Destined Villain

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Destined Villain

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Sebastian, a writer who wishes to pour all his depression into his book suddenly face a plot twist of all his characters coming to life. With none bowing to the weak him, he was suddenly thrown into the world he created, forced to prove if he is worthy of being their creator. **** “Cultivation is a mean to accomplish what my heart want. The seven emotions and six desires are what make a human feel alive. I seek not just to reach the end of the path but more so to enjoy the journey. Everything else is just a byproduct.” Those were Trigon thought as he stood, looking at the millions of world he conquer. Note: MC is twisted and goes beyond morals to achieve his goals! Please note this is a villain and not pure hero type of MC!

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17 chapters
Sebastian sat alone in his dimly lit study room, surrounded by stacks of paper and his thoughts weighed down by grief of growing up in a poor family. The room echoed with the silence of unspoken words and unfinished sentences. Determination flickered in his teary green eyes as he clutched the pen, the instrument of his escape from reality.Outside, a storm raged, its angry gusts rattling the windows and lashing against the house but Sebastian was oblivious to the chaos. He had barricaded himself within the walls of his mind, seeking solace in the creation of a world that existed only on paper.His fingers trembled as they caressed the crisp, white pages before him. The book, his book, lay open, its words waiting to be woven into life. But as Sebastian dipped his pen into the inkwell, he felt a peculiar sensation—a faint hum, like the reverberation of an otherworldly energy echoes throughout the room.Startled, Sebastian glanced at the book. Its pages shimmered with an ethereal golden
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power scale
GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF POWER LEVELS IN THE UNIVERSE.# BASIC LEVEL: Early - Middle - Peak# Intermediate level: Early - Middle - Peak# Advance: Early - Middle - Peak# Super ; Early - Middle - Peak# Supreme: Early - Middle - Peak# Demi Calamity: Early - Peak# Calamity : Early - Peak # Demi Forbidden: Early - Peak# Forbidden: Early - Peak# Demi god: ???# Transcendent:# Divine god:# Immortal god:# Primordial god:RANKS OF Of ARTIFACTS:Earth rank artifactSky rank artifactPlanetary rank artifactDemigod rank artifactGod artifact (extremely rare)RANKS OF RUNES MASTERS.ApprenticeMasterGrandmasterSupreme GrandmasterLord supreme Grandmaster RANK OF BEASTS:Basic tierIntermediate tierAdvanced tier (intelligence beasts)Super tier (Can shape shift)Demon tierDemon King Demon supreme
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Chapter 1
"Watch where you going motherf*k*r. . . I mean fatherf*k*r hahaha cause you don't have a mother." Trigon already used to being shoved down the cause of how weak he is refused to reply as he quietly grabbed his now broken medicated eyeglasses from the ground."Come on, not again. How the hell am I gonna fix this now?" Feeling vexed he looked at the broken glass and mutter.This is the twentieth time he got into such incidents in this damn school, why can't everyone mind their businesses and stop bullying the weak?"Fuck your fat mama who can barely use her ability, Mick!" With a middle finger, he yells at the surprised Mick. Although Trigon is too calm for a teenager but when his dad's name gets involved, the young man tends to be crazy. The youngsters all flock around with interest as they await for Trigon to get beaten. This isn't the first time, unlike other kids who always shudder when facing bullies and accept their faith, Trigon has been seen fighting some even if he gets beat
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Chapter 2
"How the hell do you want me to take that amount of water?!" [Mission in progress>>> and please till the Host gets strong. Do not reveal the system to anyone for their safety and host own... ]"Sony...? Is everything okay?" "Huh...yes yes yes it is alright." Snapping out of his dazed state, Trigon discovered that everything had returned to normal but strangely it seemed his dad never noticed the change. He didn't dare tell his already sick dad.(I will soon be off to the academy and won't be a problem.) He thought."Alright then, drop your ability book and come over let me tell you some stuff about the Federational Training Academy. . .""Can I please drink water first Dad?""Huh... Seems you are already nervous now Sony. Alright, go and be back fast. I need to tell you some things before the military comes to pick you off.""Okay, I will." Saying so, Trigon rushes into the kitchen and quickly opens the tap."We don't have any bottles but hopefully let me drink directly from the tap
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Chapter 3
Trigon felt his vision turning and a strong sense of dizziness hit him hard.All that happens within a second as everything returns to normal.Looking around him, Trigon discovered he was teleported to the front of a huge gate with the word F.T.A. written on it. The metallic gate was gigantic spanning over 30 meters tall and 20 meters wide.Looking ahead he was amazed at how futuristic and cool the environment looks. The mere front of the school was so big, 10 times bigger than his previous school."Step aside for others to come out through the device, Cardinal." Trigon turns swiftly towards the sound of the voice and it turns out to be a soldier. He was so immersed in the beauty of the environment, that he forgot where he actually was."Ah, so sorry sir." Saying an apology, Trigon moved away from the spot and entered the school.Seeing people of 16, 17 and so moving around the compound, dressed in black shirts and pants with three golden lines drawn from the right-hand shoulder dow
