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In a world of endless possibilities, there exists rare opportunities. In a world abundant with talented individuals, there exists individuals with rare talents. In a world brimming with capabilities, there exists extraordinary capabilities. This was the very world that Nathan Grok found himself transmigrated to. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side, as he found himself inhabiting the body of a disabled young man with pathetic abilities, pathetic talents, and no opportunity to progress in this post-apocalyptic world. However, little did he know, this misfortune a blessing in disguise. The young man possessed one of the rarest things - the dual systems. Two systems in one person.

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Chap 1 Sprinting From Evil.
In a dark and empty street, four men could be seen running alongside a range of office buildings. Their faces were drenched in sweat, and they looked exhausted enough to tell that they had been running for a long time.Bang! One man bulged into the door of a building and immediately dashed in. "Get in quickly!"The man yelled at his friends in an exhausted voice.His friends followed suit, their heavy breaths echoing in the empty corridor as they hurriedly made their way inside. The sound of their pounding footsteps reverberated through the building, amplifying the sense of urgency and fear that hung in the air. All of them frantically dashed into the building."Remember to close the door."Another man said this to the young man who was the last to enter. The young man obediently closed the door behind him and followed the others. As they entered, the dimly lit hallway revealed a maze of locked doors and flickering lights, adding to the eerie atmosphere.By this time, the other thre
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Chap 2 Worse Fate.
"Brat, I'll kill you."The cop hissed through gritted teeth, and the veins on his forehead and neck budged. He looked like a murderous and crazy maniac.Being strangled by a robust man, the young man couldn't breathe in the slightest. His body convulsed as an effect of the event. He attempted to pull the cop's hand away from his neck, but that was a futile attempt. The cop was too strong.The young man's vision started to blur as he desperately gasped for air, feeling his consciousness slip away. Panic surged through his veins as he realized the severity of the situation. The young man's face gradually turned red. If he were not able to free himself from the grip, he would die for sure.Suddenly, he kicked hard at the cop's balls. "Arghh!"That attempt was successful, as the cop immediately left the young man and grabbed his balls in pain.The young man took the opportunity to fill his lungs with air, but he didn't have enough time, so he immediately dashed toward the staircases that
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Chap 3 Confusion, Confusion!
On a messy floor, a young man lied lifelessly. He had dark-brown hair and pale skin.Although his face was extremely pale, it didn't hide the fact that he was handsome.On the floor beneath his belly was a pool of dark-red blood. The sight of the blood contrasted sharply against the pale tiles, creating a gruesome scene. It was evident that he had suffered a severe injury, leaving a trail of crimson leading to his lifeless body.All of a sudden, his fingers twitched slightly, a faint sign of life amidst the stillness of the room. That was accompanied by a weak groan, and then his eyes gently opened. His pupils were gray. As he blinked, the intensity of his gaze revealed a depth of pain and confusion. It was clear that behind his striking appearance, there was a haunting story waiting to be unraveled."I thought I died," he muttered to himself while gradually lifting himself up. He sat on the floor, reached out his hand, and rubbed his undeveloped abs. His expression changed abruptly.
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Chap 4 The New World.
He quickly stood up and dashed to his room. When he was running, his vision went so blurry that he almost collided with a wall. As he reached his room, he rummaged through his belongings. He took a small rucksack and climbed on a ladder, which got him into the attic.This was what his mom had always told him to do whenever he heard a strange sound.Bang! The creature had already barged in, but that was still too late. Nathan had already left the house through the attic. The world Nathan had transmigrated into was in the post-apocalypse. Due to climate change, genes in living things began to evolve. Humans had mutated into powerful and extraordinary beings, while animals had mutated into dangerous creatures.Apart from that, the world was invaded by extraterrestrial creatures known as gouses. The gouses resembled humans, but their skin was comprised of dark purple mineral ores, which made their bodies extremely rough.They had fat and short horns instead of ears, and their eyes were
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Chap 5 The System!
