Money System In Cultivation World

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Money System In Cultivation World

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The origin of greed and the starter of war -money. The most important thing needed to cultivate -Money! Han Yichen an ordinary transmigrator in the world of cultivation filled with dangerous beings where one could die without strong backing or strength. Ding! This ordinary transmigrator was destined to be the richest cultivator... And maybe, just maybe, the strongest too.

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    interesting novel

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171 chapters
Chapter 1: System!
Chapter 1: System! "Huff! Huff!" Han Yichen gasped for breath, his eyes fixed on his bloodied fist. He had just unleashed a powerful strike, a culmination of all his training and determination. But the consequences were swift and brutal. An elderly figure approached, his eyes filled with both disappointment and concern. "Do you understand the gravity of your mistake?" the elder questioned, his voice tinged with a mix of wisdom and regret. Han Yichen's gaze hardened, and he met the elder's eyes with unwavering determination. "If standing up for what is right is considered a mistake, then I am proud to make it," he declared, his voice filled with defiance. But before Han Yichen could fully grasp the consequences of his actions, the elder's palm struck his body with a force that seemed to transcend physicality. The impact sent a surge of foreign energy, known as Foren Qi, coursing through Han Yichen's veins, ravaging his internal channels and leaving him crippled from within. Pain se
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Chapter 2: Loan Shark System
Chapter 2: Loan Shark SystemWithout hesitation, he approached the boy and swiftly handed him the bag of money, his actions leaving the young boy bewildered.He then ran away as far as he could.Breathing heavily, Han Yichen's mind raced with thoughts of completing the mission in time. "Now the mission should be complete, right?" he pondered hopefully, his voice laced with anticipation.However, as he awaited confirmation from the system, his hopes were swiftly shattered by its response. "[Mission failed!]" echoed in his mind, reverberating with disappointment and frustration.Han Yichen's heart sank, his shoulders slumping with the weight of his failure. He had acted swiftly, thinking he had found.The system's cold and threatening words pierced through Han Yichen's being, sending a chill down his spine."[Host will be given appropriate punishment! In normal cases, the punishment would be death, but since this is the first mission, the host must return 3000 QI coins. Every day, the p
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Chapter 3: Resource Maker
Chapter 3: Resource MakerIn a dimly lit room, a figure of authority sat upon a grand throne, emanating an aura of power and cunning. With a sly smile, he surveyed the system window that lay before him, a testament to his control over the loan shark system.This enigmatic figure was known as the Loan Giver in the chatroom. As he contemplated the possibilities, a message notification appeared on his screen within the chatroom.The message was from ABcD12a@a23, a user who had expressed interest in obtaining a loan. The Loan Shark's eyes gleamed with anticipation as he read the message.ABcD12a@a23: Sir, I saw your message and would like to take a loan.The Loan Shark's smile widened, reveling in the opportunity to extend his influence and exploit the desperation of those in need. He swiftly composed a response, his words laced with a hint of mystery and calculated charm.Loan Shark: Your request for a loan has not gone unnoticed. However, understand that borrowing from me comes with con
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Chapter 4: Hidden Quest
Chapter 4: Hidden QuestHan Yichen immersed himself in the knowledge of the cultivation world, fascinated by the ranks and stages that determined a person's power and status when he had first reincarnated.The concept of ascension and the significance of reaching the 2nd ascension as a QI warrior intrigued him greatly.In the small frost town where he resided, someone who had achieved the 2nd ascension would be revered as a king, and even in the larger kingdom of Leon, a QI warrior held great respect and admiration.He delved deeper into the cultivation process, learning about the stages that one had to progress through.The foundation establishment stage marked the beginning of one's cultivation journey, where one would activate 12 qi points in their body. Upon completing this stage, they would attain the rank of 1st ascension, also known as a martial artist.The next stage was the qi gathering realm, which, when successfully completed, would elevate one to the 2nd ascension, or QI w
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Chapter 5: Dungeon
Chapter 5: DungeonWith a throbbing headache, Han Yichen scoured the chatroom in search of an elixir that could aid his recovery. However, his efforts proved futile as viable options were scarce. Frustrated and feeling hopeless, he decided to make a desperate move."Argh! My head is killing me!"Han Yichen's frustration grew as he realized the scarcity of the elixir he desperately needed to heal his injuries. The pain in his head intensified, further fueling his determination to find a solution.Unable to locate a suitable remedy through his search, Han Yichen decided to take matters into his own hands. He composed a notice in the chatroom, expressing his urgent need for the specific elixir required to heal his damaged meridians and QI veins."Looking for the legendary elixir to heal crippled state. If anyone possesses or knows of its whereabouts, please contact me immediately. Willing to negotiate a fair price."With a mix of hope and uncertainty, Han Yichen posted the notice, hoping