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Chapter 4
Trigon felt a wave of panic rushes into him. Looking at those who wore their watches, he saw each one with the green number "1" boldly showing on the screen while his own was still blank."Damnit system. Just help me and show my damn number." He mutters to no one, in particular, surprisedly the system replies.[Host can't be allowed to have direct contact with the watch for security reasons. But the system can act as a medium between both.]"Why can't I have a direct contact?"[Host is too weak to know, but note, that the creator of this object is someone beyond the current human level.] Giving a vague reply which further made Trigon curious, but no matter how he asked, the system didn't reply.Without any choice, he could only allow the system to act as a medium.[Initializing... Obtaining authentication... Decoding AI....0.1%... 10%... 20%... 68%... 99.9%... Successfully complete]Suddenly the watch with a dark screen flashes as the number "1" also appears on his watch."Wuuu, fina
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Chapter 5
2.9 strength and lasting 35 seconds. You are a level '2' student. Not to worry, you have an ability book now. Study it and get stronger okay?" Roselle consoled Trigon who could only nod in reply. He felt happy as he knew very well without that tiny increase brought by the system, he wouldn't have been able to reach level 2. He felt like if he trained well, being as strong as Lexmus in the future wouldn't be out of reach._Thankfully, there is no sun or else I might not achieve such a result._ Trigon mutters."Next, Alfred Hitchcock," Roselle called.Trigon watched as Alfred was able to achieve a 3.7 with pure brute strength and he lasted for 25 seconds on the dodging test which earned him a 3."Congratulations, everyone," the instructor began. "Your performance during the simulation was impressive. Remember, the key to success in this academy is to embrace your abilities and learn from your experiences. You can grow stronger by honing your skills through combat and understanding the
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Chapter 6
"I will... I will kill them, every last one of them!" Trigon let out in-between the pains he felt as he forced himself to stand up, the pains only served to remind him of his father's words before he came to this school._Son,_ he said, with a serious tone. _If you can't become strong, then you need to learn to swallow your pride and accept whatever humiliation comes your way. In that school, only the strong are respected, and even if they break the rules, the school will turn a blind eye. Do you understand what I'm saying? Either become strong or be prepared to be humbled. So I advise you, even if the devil offers you a contract to get powers, accept it as it is the only way for you to break rules without penalties._His words hit Trigon like a ton of bricks. His whole world had been turned upside down in the space of a few minutes. He had thought things would turn better but it seems his dreams were futile.Now he realizes how naive he was."Ugh," with the pain he staggered up, in s
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Chapter 7
Returning to his dorm, Trigon thought of how to grow with the new information he got."System, what do you think I should do to grow faster?" He asked.[Host will need to take missions regularly, firstly it will help hone your fighting skills, secondly, the system's main function is the creator and to create anything, you will need souls, so when you kill your enemies, you collect their souls and use it to as a fuel to create whatever you need. Note, the higher the thing you need, the stronger the soul required for it is.]Hearing the system's words, Trigon sank into contemplation before a smirk slowly formed on his face, "I will then start taking mission from tomorrow henceforth. For now, let me go finish my daily quests."With that, he wore his new uniform which was a long-sleeved red jacket with one black line from the right shoulder down to the left waist side and headed straight towards the training room to use the running machine.Stepping into the dorm hall, Trigon saw how empt
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Chapter 8
300 years ago, some humans married different races and this action birthed a new race called demi-human. Those races were welcomed by the humans until 100 years ago, when they rebelled, wanting to enslave the humans and be the overload. Thankfully their plan failed and they were chased away from Earth, anyone found would be instantly killed and that was why Trigon was shocked to find one in the school.How did she sneak in?The answer was obvious, there might be someone at the top brass of the school that helped her, then this led to another question.What was her identity?Obviously, they just can't sneak anybody demi-human right?Thinking so, Trigon decides to try his best and keep his distance away from that girl till he finds some clues to determine his next action.****2 Hours LaterComing back to his room covered in sweat was Trigon and without hesitation, he went into the bathroom took his bath and slumped onto the bed for a short nap."System, please wake me up after 30 minut
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