The Valiant General Dallas

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The Valiant General Dallas

By: Teddy Bear CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Dallas was saved by Rosalie from the furnace after a secret group set his father’s house on fire. He went through hell for twenty-six years to become an army general, the poisonous gentleman. He then change his identity to a poor man as he return to the New York to repay Rosalie’s kindness and to take revenge on “The Eye and the Blood” secret group. But the leader of the secret group was rich, famous, and strong. No one can dare to mess with his system.

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  • Amanda Pearson


    Imaginative and creative storyline, in a third person perspective, 100% worth to be read!

    2023-06-20 00:55:29
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194 chapters
Chapter 1
New York AirportA man in a black suit walked out of his aeroplane. He wore his sunny glasses as two soldiers hurried to him. They saluted and moved aside for him to enter his white Mercedes-Benz GLC. He was the General Dallas Torrington, the poisonous gentleman.Twenty six years ago, he had suffered after ‘The Eye and The Blood’ group killed his parents and set his father’s house on fire.His father was Brandon Torrington, the police lieutenant. ‘The Eye and The Blood’ group attacked Brandon Torrington because he was a brave police officer, and the reason they didn’t develop corruption in New York.‘The Eye and The Blood’ group locked the doors and windows so that everyone in Brandon’s family won’t escape in the furnace.And before the extinguisher came, everyone in the burning house couldn’t escape, except Dallas.But Dallas did not save himself.Rosalie Jones, a damsel and an emotional girl dare to climb a ladder into a room through the burning window when a boy was screaming for h
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Chapter 2
In a luxurious mansion, Dallas and five poor men sat in the sitting room, waiting for the Old Mrs. Jones to choose a husband for Rosalie out of them. Old Mrs. Jones saw Dallas was humble than the rest because he didn’t lift his head like others. Dallas sat on the couch properly, although he wore the poorest clothes. He was not like the other five men. The five men wore expensive clothes and eyes glasses but one could detect that they were poor through their poor skin and unshaved beard. They borrowed the clothes just to impress the Old Mrs. Jones.She pointed to Dallas, saying, “young man, raised your head.”Dallas stuttered. “Pardon, madam, I’m not good enough to look your eyes.”Old Mrs. Jones saw how restless Dallas was on the couch and smiled. How was it possible for him to honor me because he wants to marry the mere ugly Rosalie?“If I give you a chance to marry Rosalie now, when will you stop loving her?” she asked Dallas. “Do you even love her at all?”“I love Rosalie... The l
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Chapter 3
“No, mom. I’m Rosalie.”The door went opened, and Dinah removed her eyes glasses. “Rosalie Jones,” Dallas added.“Where’s your scars?” Dinah raised her eyebrows.Rosalie explained how she recovered her beauties as Dinah allowed them in. Dinah was so sorry for abandoning Rosalie. Dinah rushed to upstairs, leaving them in the dinning room. She entered her son’s room first and met him playing a football game.“Jake, come and see Rosalie and his husband,” Dinah said swiftly.Jake focused on the game, saying, “I’ve seen their ugly pictures online yesterday. It won’t be funny anymore.”Dinah slapped his shoulder. “How dare you talk that shit to your sister?”Jake was surprised. When did his mother like Rosalie? Maybe she made a mistake.“I don’t lie. The funny pictures are on my phone. She entered a taxicab with her face covered. Her poor husband would have thought he married a ghoul,” Jake said, making his face as ugly as Rosalie’s face, and then burst into serious laughter.Dinah slamme
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Chapter 4
The Old Mrs. Jones was mad at Rosalie because CEO Blake’s two sons had left with disappointment. Rosalie had chased them away after pouring water on them.Looking at Michael with a critical eye, the Old Mrs. Jones said, “why on earth did you allow your daughter to do such things?”“I’m not at home when it happened,” Michael said, pointing his finger at Dinah. “Dinah should receive all the blame. I don’t know where she found the disobedience bastard Rosalie.”Dinah feel the huge to attack his husband, but have to abate her anger in the presence of the Old Mrs. Jones. She stared at the floor as the grandma look at her.“Michael, I will still put the blame on you. Didn’t I warned you never to marry this idiot?”Rosalie exchange glances with Jake in shock. They couldn’t believe grandma can call their mother an idiot. Dinah remains silent and keeps staring at the floor. She will definitely retaliate with Michael once grandma left. “And you, Rosalie,” Grandma said, “since you have become
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Chapter 5
Rosalie sighed softly, and said, “thank you, I don’t need your help anymore.”“Get the fuck out of here!” Harry raised his voice, making the secretaries looked at Rosalie.“I’m here to see CEO Blake, not you.”Harry slapped her. “Get. Out.”Rosalie knelt down before him, because if she goes out without getting the contract, the Old Mrs. Jones would definitely hurt Dallas badly. She started begging Harry, and hold his legs.Harry kicked her stomach. “Get your hand off me, you bitch.” He pointed to the secretaries, shouting, “how dare you let her enter? Get her out now before I sack all of you.”The securities rushed to Rosalie with fear and carried her off the ground. Rosalie hold on to a table, refusing to let it go despite that the securities were pulling her hardly. Harry slapped her, and kicked her hands off the table, making Rosalie screamed in pain as she fell. “Don’t you dare slap her again!!” The voice of CEO Blake stopped everyone for a second as he was walking to them from
