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By: Mopino_07 CompletedFantasy

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This is a story of an ancient beast that if find its way in the present time where nobody understand him while others are trying to take the its power.

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Chapter 1
That night, soldiers walked slowly passing through the woods as it was heavily raining. By their heavily armed attire and the mode of walking, they were ready to attack. Behind the walking soldiers there were other military vehicles following them in the same slow pace. Everything was adding up to a serious mission that they were in. They walked until to the cave entrance where the once on foot walked in the cave leaving outside the once in the heavy military vehicles ready to attack anything that come out of the cave. The operation was slow and silent done that only the raindrops was heard thudding on the ground. In the cave, they were searching for anything fishy. They operation was not specific all that they were told is what they were going to retrieve was risky and no more than that. During the operation one of the soldiers in the cave found a gold medallion. Lose his concentration, lowered his gun and took off the medallion off its hanging place to have a closer look. Indeed t
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Chapter 2
Next day in the morning Victoria drove her car that he had obtained from a government load due to the country economy it was hard for a detective to own a car in that age that she was. She packed the car beside the street that was surrounded by police officers. And due to the curiosity of people and for the information to spread all over the city there were also civilians beside the crime scene trying their best to obtain a clear a story that will make them look as updated when they meet up with their friends.Victoria using her police badge she crossed over the other side that the civilian were being prevented to go through by the police in the scene. Because of the level that Victoria was on a t the time as a detective, she was the only police that who was not on the uniform. With her good scanning and investigating skills, she walked to where two men bodies were lying dead on the ground. The scene was terrifying because the killing was not as usual killing of the street this one wa
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Chapter 3
Victoria walked to her boss room pissed off due to the embarrassment that she was shown by General Martin. Drake at such situation he had control of his anger due to the fear of the consequences this was the only time he did not followed Victoria as a working mate. Victoria entering the boss room she found the boss seated on the seat where without caring the rank nor the outcome she shouted, “Now what’s that with my criminal.” The boss who had already known the situation rose from his seat wanting to protect his innocent he responded,“Who are you to come in my office to talk to me like that?”“You are my boss but you are under the law.”“He is not released all that is done is change of the case from one person to another person.”“There is a protocol to follow.”“Victoria that is the General of the Army he is above some things he is also above me.”Victoria clicked walked out while saying, “I hate the system of this county,” then she slums the door on her way out. The boss who was ab
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Chapter 4
It was in the evening the yellow sun was shining down to earth making a good-looking view of the earth. General Martin in his full soldier uniform was standing beside the accident scene silent. He could not believe this was a second fail that he has ever done to his life after being successful to defeat the terrorist on the Kenyan boarders.He was facing the military already burn van; behind him other people were gathered round the scene to have a look of the horrified scene. In the other side, an ambulance was trying to rescue the injured people. The wise soldier who in good luck survived the attack moved General Martin and with fear of Martin’s rank but due to the favour of his people he asked, “What was this that you were telling us to carry.” Martin as if he did not care of the accident answered,“You are a soldier you should work without questions.”“I will think if you want me to work for you, you must tell me the truth.”General Martin faced the soldier and said, “Don’t let the
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Chapter 5
General Marti walked into a car where a soldier in a driver seat. General with his rude character said to the soldier, “Why are you calling me here and you ran out of the operation.” The soldier who was in a lower rank than General Martin, on shame but having something important to say responded,“Boss I have something important to show you.”“Do you how much I loosed in that operation? I know why I told you to go in masses.”“Am here to break you that all is not lost.”“What do you mean?”The soldier turned on the light to his car that was currently dark because of the night and the place of the meeting was somewhere far from people to play thing down. Then the soldier turned back where it intrigued General Martin where he also face at the back seat of the car.General Martin smiled immediately he noticed the woman and the daughter at the back seat that were unconscious was Victoria and her daughter. General still admiring the look he said joyful, “Once you did something important I
