Comedor De Memória

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Comedor De Memória

By: Silphyd OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Claude is an unlucky vampire. when he was dying, the angel of death never came to take his life. What came was a terrifying creature named Memória. Memória had come to cast a curse on Claude, as punishment from the Creator for killing humans just for fun. The curse that Memória had given him was a formidable task that Claude had to complete before the curse could end.

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Chapter. 1. The Predator of Memories   
The full moon shone perfectly behind the leaves of the trees in the dark forest. A ray of light peeking out from between the leaves shone on me who was lying resignedly on the ground with a hole in my chest. The hole in the heart was pierced by a silver peg made by a priest from Galatea. Yes, my fate will end that day after centuries I preyed on humans to suck their blood.Greed is the most terrible lust. In order to satisfy my desire, I slaughtered all the humans that inhabited a village. I killed all the inhabitants of the village one by one, regardless of whether it was children, adults or even the elderly, I slaughtered them all. The endless thirst in my throat made the sense of humanity that I had lost. Oh, forgot. I really don't have any sense of humanity because I'm not human anymore, but bloodthirsty monsters they call vampires.Until a priest managed to trap and stab a silver stake right in my heart. I was helpless under the moonlight, waiting for death to pick me up. However
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Chapter 2. The First Prey, Miss Alma and the Music Box 
Ah, damn that Memória. It's true that preying on memories has a surprise in it. Beginning to become a predator of memories, I met a woman from a village near a dark forest. The sweet scent of her body was so obvious, that without warning I grabbed the girl's tiny body and then I fiercely bit her neck. Blood spurted as the fangs pierced the skin of the woman's neck. The woman's body wriggled. However, a few moments later his body weakened. Her screams were muffled by the stab of my fangs in her veins. Strange, I was only able to suck a little blood from the woman's neck. The blood that just came out of the fangs was sweet, but I could only suck out the initial blood because the next blood didn't taste sweet anymore, instead it was very fishy. I vomited a second stream of blood. It feels really sickening. The woman's body slipped from my embrace. Then a chuckle came from a cloaked figure wearing a hood. I turned to the person who was laughing at me. He hovered behind me."Shit! Why is
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Chapter. 3. Friendship Ring   
That afternoon I watched my potential victim. Ah, are they really my victims? In fact, all this time I was the victim who was tormented by the memories of the humans whose blood I sucked. Okay, I'll change the name to potential prey. Ha, ha, just the same. I watched a woman I guess was about 25 years old. Her name is Kartika, according to the name tag attached to her left chest. At that time, I was in an island nation. To be precise, I was in the capital, Jakarta. Kartika is a receptionist at a hotel in Jakarta. The exotic-skinned woman with a sweet face was friendly to greet the guests. The smile never left his lips. However, the sweet smell of blood from the memories that the woman wanted to get rid of was very obvious among the many similar sweet scents. It seems that Kartika has a strange memory that she hopes to eliminate the memories that have haunted her all this time.There was a time when Kartika avoided someone I thought was one of the triggers for those memories to get st
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Chapter. 4. Porcelain Doll
Winter in Germany is coming to an end. The flowers are starting to bloom, a sign that spring will replace the bitter winter at the end of February. I leaned against a bench in a small park in Weimar City. The city where German writers Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller came from. Closing my eyes I felt the cold wind from the end of winter caressing my skin. However, my activities were interrupted by the whining sound of a teenager and the sweet smell that was so thick wafted by my nose. "Lass mich gehen!¹ I don't want to take that medicine, I'm not sick!" The scream made my ears ring. "Oh shit!" I grumbled changing the position of the body that was originally leaning to sit up straight. I looked around the garden, looking for the source of the noise that had disturbed my lazy activities. It turned out to be on the right which was 10 meters from me. A girl with golden wavy hair is being chased by two men wearing nurse uniforms, and a bespectacled middle-aged woman we
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Chapter. 5. Timmy and Orange Cat's Favorite Toy   
I used to think that Memória's words about the memories of all living things being eliminated were only humans. In fact, I misunderstood the words of the five-winged creature. It turned out that apart from humans I was also dealing with other creatures. Now I'm sitting cross-legged, supporting my face with both hands facing a Golden Retriever sticking out its tongue. Somehow I feel this dog is smiling at me? Around the Golden Retriever's neck is a necklace with a round pendulum inscribed with a name, namely; Max. A sweet aroma wafted from the dog's body. I chuckled as I brushed my hair. “Damn it, you Memória!” I cursed while tilting my head talking to the sky. "So, what memories do you want to erase, Max?" I asked Max the Golden Retriever.Max wagged his golden feathered tail. Strangely, the dog seems to know who I am and it seems he understands what I'm saying or maybe I'm out of my mind talking to a dog. The dog got up and approached me. He walked around twisting his body around
