Dragon Rises From Nothing!

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Dragon Rises From Nothing!

By: KMyay CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Benjamin Arnold was a recently discharged soldier with no job or stable life. However, one day, a man named Bahjat Taylor appeared and insisted that Benjamin marry his daughter, Isabella. Without money and his sister gravely ill, requiring costly medical treatment and surgery, Benjamin had no choice but to agree to a marriage of convenience with Isabella. Unbeknownst to Benjamin, Bahjat's motivation for arranging the marriage was discovering a yin-yang koi fish tattoo on Benjamin's left chest. This tattoo contained immense supernatural powers capable of transforming the universe and even granting immortality. Therefore, Bahjat arranged the marriage for his daughter to manipulate Benjamin easily. As for Benjamin, after becoming a son-in-law to the Taylor family, he was constantly belittled and humiliated by his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. His wife would always yell at him, act irrationally, and even openly date other men in front of him. Benjamin's life continued to spiral with one misfortune after another. His father passed away, his sister's illness worsened, and more mysteries unfolded, revealing the truth behind his identity. Would Benjamin be able to rise from these depths of despair? Where would the tattoo on his chest lead him? Benjamin Arnold, the hidden heir of the dragon lineage, is emerging from the void and awakening his true power!

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  • Godfrey Augo


    a very nice book

    2023-05-18 19:14:11
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252 chapters
Chapter 1: The Son-In-Law Is Looked Down Upon!
"What are you doing? Who allowed you to walk beside me?" In the grand lobby of the largest hotel in Blue Sea City, a beautiful woman was wearing a form-fitting dress that accentuated her stunning curves. She was casting a disdainful glance at the man walking beside her. The man appeared somewhat embarrassed, touching his nose and taking a small step back, while a sheepish smile appeared. Benjamin Arnold was a recently discharged soldier. Because his sister was seriously ill and needed money for treatment, he had no choice but to agree to an arranged marriage with Isabella Taylor and live with the Taylors. Due to her need for him to address some personal matters and his need for money, a marriage of convenience subsequently occurred between them. Benjamin spoke in a low voice. "Wife, is it okay if I walk like this?" "Silence! Who permitted you to address me like that? Remember, you are only my husband in name, and we have no relationship whatsoever. Do you understand?!" Although
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Chapter 2: Find A Job.
Bam! "What are you trying to do?" Just waking up from a dream, Benjamin was suddenly kicked off the bed. His face instantly turned sour as he squinted at the angry Isabella lying on the bed. "What do I want to do? I want to stomp you to death!" "Wait, hold on!" Seeing Isabella's furious appearance, Benjamin finally awoke from his dream. He quickly got up, looked at Isabella, and raised his hands above his head."This wasn't my fault, either. It was you who provoked me last night. Then, I couldn't hold back anymore. So...""Shut up, and I won't let you speak!"Before Benjamin could finish speaking, Isabella's piercing scream interrupted him. Caught off guard, Benjamin had no choice but to close his mouth obediently.Immediately afterward, a torn dress was thrown from the bed to the floor. As she glared at him, Isabella's expression grew colder and more challenging."I want you to buy me a new dress like this!"As Benjamin looked at the torn dress thrown before him, he intended to
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Chapter 3: The Rape Plan Has Been Eliminated.
After finishing the bread, Benjamin's empty stomach felt somewhat complete. But now, he didn't know where to go. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice calling out."Hey, we meet again!"Recognizing the familiar voice, Benjamin couldn't help but turn his head. As he did, he saw Isabella and Edwyn eating in a nearby restaurant. For a moment, Benjamin's face was filled with astonishment. However, that was quickly replaced by disdain.It was apparent that Isabella was well aware of Edwyn's ill intentions towards her, yet she not only refrained from avoiding him but also chose to dine alone with him. Benjamin couldn't help but feel disdain and contempt for her."Isabella, what do you think of my proposal?" Edwyn asked."Director Edwyn, I'd like to finalize this contract before we go to the hotel. If you agree, I'll reconsider your offer afterward."Not far from Benjamin, Edwyn paid him no attention and began conversing with Isabella. Although their voices weren't loud, Benjamin could still h
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Chapter 4: Go Home By Self!
Benjamin swung his leg and kicked down forcefully. Although the kick wasn't too strong, Edwyn was so much pain. His eyes bulged, and his face contorted beyond imagination. It seemed as if he had just heard the sound of an egg cracked."You bastard... I'll kill you!"Clutching his crotch, Edwyn's mouth sounded like a pig being poked. Tears involuntarily streamed down his face like a waterfall."Let's go, and we're leaving!" Benjamin said.Seeing Edwyn's pitiful state, a satisfied smile finally appeared on Benjamin's face. However, just as he was about to leave with Isabella, Edwyn's voice suddenly rang out."You wait. I'll make sure you end up in jail!""Who are you trying to scare? You would have humiliated my friend if I hadn't shown up. If you dare to accuse me of assault, I'll report your attempted rape to the police!"Hearing Edwyn's threat, Benjamin stopped, his gaze electric, staring straight at him.But at this moment, Edwyn didn't show any worry or fear. Instead, a hideous smi
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Chapter 5: Looked Down Upon By Wife's Younger Sister.