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Chapter 6
In the camp corridoes, Lynn innocent walked with a soldier besides her following his commands. This was after the fight with the beast where they defeated it by using the child as a weapon. At that, time people were silent trying to digest the wrath of the beast and what would happen if the child was absent in the scene. The soldiers who were hurt due to the fight were taken to medication where the once that had died were disposed of because they were all made to be believe the cause that they were fighting for was more important than their life.The soldier who was directing Lynn back to her prison looked was tired due to the long fight that he was involved. At a corner, Victoria was hiding waiting for the soldier where she say him at a distance. Meeting up with the soldier with her motherly love and afraid to lose her only daughter, she hit the soldier’s neck with her human pressure point knowledge where the soldier immediately fall unconscious on the ground.Quickly she took her da
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Chapter 7
Ben in his relaxed mode ready for the help that General Martin had promised him was seated on a sit eating some biscuits watching some videos on a tablet. To him the biscuit were something sweet and new to him, which were being provided to him to relax his adrenaline as he ate. Comfortably he was seated in a room that was calm and nobody was there to watch him to make an unconfutable environment for him.The General who was also a wise man he knew after the chat with ben he won’t escape and reducing the resources he also mad no soldier watch the door to Ben’s room. Though Ben has never came across a screen that could display some videos that were funny to him as human nature he quickly adapted to the fact where he was handling the tablet as her was used to it.Suddenly to his room Victoria bumped it where she closed her door back. Ben who was friendly in nature plus he remembered her face and everything about her he asked, “Why are you here?” As she was painting due to the long runs a
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Chapter 8
General Martin in his office angrily banged the table. This was brought through by another failure to capture the beast and this time his anger was too high because the last operation he had used a lot of his personal money. The operations were non-government operation that he was using his money to pay soldiers and poor government recourses. This was going to compromise his everything including his money and his work he had to stop the operation.Suddenly in the office, the door was open and Ben walked in on a short only. Behind him, soldiers followed him back pointing him with guns. The soldiers were afraid to make a shoot to Ben to make him angry because they had already noticed the beast was bring about when Ben was in anger. The soldiers also they were afraid to shoot because they have also tried to shoot him with lead to give rise in the beast.“I want this demon in me out.” Ben said looking serious .After the damages he had sawn that the beast was causing he was feed up with th
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Chapter 9
The beast with its fearless look it responded with its deep voice, “Your Ben is no longer the beast am the.” Suddenly from a side the beast was shoot by a confident soldier that was shooting no matter the sight that he had seen that the beast was not affected by the guns shoot. The beast a bit distracted from his target it faced the soldier where he was confident and as if for some time, he remembered struggles off being a soldier and assumed him. By the beast expression to its word immediately, Victoria believed it words where without asked to run she ran. When the beast faced her side it found she was missing where it giggled and said, “You cannot run forever.”Victoria who was under a truck a distance away from the beast where she could hear it referring to her. The beast with its desire to kill her it started walking round the messy place where flames were all over looking for her. Victoria at her hiding place she was panting where she was trying to minimize it by placing her han
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Chapter 10
Victoria slowly walked into the room that where Ben was laying on the bed. She sat on the seat beside the bed where they both faced each other. Ben at the moment was badly injured that he could not move freely nor talk as normal, his whole body was wrapped on bandages except his face. Victoria asked, “How do you feel?”Ben due to the effects of the painkillers in his system he responded, “I fell nothing even I cannot move.” Victoria at the time knew partially was the effects of the painkillers and partially because one leg had no nerves, protecting the psychological effect of Ben at the time she responded, “That because of some drug that you were injected by the doctor. I know you have no clue of what I am saying but don’t worry it will be over soon and you will back on your legs.”Also the white bandage that was wrapped around him was new to him where he also asked, “And what is this white thing wrapped around my legs and arms?” Victoria at the time had found Ben interesting guy with
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