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Chapter 6
Rosalie dialed Dallas’s phone number.“Where are you?” Rosalie asked.“Coming from the police station?” Dallas said.“Police station? What happened?” “A thief snatched my wallet. I have no choice to report him because I can’t find where he was. I will soon get there. How about the contract?”Rosalie heaved a sighed of relieved. She thought the Old Mrs. Jones had arrested Dallas. “I will tell you when you get here. Are you trekking?”“I have no money to take taxicab. Give me thirty minutes, prettiest.”“Alright, I’m waiting,” Rosalie said, and hang up the call.Twenty minutes later, while Rosalie was waiting at the entrance of the Venus company, the car of CEO Blake's second son parked before her.Gerald Blake got down from the car, removing his eyes glasses. Rosalie was looking at the busy street and was pretending as no one was in front of her. Gerald was wondering why Rosalie come to do in his father’s company. Is she here to marry him or his brother? Or was she here to apologize
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Chapter 7
The old Mrs. Jones hugged Rosalie, and shed tears of joy on her shoulder. She didn't believe that the mere Rosalie can get the contract worth billions of dollars."My husband will be happy in heaven, thank you so much Rosalie," Granny said, cleaning her tears under her eyes glasses."CEO Blake vowed never to break the connection between his company and Jones's company," Dallas said.Granny looked at Rosalie, and asked, "is it true?"Rosalie nodded with a bright smile."Because you make me glad today, I will not break my promise I made to you. There will be a splendid party tomorrow night, where I will make you the manager of my company," granny said.Everyone in the meeting was happy except for Aunty Xenia, Uncle Mason, and Dorcas Trey."Don't forget you also promise to let me follow Dallas home," Rosalie said.The old Mrs. Jones looks at Dallas with disgust. "Why do you still want to be with this poor man?"Sadness appears on Rosalie's face."Since I won't punish him anymore, he can
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Chapter 8
In the Zenith hotel, Mr. Drummond asked his guards to leave the room the moment Detective Jack stepped in.Jack bowed before Mr. Drummond. "Dad, am here."Mr. Drummond waved his hand to an empty chair before him. "Have your seat."Jack sat and glanced at his wristwatch. It's 5:00pm."I watched the news this morning. The killer was smart, but I believe my son was professional," Mr. Drummond said, taking out a cigarette."You promise me to-""Yes, but it's hard, my son. I can't just stop smoking."Jack sighed as he feel restless because he hate smelling cigarettes smoke.Mr. Drummond lit up the cigarette, puffing on it. "I'm interested in the case. I want to know the murderer. And I'm counting on you. Please Jack, bring the murderer to me alive.""I can't bring the murderer to you. It's about the government.""Not everything is about the government, Jack. Remember who you are. This situation is beyond the government," Mr. Drummond said. "Don't forget, you are now the member of the eye a
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Chapter 9
General Dallas took a glance at his wristwatch on a mansion near Galaxy hall. It's 9:56 Pm.He wore his mask and wore his gloves, because it remains four minutes for the party to end. He then set the gun ready as the people were walking out of the hall.Not long, Detective Jack and Henry came out with Mr. Drummond and his guards.Dallas target Mr. Drummond's head, remembering how "Eye and Blood group" tied up his family and set the house on fire.He then let out two shot. Bullets flied. One went into Mr. Drummond's head while the other bullet went into Henry's head. Blood splashed down, making the crowd scattered in chaos.Jack glanced up to see where the bullet came from. He saw a man in a mask who was controlling a drone to fly the gun away.Jack bring out a pistol, and ran into the mansion, hurrying to the top. Dallas was already climbing the mansion down before Jack reached up.When Jack saw him climbing a window down, he started shooting. Dallas dodges all the bullets, except one
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Chapter 10
Dallas drove Rosalie to Jones's company early in the morning with the black Benz, which Old Mrs. Jones bought for Rosalie."Come pick me up at 5:00 pm," Rosalie said as she hurried out of the car with enthusiasm."Sure," Dallas said, and winked at her."Bye Babe.""Bye prettiest." Dallas watched Rosalie walking towards the glasses doors. He started missing her from that moment, and wish that she should look back at her.When Rosalie was about to enter the door, she felt the instinct to look back, and then follow her instinct immediately.Dallas quickly waved to her as she smiled and stepped into the company.Dallas took a few minutes of breath in the car. Now, he had to speed the car back home, and make some research on the laptop of the built man who he first killed.Once he got home, he hurried into his room, threw the key on the table, and pulled the laptop from under the bed.Switching on the laptop, he realizes the laptop needs a password to be opened. He rubbed his palms incessa
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