Afterward, both of them left without speaking to each other, walking home on their own. As they reached the front door, Isabella paused momentarily before looking at Benjamin with a somewhat disgusted expression."You go in first; I don't want to walk with a good-for-nothing like you."This time, Benjamin didn't react to her, he just glanced at the house's main gate. Then, he grabbed the keys to the car and threw them back to Isabella."I don't want to go in. If you want to enter, do it yourself!"With that, Benjamin decisively turned away and left. However, at that moment, Isabella suddenly blocked his path, standing before him, and said."My father is returning home today; you can't just leave."Benjamin's eyebrows furrowed slightly after hearing the mention of his father-in-law, whom he had only met once at their wedding. Seeing his expression, Isabella added: "After today, you can go wherever you want, and I won't care. But you're not allowed to leave this house before my father l
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Chapter 6: Trouble At The Part-time Job.
Leaving the bedroom, Benjamin quickly descended the stairs and poured himself a glass of water. Meanwhile, Isabella was browsing her phone and checking the news in the living room. She hurried towards him as soon as she saw him, limping slightly."By the way, my father is coming home for dinner tonight. So, we need to act affectionately towards each other and not give him any reason to suspect anything. You understand, right?"With a warning gaze, Isabella's demeanor seemed odd.Indeed, Benjamin found this whole situation bizarre. Usually, his wife never shows kindness to him. Even in front of his mother-in-law and sister-in-law, she still acts cold and contemptuous toward him. However, whenever her father was mentioned, whom he had only met once at their wedding, Isabella's attitude changed drastically.Though he felt suspicious, Benjamin did not want to cause conflict with Isabella at this moment, so he calmly nodded in agreement.At seven o'clock that evening, the doorbell rang. A
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Chapter 7: Slapped On The Butt In Public
Looking at the eight full glasses of wine, Benjamin's expression remained unchanged. He was resolute, walking over and pouring the entire glass of wine on the table into his mouth.Seeing this, everyone in the room was filled with fear. Especially Olivia, who never expected Benjamin to do such a thing for her. After all, even someone with a high alcohol tolerance could only handle a few glasses of this type of wine at most. Moreover, this was the first time anyone else had ever downed eight drinks in one go as he did."Good, the wine has been finished. Can we leave now?"Although the eight glasses of wine weren't a big problem for Benjamin, drinking that much at once left him feeling dizzy. At this moment, Olivia felt incredibly guilty. Meanwhile, seeing her wrist still held tightly by Benjamin, her face flushed with embarrassment."Corbin, we'd like to take our leave now."Olivia's body leaned slightly forward. She then took Benjamin's hand and quickly led him out of the room."Wait!
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Chapter 8: Treat Like An Enemy!
“No, I genuinely had no idea that it was your restaurant. If I had known, I wouldn’t have gotten into a fight there. Besides, he was bullying people too much, and I just wanted to stand up for justice!”After a moment of shock, Benjamin finally began to explain himself. However, Isabella seemed as if she didn’t hear him at all. She stared at him with a highly disdainful look.“Do you... do you think I’m that despicable? That I would damage your restaurant’s reputation to get revenge on you?”Feeling frustrated and unable to explain, Benjamin angrily stormed out of the car. But at that moment, Isabella suddenly spoke up.“Where are you going?”“If you don’t believe me, why do you want me to drive you home?”As he spoke, Benjamin opened the door to get out.“Suit yourself, but if you dare leave, I’ll go to the hospital to visit your sister.”This time, Benjamin’s movement faltered.“What do you plan to do?”“I won’t do anything. I’ll tell your sister and father about the fight and how y
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Chapter 9: Sneaky Dating.
Upon seeing Benjamin walk into the hotel with his letter of introduction, the hotel manager couldn't help but cast a sidelong glance at him. Afterward, the manager flashed a smile and spoke."A new employee, huh? The hotel only has a little work at the moment. You can help me clean, and once there's more work, I'll hand it over to you later."As he spoke, the manager discreetly handed Benjamin a broom. Benjamin was no stranger to such situations, as the old ones often hazed new employees.However, Benjamin was not like the others. He didn't accept the broom offered by the manager but calmly shook his head and responded."Sorry, I'm here to work as a driver, not to do janitorial work for the hotel."Hearing this, the manager's eyes widened in surprise. It was the first time he had encountered such an assertive new employee. Just as he was about to lose his temper and teach Benjamin a lesson, he was interrupted by a call from a subordinate, saying that there was an issue that required h
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Chapter 10: Harm!
Not wanting to respond to Benjamin, but Isabella eventually couldn't bear it and snapped back."Who are you calling deceitful? You're just someone I bought with money to serve as a stand-in. What right do you have to scold me? Furthermore, look at yourself. If you weren't such a useless waste, would I even need to look for another man?""You..."Being scolded by Isabella to the point of grinding his teeth, Benjamin's fists clenched tightly, making a grinding sound. He felt extremely uncomfortable, but he could not refute Isabella's words.For a moment, the atmosphere in the car became incredibly silent. Neither spoke to the other, each lost in their thoughts. After a while, Isabella's attitude began to cool down. This matter couldn't be entirely blamed on Benjamin. After all, they never had any feelings for each other. They were simply in agreement, a contract."Fine, I don't want to continue arguing with you either. Let's divorce now. After the divorce, I'll give you more money as co
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