The Lost Bloodline

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The Lost Bloodline

By: Adeyanju Adesore Akintade Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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In a world where magic and technology are greatly advanced and humans both with and without abilities are at war with alien races. Brandon Flare is a young orphan along with his Best friend Bruce Devan recently got into the one of the most prestigious military college in Eleanor where they find out secrets about Brandon's past that he didn't know he had which places them on a quest of self discovery, of sustainance and with another war brewing up, they have limited time to find out the whole true. What will become of our young soldiers and the allies they will gather on their quest? Find out within the fantasy filled pages of this book.

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Chapter 1 : A New Beginning
"Brandon, Brandon, wake up, we are going to be late for our first class" Bruce called as he rushed into the bathroom to get ready, Brandon lazily dragged himself out of bed, he gazed across the dorm room as a gentle smile appeared on his face, he was finally at the one and only Blue River Academy, the most prestigious and the best school in all of Eleanor. He and his childhood best friend, Bruce Devin both got admitted on scholarships, and coincidentally became dorm mates or so they thought. Brandon waited for a few minutes before Bruce came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and one wrapped around his hair causing Brandon to chuckle, "Don't say it" Bruce warned, "Don't say what?" Brandon asked feigning innocence, "Quit playing dumb, you know what I mean" Bruce replied, "Oh you mean how you keep tying a turban in your hair that makes your head look like a croissant" Brandon teased with a grin,
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Chapter 2 : The Trials
The bus drove for about an hour before stopping at a large clearing near a cliff, the man that made the announcement alighted holding something that looked like an oversized briefcase, "A portable portal device, i guess they are more paranoid about the dark race and the missing students than Bruce" Brandon said to himself, The portal device was dropped at the centre of the clearing and upon activation it began to spread and increase in size to form a door-like structure which golwed with a blue hue, a group of men also dressed in military attire stepped through the portal and began picking up the students one by one and taking them through the portal,as Brandon was carried past the earlier official, he heard him whisper, "I know you weren't asleep kiddo" Which caused a shiver to run down Brandon's spine, As he was taken through the portal he found himself being dropped in a large metallic room which he estimated was as big as their entire school but, one thing that piqued Brandon
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Chapter 3 : Trial aftermath
The ride back to school was a gloomy one, the students had already been woken up when they were still a thirty- minute drive away from the school, rather than being chatty and excited, some were terrified, now that everyone of them had been ranked, there was sure to be some bullying especially for the F rank mages who although were more numerous but were still far to weak to go against the higher ranks in their class not to mention the other classes.Out of a total of one hundred students, fifty were F rank mages, twenty five were E rank mages, eighteen were D rank mages and the remaining seven were C rank mages,All military academies at the time believed in survival of the fittest, the teachers had been instructed not to interfere in any fights unless it was life threatening or causing destruction of property, this meant for the weak the school would be hell on earth unless they formed alliances with higher rank mages which meant becoming their lackeys."What are you going to do the
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Chapter 4 : Painful Memory
Bruce woke up to find that Brandon had already left the clinic, he wasn't surprised, when they were in elementary school, if Bruce got bullied, Brandon would stand up for him which usually led to a fight and he usually disappeared after every fight he lost, Bruce always had the job of finding him and cheering him up, it was during one of those days that he met Bruce's parents,"Good morning ma'am, did you by any chance see my friend? I brought him here yesterday after we got bullied" Bruce asked,"yes, he asked for directions to the school gym, poor chap probably wants to learn to defend himself not that one can blame him" The nurse replied,"Okay, thank you ma'am, I will take my leave now" Bruce said as he bade her goodbye,He walked across the school not minding that they were already late for class, he got to the hallway leading to the gym but went in the opposite direction which led to the cafeteria, he pushed the doors open to find a Cyan green haired teenager sitting on the floo
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Chapter 5 : Weapons Class Introduction
The moment they walked into the large hall, all eyes fell on them, they could hear a lot of whispering and a few surprised gasps, It was safe to say, the two boys that ran off didn't tell just the sergeant but, apparently also told their entire class,"Oh my gosh, isn't that the boy that was supposedly killed by Bob's group?" A blonde haired girl asked,"I think so but, he doesn't look dead to me" another one replied in shock,"Maybe it's was an ability" someone said,"ability? but how? none of us have awakened yet" another replied confused,The Class whispers and murmurs kept on going until,"SILENCE!!!!!!ALL OF YOU!!!" a loud menacing voice boomer across the room, startling the students to silence, they looked around but couldn't find the source of the voice,Then in the middle of the class, a whirl wind could be seen forming,it first of all started slowly then suddenly picked momentum before dispersing and right where it was stood an old man with white hair and a long white beard,