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Chapter. 6. The Worst Ballerina 
Her name is Natasha Ivanova. 19 year old Russian woman. Natasha fell into a deep depression, after her dream of becoming a prima donna at the Mariinsky Theater in the City of Saint Petersburgs, Russia, failed. A leg injury while auditioning for a potential lead actor for Swan Lake meant that her chances of going worldwide were gone. I smelled the sweet smell of his blood while watching ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre. Natasha sat watching not far from where I watched which was on the third floor of this theater building. At that time Natasha was wearing a red scarf and sunglasses. tried a second time to see the object to cover her identity during the ballet in the theater. I accidentally got information about Natasha from one of her ballet practice partners at one of the studios. In the middle of the event Natasha left her seat. As usual I will follow the scent wherever the humans who have it go. Natasha did not go out of the theater, but she entered one of the toilets. I stopped fo
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Chapter. 7. Harpyie 
I was surprised that the girl who suddenly appeared in front of me knew my name. The sharp gaze from the golden iris eyes made a feeling of discomfort. I feel that the girl in the navy blue lolita dress doesn't seem like a human. “That's right, I'm not human, Lord Vampire or Memória call you Senhor Vampiro,” the girl said coldly. I gasped, she was able to read my mind just like Memória. "Surely we creatures sent by the Creator to regulate everything that happens on earth can know the contents of the minds and hearts of humans. That is our innate ability!" cried the girl, her voice rising. I swallowed. Unfortunately I feel daunted by creatures like Memória. "Who are you? What do you want?" I tried to suppress my anxiety. Because it seems that the creature in front of me is emitting an unusual aura. The air is very oppressive and intimidating. The white-haired girl smirked. Two fangs were seen sticking out at the corners of her lips. Vampire? Impossible. "Fanged creatures aren't j
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Chapter. 8. Extinct Hope     
Harpyie grabbed my hand. She wants to take me somewhere. However, I refused before Harpyie gave an explanation. Wasn't she going to punish me for failing a task? What do you mean by failure? Isn't everything on the right track? I just sucked a little of the blood of those who wanted to erase their memories. Memories that make anyone they can not live life. "Yes, yes, yes. Your task is indeed on the right track. However, you have never completely solved the problem of the creatures who want to be erased. Except for a few. But I didn't count them," Harpyie grumbled, pursing her mouth. "You mean—" Before I could finish speaking, Harpyie had pulled me into a portal that had suddenly formed in front of us. In the dimensions of space and time. My body seemed to be twisted, slammed, and torn apart. I experienced a kind of turbulence in dimensional space and time. Surprisingly, the Harpyie didn't seem to have experienced what I had. Her face looks normal. Yes, rather flat and tend to look
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Chapter.9. Harpyie Solution     
I was dragged by the Harpyie again. We arrived at a place I remember as where Max the Golden Retriever and I met. Also a few blocks from that place I met Timmy. "What happened to Max and Timmy? What happened to them?" I worry about the two furry creatures. "Well, this really surprised me," said Harpyie, tapping the wand against his forehead. "You know, Max is so happy with his new Master. He is so loyal to his grandfather and always with him wherever he goes. Then Timmy, he became Master to the humans who adopted him. Ha, ha, ha. It's funny that somehow your work was successful on animals." The harpyie snapped the wand three times. Two scenes where Max always follows the grandfather who helps him. The fur boy looks happy by always wagging his tail every time his grandfather calls him. What is very funny is actually the scene belonging to Timmy the orange cat. He is so spoiled and bossy. His wish was always the Master's priority—slave, I mean. I'm glad they live happily with caring
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Chapter. 10. The Emergence of Memória     
I vomited blood after finishing fixing the memories with the Harpyie. The black blood mixed with the fresh red blood of the humans I sucked as punishment the Harpyie had given me. In my heart I cursed Memória who gave the task of the curse only part of it. I don't understand what the purpose of doing that is. “Explain to me fully the task of the curse of Memória, Harpyie,” I begged the bird girl. Harpyie took me back to the apartment in Saint Petersburg's City, which I don't know who owns. She sat casually, his legs crossed on the sofa. "Ah, wait a minute I'm tired after the long journey of repairing those human memories." Harpyie leaned her head on the sofa. I wonder why the bird girl prefers to use the form of a girl wearing a lolita dress? Is she uncomfortable with her true form? Hearing my thoughts, suddenly Harpyie turned and glared at me who had just come out of the toilet. "I want to use whatever form I want! You don't have to protest, Vampire!" Hardik Harpyie did not acce
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