The library 1

    As the five studet got to the office, they came to stand in front of their teacher's table as she took a seat. Imogen who was standing next to Kiara and Ashley, with angry lines running through her face glared at them.

"You too are involved in this?" Mrs  Kate asked Zach as he entered the office and everyone turned to look at him.

"Yes ma'am." He said as he nodded.

"It is a good thing you all admitted to your offence and for that I will make your punishment lesser."

"Can you just forgive us and not give us any punishment? We promise we will never fight ever again." Ashley pleaded innocently to have their teacher glare at her from the tip of her glasses.

"You should have thought about the consequences before you got yourself in trouble." She paused and took a proper look at their faces.  "You know, I never thought any one of you could ever have a record of fighting in this school. Well except for Dylan, we all know he is very troublesome."

"Even the teachers confirm it." Lawrence said.

" I wasn't speaking to you young man. I have a class full of students that know better than get themselves in trouble so I'm probably going to make this quick to save both our time. The punishment for fighting is usually weeding the school farm,washing the toilet and detention but because it is the first time the five of you are getting in trouble I am going to lessen it to detention alone, not just any detention but detention starting from now till five o'clock." Mrs. Kate said and looked at their faces to meet their shocked faces. 

"But ma!" Imogen cried. "You can't do that to us. "

"Oh yes I can. You guys should have remembered that there was punishment for fighting before doing so." 

"It was actually not our fault, it all happened because of Dylan." Lawrence said.

"It was all our faults." Kiara said sharply to diffuse Lawrence's statement because she knew pushing all blames on him was only going to make matters worse for him. 

"It would do you no good trying to push the blame on one person and trying to be honest and brave will not be helpful either " Kate said as she looked at Lawrence and Kiara. 

"But ma, detention from now till five?" Imogen said. She was mostly pained by the punishment as she didn't have anything to do with it.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Mrs Kate said.

"Why don't we go to class and go for the detention when school is over." Imogen suggested but Mrs Kate, without caring to give her a reply, picked her books and made for the door.

"What if we stay at the library from now till school dismisses and then head for detention afterwards?" Kiara said sharply making Mrs. Kate stop abruptly as everyone turned to look at her. 

The library was no place to speak of casually and everyone who goes into the library will absolutely come out a dead man because the librarian, Mr. Finn, made reading in the library a death sentence for them.

"The library." Mrs. Kate said as she turned to look at Kiara as Kiara nodded. "From now till three o'clock?" She asked again and Kiara nodded. "With Mr. Finn?"

"No ma." Lawrence said. "Let's have another punishment, the library is totally out of question."

"Your punishment shouldn't be negotiable but I did give you a chance to make a suggestion which Kiara has made a very wonderful point that I am in love with. So." She said and walked back to her seat and sat down. "From now till three o'clock, the six of you will be at the library and after school, you will head straight for detention." She paused to look at their saddened faces. "I now will like you to leave my office and head straight for the library."

"Yes ma'am." Ashley said and took the lead out of the office.

After they had seen Mrs Kate enter the class she was meant to teach, Lawrence stopped in his track and threw his bag to the floor in anger and everyone turned to look at him as they heard the thud.

"Are you happy now?"

"Lawrence let's not fight now please." Lawrence had talked to Dylan but Kiara chipped in because she knew giving Dylan a chance to talk back might lead to another round of fight which will also double their punishment.

"Why are you always standing up for this fool? Tell me, why did you even admit to something you did not do? What about you Ashley? He was the one that caused the trouble first, why did you put the blame on yourself? And you Imogen, you had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with this, why are you here? You all are now taking sides with this fool right?"

"Look Ashley and Kiara are my bffs, I was just doing what a friend would do." Imogen said with her hands thrown up in defense.

"I know this is not our faults and that you are angry about this but, Dylan has gotten into a lot of trouble already and remember the principal said any more trouble from him will lead to expulsion and you wouldn't want him expelled, do you?" Kiara said. 

"Oh, yes I do, with all pleasure I do." Lawrence said which made Kiara roll her eyes in discomfort.

"I am sorry Lawrence, but please bear it this one time, for us please." Kiara said as Lawrence looked at the girls faces before sighing.

"Fine, I'm only doing this because of the three of you." He said and looked at Dylan who stood some distance away from them with his back against the wall as he touched the wound on his face.

"Uhm, I am here because my mom told me to be truthful at all times, no matter what the consequences are. Thanks for asking." Zach said sarcastically.

"You have always been a good boy, haven't you." Lawrence said with a smile and they began walking to the library 

"You have always been the good boy, haven't you?" Lawrence said with a smile and they began walking to the library. 


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