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When fate and vengeance intertwine in the lineage of the God Artemis, the world will undoubtedly shift dramatically towards destruction in retaliation from Arte Balder, a handsome man with an extraordinary combat instinct. He battles an evil conspiracy involving gods steering the world toward utter devastation. A figure set to embark on adventures, traversing cities, kingdoms, empires, and continents, all the way to the celestial throne. Arte and his army face horrifying monsters, malevolent troops, and tyrannical gods. Gathering high-tier magical treasures, all to prepare for Ragnarok, the battle of humans against gods. However, Arte also grapples with an internal conflict: choosing between slaying or forgiving his power-hungry adoptive parents, granted powers by one of the gods. This will be one of his most complex and heart-wrenching decisions. In an adventure filled with action, political intrigue, and inter-racial tensions, Arte leads the resistance against his predestined path. Can he sacrifice everything for the balance of the world? Brace yourself to be immersed in a magical world filled with power and revenge in the Eternal Insect System.


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The Heavenly Throne, World of the Gods. A deafening explosion occurred. Many gods were seen attacking two individuals sheltered within the Mana Barrier of one of the gods. It was no longer a battle between gods, but a battle where one god was pitted against many at once. "Love, what should we do?" asked a human woman named Inggrid, the wife of one of the gods. Distraught, Inggrid realized they were surrounded by these formidable gods. "I'm scared! I don't want our newborn to be killed by them!" she whispered. The figure she was addressing was the World Guardian God, Artemis. A handsome deity, kind-hearted, and loving towards all beings in the world, a title well-deserving. Unfortunately, their union had made them a target, due to the forbidden relationship between a god and a mere human. "Calm down! We'll escape from these foul gods! We'll head to the Human World and live a happy life!" Artemis tried to reassure her. After countless attacks and skirmishes between Artemis and
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Inggrid's heart was fragile, having just given birth to her baby. She now struggled to think rationally. In her mind, suicide seemed like the only viable option. As she drew her dagger, Artemis swiftly intervened."What are you trying to do?! I won't allow it!" the god Artemis exclaimed. He managed to save their baby with his right hand while stopping the dagger with the other. "I will explain everything later, but trust me! Don't be swayed by that woman's words! I love you, and I've never betrayed you, Inggrid!"As Artemis spoke, Inggrid began to regain a bit of clarity. But as if fate had already drawn its line, a swift, unseen attack penetrated the shield that Artemis had cast, striking Inggrid sharply in the back. Blood spewed from her chest, her eyes widened in intense pain. The perpetrator of the attack was none other than the goddess Frigg Asa."She wanted to die anyway! I merely helped her, there's nothing wrong with that, right?" Frigg Asa asked without a hint of remorse, he
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"Even if I can't retaliate against you all directly, for the death of my lover and myself." Artemis glared sharply at the gods present. "But remember, my descendant will bring you all down! Sooner or later, this Heavenly Throne will crumble because of your own actions!" gasped Artemis, nearly depleted of strength. "Black Hole! Condense and enter my child’s body! Become the energy to awaken the grand legacy I bestow upon him! Guard him until he avenges me!" he exclaimed. The Black Energy Sphere, which had not been destroyed earlier, only became stronger against Heaven’s Punishment. The combined power of the gods suddenly vanished as if nothing happened and reappeared as a marble-sized black ball. Then, the black ball filled with energy entered the forehead of Artemis's baby, activating a sky-defying mechanism, an immense power. [Introduction to the new Master completed. From now on, the Eternal Insect System will gladly merge with your soul, Little Master! Farewell to my former M
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The woman with striking looks and long blonde hair nodded as her husband explained. Her bright blue eyes seemed to understand that something was amiss from her husband's story about the little baby in the basket. "Now I see. So, I want to ask one thing! Have you rescued someone else?" With a proportional body and elegant posture, she sought more clarity from her husband. However, her inquiry halted when she noticed something alarming. "Why is this basket stained with so much blood? Have the royal forces attacked you, my Husband?" Hilda asked, a hint of panic evident in her voice. "Calm down, let's go inside first. I'll explain everything to you. But it has nothing to do with the Kingdom," Gunnar responded, removing his shoes as he entered the house. He placed the baby basket on the dining room table. Meanwhile, Hilda quickly shut the door and took a seat not far from the table. She intently observed the little baby, who seemed so melancholic. "I found this baby descending from t