It had long and thin limbs, red eyes, and long and black teeth. Its mangy fur was matted and covered in dirt, giving it a feral and menacing appearance.‘a dog-hooven’ He recognized the beasts. The beast was devouring some food, making a messy in the kitchen as food pieces rolled all over the floor. Luckily, the beast had its back facing him and didn’t see him.He cautiously took some steps back. He planned that as soon as he managed to reach the doorway without the creature noticing him, he would run as fast as he could. After all, he was very weak and had an eye defect; it wasn’t a good idea to disturb the beast.He took only three steps backward before the beast sniffed an unfamiliar scent. It patiently turned its head and glared directly at him, its eyes filled with a mix of curiosity and aggression. Its hideous face frightened him. The man froze in fear, realizing that his plan had been foiled. He knew he had to think quickly if he wanted to escape the beast's clutches. It snar
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Chap 6 Another.
"Are there any quests I should complete right now?" He couldn’t wait to level up and unlock new abilities. He knew that by completing quests, he would gain experience and resources that would aid him on his journey to becoming the strongest. With each quest, he grew closer to his goal and became more excited about the challenges that lay ahead.EXP he had was too little. He only got 100 EXP and needed 2000 EXP to level up to Ordinary Level 1. He had a long way to go and needed to find more quests to complete in order to gain the necessary experience. He was determined to put in the effort and dedication required to reach his goal, knowing that each quest he completed would bring him one step closer to becoming the strongest. [Currently, no quests are available.]That firm reply from the system made him feel a twinge of disappointment, but he refused to let it deter him. He still had much time; the system had just been installed a few moments ago, and he was determined to make the mos
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Chap 7 Somewhere.
At that moment, he heard a horrifying howl. He immediately stopped in his tracks and narrowed his eyes, only to see a big wolf-like creature a few steps in front of him. The beast was devouring the dog-hooven beast, and it was five times bigger than the dog-hooven beast. If he were a normal person with normal vision, he would have already noticed it the moment he got out of the restaurant. The beast howled as it glared at him. Its piercing eyes seemed to hold a mix of hunger and aggression, making it clear that the creature saw him as its next meal. The man's heart raced as he weighed his options, realizing that his survival now depended on either outsmarting or overpowering this formidable adversary.Ding![Scrutinizing the target...Please wait.][Target scrutinized!Target Details:Name: Giant WolfRace: BeastAge: N/AStrength: 50kg+Strength Level: Ordinary Level 5Defense Shield: 10kg\10kg+Health Points: 250/250]He widened his eyes as he stared at the screen in his mind. His
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Chap 8 Nice Lady.
"Thank you for your concern," Nathan said, offering a reassuring smile. "I'm just lost in thought for a moment. I appreciate your suggestion, but I assure you, I'm perfectly fine." "How sure are you that you're fine?" the woman asked, her eyebrows furrowing with concern. "It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to our health." Nathan couldn't help but notice how caring she was, especially considering that they were completely strangers. He took a moment to gather his thoughts before responding, "I understand your concern, and I truly appreciate it. However, I've been dealing with th
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Chap 9 Homeless' Chance.
"Do you have any queries?"Captain Aginy suddenly asked while shooting a glance at him. Her face was devoid of expression."I don't have any questions so far."Nathan replied with a shrug while scanning the room with his eyes. The room was sparsely furnished, with only a mattress, a small desk, and a single chair. Nathan's gaze lingered on the plain walls, lacking any personal touches or decorations."Don't worry, once you become a student warrior, you'll have a better place." Samantha uttered it upon seeing Nathan's dissatisfaction with the place. "The military academy's entrance competition will occur in five days. You've got to train hard."In this world, your strength determines your fate. The weak were considered useless and were often overlooked or taken advantage of. The strong received the best services, while the weak received the worst or none at all.Nathan had already gotten to know what kind of world this was, and regardless of his disability, he had decided to do as much
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Chap 10 Training Space.
"Because you’re behind your friends. I’ll give you a free access to training space" According to what he learnt from old Nathan memories, one had to pay a decent amount to use a training space. Free training were available to military and gifted students only.He wasn’t one, and he had to pay a decent sum to access a training space. Giving him free access to a training space was a huge favor."You’re too kind, Captain." Nathan felt that the young woman was being too generous to him. He couldn't help but feel grateful for her kindness, as it was rare for someone to offer free access to a training space, especially to someone like him who wasn't part of the military or a gifted student. Nathan wondered what had prompted her to be so generous toward him. "There’s no problem. May I know which level you are?" Training spaces were virtual worlds where one would confront illusory monsters, mostly gouses of preferred levels.This was critical because people were able to put their fears to th
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