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Chapter 6 : Dramatic Week
The week flew by fast and before they knew it, it was Friday evening, during the course of the week, Brandon and Bruce didn't get harassed by any other bullies and even helped Miss Silver bring the Blue River register back to life, they published articles about a different assortment of things and were even registered in a school news register competition against other schools, Miss Silver's attitude seemed to improve around them not that she acknowledged it.The moment the bell rang for closing, the excited students made way for the door but found it to be locked, they turned to Miss Silver with confused expressions,"Get back to your seats students, we have been instructed to give you a pre-abiltiy control tutorial class" Miss Silver announced,The students grudgingly made their way back to their seats, they were already looking forward to a lazy weekend,"Now the first thing I want to teach you all is basic magic summoning, the moment you awaken your ability and affinity, you will
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Chapter 7. : The Zodiac Affinity
The auditorium was silent for a few minutes, the old man seemed to be shivering with fear and had yet to say anything about Brandon's affinity, the crystal had lit up with a rainbow color with a yellow hue around it,"Sir, is something wrong?" Brandon asked quietly,"Hmm, just return to your seat for now" the old man finally said after a few seconds,"I must warn my Lord about this child, he might become a threat to the foreign race, we must get rid of him" the old man mumbled to himself,Brandon nervously obliged, he walked back to his seat amist the stares and murmurs of the students in his year,"What did you think happened?" One student whispered,"Maybe, he couldn't get an affinity" another replied,"But the crystal lit up" a third student chirped in,"Yeah, but it didn't have a specific form like how it did for the others" the first replied,"Silence, next person Alexander Benjamin Moore" the old man yelled,Alec gave Brandon a pat on the back before moving towards the platform,
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Chapter 8 : New friends, New enemies
Over the weekend, the group got on pretty well,Angelo, Maya and Natalie were decent individuals just like Alec, they may dress influential in public but at heart they were as humble as anyone could be, they were of course hardworking individuals as well.As if fated, the following morning, they found that they were all in Miss Silver's home room class, though their timetables had now been changed,"Good morning class, i trust your weekend went well, i discovered that some of you were not happy with the elements you awakened but there's nothing you can do about it now, and it doesn't stop you from becoming soilders, I mean,look at the primals, they never experience the use of abilities all through their lifetime and they still live their best lives so please try and carry on with your lives and train hard". Miss Silver addressed,She returned to her seat allowing the students to have some chatter time before their main classes began,Maya, Angelo and Natalie came over to Alec and the b
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Chapter 9 : Revelation - The power from within
They were stepping into the element Class for the first time, they couldn't helped but marvel at the beauty and originality it had, it was basically the outdoor inside a room, the room was as large as a stadium, with mountains and other terrains present in it,There was a lake, a snowy mountain, a lava fall amongst other things, the students were so caught up in admiring the landscape that they didn't notice Miss Emma standing in front of them,She cleared her throat to get their attention,"Good day students, am sure you are all excited about having to train here but, you won't be exploring the landscape just yet, you will first have to at least be able to externally manifest your ability" She explained,This caused the students to groan in displeasure,"Alright, first you must learn to control your spiritual energy, feel it and move it around your body, now everyone sit in a loctus position" Miss Emma continued,"Good, now I want you all to close your eyes and try to feel the flow o
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Chapter 10 : Revelation Aftermath
After retelling his encounter with the the strange ball of light, Brandon was able to find answers to some questions he had of his past, but these answers also brought up more questions,"If what the ball of light said was true, that means the demons will probably have spies in the school who will no doubt have informed their leader about you" Miss Silver surmised,"Oh, I haven't even thought about that, but I don't think there's anyway I can hide if I don't know who i am hiding from" Brandon replied,"I doubt they will try anything here, they will do probably be waiting for your first expedition which Will take place soon" Miss Silver said,"Okay, so that means we still have time to prepare" Bruce stated,"Yes, but we won't start today, it's obvious, he's still shaken up" Miss Silver replied looking towards Brandon,"Thanks for understanding Miss" Brandon said with a bow,"Miss, what ever happened to ma'am?" Miss Silver murmured with a light chuckle,"Well, then i guess we had better
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