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"I don't care about any of that, let his identity remain a mystery in this World of Magic and Sword.” Hilda no longer cared about her husband's wild assumptions.She continued, “What matters now is that we both take care of this baby. Honestly, I've fallen in love with this adorable little one!"“Perhaps, this is the answer from the Gods to our long-time prayers for a child. May we adopt him as our own, my dear husband?" she asked with hopeful eyes.Gunnar smiled, especially seeing that the tiny baby was now calm and soundly asleep in Hilda's arms. His heart instantly melted."Of course, I wanted to suggest the same. This is a blessing from the Gods for us, who haven't had a child yet!” Gunnar softly stroked his wife’s hair.He then leaned closer to inspect a necklace on the baby. “It says Arte here. It seems the baby’s name is Arte!” Gunnar whispered.“How about we name him after our family name? He would be Arte Balder. That way, no one would suspect anything in the future," Gunnar
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"Be quiet! It's better if you go to the horse stable now, and feed those horses!" shouted Hilda from behind the door. Once she made sure her husband's voice wasn't audible, she gave Arte a meaningful look. Then she asked, "At this moment, is there anything you wish to do, young Arte?"Responding to his mother’s query, Arte just bowed his head. With his sincere smile, he could feel the warmth of family from this incident. "You remain silent and smile like that, instead of answering your mother's question," Hilda said, observing Arte's lack of response."But didn’t Mother say earlier that I should be quiet since I was constantly responding?" Arte remarked, still smiling."You’re right ... well then, go to your room. I will take care of your father, if he's not in the horse stable, he must have gone to the neighbor's house," ordered Hilda, who, it turned out, was quite concerned after scolding her husband earlier.Arte nodded and began to leave. He walked slowly to his room, his legs a
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That voice was none other than the Eternal Insect System, now activated within Arte. It was the grand legacy of the God Artemis to his true-born son.The Mysterious Voice in question was the very figure who had approached Arte. The Voice told Hilda and Gunnar that it was time for Arte to know the truth, as destiny awaited.Arte shouldn’t be forced to stay here, believing he is the child of Gunnar and Hilda. This belief would bind him and make him too pampered given the harshness of this magical world.“If it's indeed the time, we must take action!” Hilda and Gunnar exchanged glances and nodded in agreement. These foster parents had decided to prepare Arte.However, before revealing the truth to Arte, they waited for the right moment, at least until he was ready to accept his true identity."You're right. Before that day comes, let's make the most of our time, imparting to him all the knowledge of our world! We'll also pass on our Magic and Combat Skills to him," Gunnar decided."I und
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In the daytime, the training continued, led by Hilda with lessons on the sword, spear, and arrow. It was an intense session that had always been part of Arte's training regimen."My dear Arte! Would you like to rest for a bit after practicing with your father earlier?" Hilda offered, having witnessed her son conjure a massive Fireball.It consumed a considerable amount of Magic Mana. Thus, she wanted to give her son a brief respite. But Arte's reply was decisive."It's alright, Mother! I still have the stamina to practice swordsmanship! Let’s begin your training!" Arte responded confidently."You truly are gifted, my son! In that case, let’s not delay any further. Let’s start with this sword!" explained Hilda, tossing a wooden sword to Arte."A skilled swordsman trains in various offensive and defensive movements, combining speed, precision, and agility to defeat their opponent. That's the essence of wielding a sword!" Hilda began her explanation.She continued, demonstrating a sword
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The rigorous training went on, and before he knew it, Arte Balder was now 20 years old, blossoming into a fearless, handsome young man.All the skills possessed by his parents had been passed down to him entirely. Nothing was left out. However, he still needed to boost the capacity of his mana.Arte had even mastered the four fundamental elements of magic simultaneously, and there wasn’t a magical weapon he couldn’t control. That's who he had become.His most significant achievement was integrating magic with weapons. This placed him alongside the genius wizards of this continent."This is your last training day, Arte Balder, my son!" Hilda exclaimed with joy. “We have nothing more to give. Perhaps, it's only the world that can provide you with valuable lessons!” she added softly.Gunnar, having just arrived, handed over a magical staff and the finest sword to Arte, treasures of the highest caliber in the World of Magic and Swordsmanship."You've always wanted a genuine sword, right?
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Hundreds of witches in this operation are immensely powerful. All of them had trained precisely to launch both ranged and close-quarters attacks. Their combined assault was flawless, with not a single miss.They then attacked Gunnar from all sides, giving the old man no space to move or retaliate. They managed to lock him up with a powerful sealing spell.Meanwhile, Hilda grabbed Arte's hand and tried to flee the scene, following Gunnar's earlier instructions. She did not want her son to be caught by those scoundrels."We need to get out of here now! Trust your father with everything here! He's strong, he won't be defeated!" Hilda tugged at the somewhat stunned Arte, who was overwhelmed by the inexplicable battle unfolding before him.Arte snapped out of his daze, declaring with conviction, "We should fight alongside Father, Mother! I won't leave him alone! I've become strong, and I'll fight to help Father!"Hilda stopped in her tracks as her pull on Arte had no effect. She looked at
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