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Chapter 6: Dungeon God
Chapter 6: Dungeon GodABcD12a@a23: Can I customize the dungeon or its layout?Dungeon Overlord: Yes, you have the ability to customize the dungeon according to your preferences. You can design the layout, set traps, and create challenges for adventurers who dare to enter. It's your domain, and you have complete control over its structure and atmosphere.ABcD12a@a23: This sounds intriguing. I'm definitely interested in acquiring a dungeon. Please provide me with the details and pricing for different monsters.And so, the conversation continued as Han Yichen delved deeper into the possibilities of owning a dungeon and controlling powerful monsters. The prospect of creating his own domain filled with treasures and loyal creatures and being able to make elixer, sparked his imagination.Dungeon overlord: Certainly! Here are a few options:Goblin Warrior - Common suitable for beginners. Price: 100 system points.Dire Wolf - common known for its speed and ferocity. Price: 300 system points
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Chapter 7: Flaming Buddha Sect
Chapter 7: Flaming Buddha SectDeep within the forest lay a hidden village, its inhabitants the remnants of the once-flourishing Flaming Buddha Sect. Alas, the sect met its tragic end with the implementation of the Sect Execution Decree by the Leon Kingdom.In their struggle to survive, the survivors banded together and established a small village nestled deep within the woods. It served as their sanctuary, a place where they could rebuild their lives amidst the shadows.Amidst the tranquility of the village, the air filled with the spirited cries of the young disciples, aged between 10 and 15, engaged in martial arts practice. Led by a seasoned middle-aged instructor, they diligently trained, throwing punches and strikes with focused determination. Each blow resonated with their unwavering spirit. After completing a hundred repetitions, they would take a moment to sit and cultivate their inner strength.However, in a fateful instant, a sudden disturbance shattered the peaceful atmosp
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Chapter 8: San Mu
Chapter 8: San MuWith determination etched on his face, San Mu pressed forward, his feet carrying him deeper into the unknown expanse of the foreign land.The dense foliage surrounded him, casting intricate patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor as sunlight filtered through the towering canopy above.The air was thick with a scent of earth and vegetation, adding to the mystique of the uncharted territory he found himself in.As he ventured further, the forest seemed to come alive with the sounds of nature. The melodious chirping of birds echoed through the trees, their vibrant plumage a contrast to the verdant surroundings. The occasional rustling of leaves hinted at unseen creatures scurrying about, concealing themselves within the undergrowth.San Mu's focus remained unwavering, his senses keenly attuned to any signs of movement or danger.His eyes scanned the surroundings, searching for any indication of the beasts he sought to overcome.His instincts as a seasoned warri
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Chapter 9: Chaos
Chapter 9: ChaosHan Yichen's face lit up with a triumphant smile as he gazed at the screen before him. The Dungeon Overlord had proven true to their word, granting him a generous discount on the purchase of three packs of monsters: the majestic giant eagles, the fierce wolves, and the mischievous goblins. The sight of his newly acquired assets filled him with excitement and anticipation.However, his elation was short-lived as chaos erupted among the beasts. The moment they caught sight of each other, a violent clash ensued, echoing through the halls of the dungeon.Han Yichen watched the skirmish unfold with a mix of concern and curiosity. He knew that this was a crucial stage for their evolution and development.Amidst the frenzy of battle, a spark of inspiration ignited in Han Yichen's mind. The Dungeon Overlord had divulged a secret about rankless dungeons, setting them apart from their counterparts.Unlike dungeons bound by the restrictions of predetermined ranks, these dungeons
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Chapter 10: The Pillar Of Light
Chapter 10: The Pillar Of LightAnd for the giant eagle boss, the power of Soaring Sovereignty flowed through its majestic wings. It could manipulate the very currents of wind, granting it unparalleled speed and agility in flight. It soared through the skies with grace and precision, striking from above with swift and devastating attacks.These unique abilities were the keys to the boss monster's reign. They solidified their dominance over their floor, ensuring that no challenger could underestimate their might or question their authority. The boss monster became a living embodiment of the floor's essence, an unstoppable force that kept all intruders at bay....San Mu's gaze swept across the desolate landscape, his heart heavy with sorrow and anger.The once vibrant portal that had led him to another realm had vanished without a trace.Two days had slipped away, and he knew that his fellow villagers would have undoubtedly retreated, seeking safety elsewhere.With a dejected sigh, San
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