Mind Control
Buratia, Northern Continent


The countryside had a lot to offer, other than the dirt-poor houses situated alongside the road waiting for something lucky to have their lives prosper, the freshness and calmness of the wind that made the trees dance in utter grace, and the majestic mountains, unparalleled with the other countries. The feeling gave Dreygo hope, not for the people in Buratia, but to save the world from Kragus’ unthinkable reason of chaos.

‘This world is no need to suffer. If Kragus hates Arkeus so much, why would he attack Heaven instead of Earth?’ Dreygo thought.

But he already knew the answer. Heaven was the hardest realm to access. And had a military arsenal that was unimaginable in any being outside the Heaven realm. But knowing the Hell God, he was a risk taker and such doubt could not cease Kragus from achieving his desires.

“I am hungry!” Elaine spoke after a few hours of ride from the guard outpost.

“We have a diner nearby. We should rest for a few minutes.
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