it all about?" Thomas asked.“Uh... I'm sorry Thomas as much I would love to tell you? I can't.” Mariana said."And why not?" Thomas asked."That's because I already made a promise to your wife before I got here that I wouldn't tell you anything about it." Mariana said.“The reason behind me not telling you is because she told me not to. So I'm gonna keep my words to my dear friend. But don't worry she told me she will be the one to tell you everything. She just wanna make it as a surprise for you Thomas. So If you want to know exactly what it is as soon as possible, make it quick. Cause she's waiting for you right now to come pick her up at my house. So hurry up cause I have to prepare dinner for my husband, before he comes back home. I'm waiting outside Thomas don't keep me waiting." Mariana said. "Ok then I'll make it quick." Thomas replied.So he rushed in and took his bag and went to Mar
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"Allie I'm home, how are you feeling now?" Thomas asked."I don't know Thomas my head hurts a lot and all of a sudden it's gone. And while you were away I had this strange dream." Allie crying."Hey why are crying?" Thomas asked."I...I had this bad dream. It's a woman in my dream, she told me her name is Athena.” Allie talking too fast with pressure.“Hey! Slow down.” Thomas said.“What did you dream about this woman?” Thomas asked.“She told me that there is this dead soul called The Monstrous and that it had been buried for thousands of years.”“And?” Thomas asked.“And she said our unborn child is the world’s only hope for peace in this world." Allie replied."It's just a dream honey, don't let it get to your head. Besides you are sick you need to rest." Thomas said."She told me that it's the prophecy." "Oh goodness! Come on Allie, this far too much. There are no prophecies okay? And my unborn child is not a world saver and also there is nothing like the monstrous okay?" Thomas
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In her dreams, she saw Athena again."You again?" Allie asked."Wait a minute is this actually a dream?" Allie asked."It seems you don' t know the reason why you could see me do you? Athena asked."I'll be honored if you could tell me." Allie replied."That beautiful necklace around your neck, is the reason why you could see me and it is filled with a very powerful magic." Athena said."I don't understand, you mean this right here?" Allie touched the necklace around her neck."Indeed child, it has something that even I cannot control." Athena said."That means I'll have to throw it away." Allie replied."You must never do that child." Athena said."And why not? This was just a present from my husband and since it's filled with a very powerful magic, I don't want to get myself involved." Allie said."Oh child, you don't understand." Athena said."Of cause I don't." Allie replied."Listen to me very carefully child. You both have that child all because of this magical pendant necklace
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King Atticus spies at the kingdom of Enchancia, left the kingdom and reported king Oden's plans to king king Atticus.And with that, king Atticus knew when king Oden would attack his kingdom. So in time, he told king Brandon about king Oden's attack against his kingdom.King Brandon who had already lost his wife Natalia, named her daughter Freya. And since then, head maid Isabelle has being the one taking care of her becoming her nanny.Few weeks later, King Oden was prepared to attack king Atticus kingdom. While king Atticus and Brandon had already set out their soldiers heading to the kingdom of Enchancia.Along the way, they king Atticus and Oden came across each other."You!" King Oden said angrily."Well, well, well, isn't this a surprise." King Atticus said."King Oden, I knew from the very day you would be coming to invade my kingdom. So as you can see, me and my partner king Brandon, and the rest of us are here to take every single thing that belongs to you." King Atticus said
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Some of the villagers who managed to escape king Atticus attack came to the kingdom of Avalon. This made King Brandon very furious with king Atticus. And because of that, he went to Atticus kingdom.King Brandon seeing King Atticus on his throne made him angry."How dare you Atticus wiped out all the people living in the village?" King Brandon asked."And how dare you Brandon, come to my kingdom insulting me, I thought I told you I never want to see your face again?" King Atticus asked."This is madness Atticus, you can't just wipe out the whole village all because of some stupid item?" King Brandon asked angrily."And I will do that again if that is what it takes to get what I want." King Atticus replied."I don't want to see you destroying anymore villages, this is the last time I want to hear about this." King Brandon said angrily and turned back returning back to his kingdom."And what will you do Brandon? Kill me?" King Atticus asked."Yes! If that is what it takes to stop this m
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Harry then started picking up the flowers he told his mother he would bring home. After gathering a lot of flowers, he wanted to return home. But something made a sound."Who's there?" He asked.But there was no response. He took another step, and heard something shaking some branches of leaves. He then walked closer, to the direction of were the noise was emanating from.Getting closer, he saw a big beautiful mystical egg shaking in front of him.He was very scared and wanted to run away. But he couldn't because of it's beauty. He started thinking of what could possibly be inside such an enormous egg.'Could it be a snake, a giant bird?' Harry thought.He just touched the egg, and all of a sudden it started cracking fastly as if it was waiting for him this whole time.Harry fell to the ground and was very scared of looking at the hatched egg.It came to Harry, rubbing him slowly. Harry opened his eyes and saw a beautiful baby Dragon. The dragon kept staring at Harry. Harry was getti
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Later that night, Nora returned from work and saw this beautiful girl laid on the bed."Harry, Allie I'm home." Nora said loudly but nobody responded to her call.She then started looking for Allie and her son Harry.'Where could they be?' Nora thought.She then saw that the back door of the house was opened. She went through the back door and saw Allie applying bandages on Harry's arm outside."Oh my goodness, what happened to you? And who is that girl inside the house?" Nora asked."Nora Could you believe that my son is lying right to my face that he saved that girl you just saw inside the house with magic?" Allie asked."I don't understand Harry, are you telling your mother you have magic?" Nora asked."I don't know aunt, I was just about to get killed and it just happened." Harry replied."And you think you did magic?" Nora asked."Nora, why on earth are you trying to believe such things that never existed?" Allie asked."And how did you get yourself injured?" Nora asked."I got a
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Later that day, Allie couldn't sleep because she was thinking of what Athena had told her twenty years ago. Remembering those dreams she had while she was still pregnant with Harry. She then took the beautiful pendant necklace and puts it on her neck if she would be able to see Athena again.And finally Athena appeared to Allie once again."Anthena please listen to me, I I'm so sorry for not listening to your words." Allie said."I don't feel bad for you not listening to my words child, I'm just sad that you both could have died that day." Anthena said."What do you mean?" Allie asked."Are you telling me you were there the whole time and you didn't protect my husband?" Allie asked."You could have died along with your husband that day, but your son saved your life." Athena said."I don't understand, are you saying Harry saved my life twenty years ago while he was on my arms that day?" Allie asked."Indeed my child, I could not believe it myself. Didn't you see that an arrow was com
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King Brandon sent a warning message to king Atticus to stop killing people and destroying their villages. King Brandon still did all of that because he wanted peace. But king Atticus never agreed with anything Brandon said.Harry on the other side who was captured, was taken to a cave.Harry saw those two men who were seriously fighting at each other, talking and laughing together."Where I'm I?" Harry asked.But no one responded to his words, rather they increased their laughter."Please let me go." Harry shouted.One of the old men stood up from his sit and walked closer to Harry."What is your name kid?" One of the old man asked."It's Harry, now would you please let me go?" Harry asked again."Listen, and listen to me very clearly boy. Nobody gets out of here alive, but yours is an exception." The old man said. "What do you mean by that? Are you letting me go?" Harry asked. "Not exactly boy, the reason why you are still alive right now is because our leader told us to wait. Oth
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