The Sacred Empire

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The Sacred Empire

By: Sophia Gonzales OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Sacred treasures are bestowed upon men, scattered all around the world and through the ages. It has such power that can be either used to protect, build or destroy. Crown prince, Evan Shawn Siegmund at the age of 24, is now ascending the Royal throne. The handsome angelic-looking rebellious prince will be taking over the strong empire that was built by his Father William Lance Seigmund. This is a story of a Prince of assassins that became a Strong Capable Ruler.

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14 chapters
Prince Evan was seated gazing afar through the window.  "And all the wealth and riches were transferred to you according to the last will of your father, Emperor William," said Stephen, his butler.  "The Emperor doesn't make any arranged marriage for you; that means you are free to choose among the noblewomen who will capture your icy stone heart." He said merrily as a cheesy line that you will often read in a cliché novel.  The room was silent until the Crown Prince spoke. "So, should I be grateful for that?" He said in a poker face while still gazing outside.   He turns his eyes to Stephen. "He transfers his problems," he said plainly, directing in a blunt point.  "Sire, I as well believe in you the same as your deceased father." He said.  "Will you stop season
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Chapter 1: Lifeless
"You finally wake up" a stranger's warm smile greeted him. As he opens his eyes, he sees a young lady dressed in plain and dull clothes.   He groans in pain, forcing himself to slowly move and tries to get himself up.   "You were nearly dead when I found you," she said as she came near him to assist.   "You might be one of the civilians who escaped the ambush from the East Coast incident from the Central Kingdom," she said in deep concern.  "You needed more rest, for now, lie down in bed" she insisted.  He helps him to lie down again and introduce herself to him. "By the way, I'm Hidelga and you are in the place called the land of the forgotten in the empire." She said, __________________________ Once, Sacred weapon
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Chapter 2: Crisis
The ascending emperor expected this to happen.  Prince Howard brought large killing machines and was about to enter the front gates. Each engine releases smog that ascended above covering the sky and turning it into a gloomy day.  Prince Evan stood in the distant heights and looked down, seeing his older half-brother together with his whole battalion.    "Madman," Prince Evan utters. This encounter made him very pissed.   "I think you don't know what is insanity," he said.    "Let me show you," he said with narrowing eyes, raising a signal to attack.   Shadows of men passed down swiftly.    All of them possess different types of sacred weapons. Ei
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Chapter 3: Lavish
Emperor Evan wakes up hearing an immediate call from his butler demanding his presence.   He went to the palace's receiving area and there he found all his guests and subordinates waiting for him.   "THE NEW EMPEROR OF THE SILVER CREST EMPIRE, EMPEROR EVAN SHAWN SIEGMUND!!" Prince Caster declared.   Then all of his officials gave their salute. Showing their full acceptance and reverence to him as their new emperor.   "Hail! The Great Emperor" they all exclaimed repeatedly.   "Please, Leave" he responded coldly as he turned around and left.   "How dense, " Duke Canon said.   Stephen, his butler, cried and appeared more touched than his master. Stating that even
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Chapter 4: Into the Realms
The pot of soup was about to boil. The blacksmith's wife, Saray, transfers from one place to another and then asks her 7 years old daughter to prepare the table while Hidelga was taking care of the baby.   It was a relief that he didn't cry a lot especially when Hidelga was holding him. She caresses his little hand and his chunky blushed cheeks. 'Right, the weather is getting cold that's why he's blushing this way' she thought with a smile.  'Darling, if you're alive. Would you be like this?' she thought letting her fingertips move gently up to the baby's forehead.   "Hidelga?" the blacksmith's wife called her.   "Uh, Saray" her response.   Saray gets puzzled by the scene that she is seeing right now. She repeated what she said that Hidelga misheard because she was
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Chapter 5: Captives
(May contain violent scenes)   He was walking from the town to the deepest part of the woods.   The thoughts about Hidelga keep running into his mind not because she kissed him, that's not a big deal for a 24-year-old emperor. It is the after-effect of what she did. She deals with the writhing pain that he was suffering for years in just a second.   He suddenly stops. 'I shouldn't return empty-handed.' he thought. _________________________ At the Center kingdom where the Ceremony was held. All the priests and priestesses gathered including some selected visitors. The place was designed with white, themed with the touch of brown and ornaments of gold.   In each each corner, there were choristers assigned when the ceremony begins all of them will sing and a h
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Chapter 6: Trust and Betrayal
Hidelga cannot fight back anymore, she was all tired of struggling since Sur entered her door, now it's Leon.   So instead of struggling for her to be released, she just let it take over and wait until it is all done.   Leon's hands slid to her face, her head, her hair, her neck, and nape, then her arms then after sliding encircling her waist and to her back. Then he drew his body closer to hers until she was fully and totally enclosed within his arms and against his frame.   Then slowly he pulled back separating his lips from hers, Hidelga stoop covering it.   'It's just a kiss... A very.... long..... hot kiss'   At that very moment, she didn't have anything in her mind and was speechless.   Then he came
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Chapter 7: Playing with the Mind
After he brought January back to her room he returned to his.     Then suddenly multiple voices that speak as one came up from within him 'Are you ready, emperor?'     Evan smirked, 'Seems like you are one of the few left who acknowledges me as the emperor' Leon thought sarcastically.     'You have finally spoken again after the east coast incident' he added.     It was the voice of the Whispering Paradox inside him.     'What's the weapon behind this?' He asked.     He was fixing his dagger on the table. (the talisman was given to Hidelga)     'The King of Illusions, the Reality Disruptor, 'Ludus no Psyche' it stated.     'How can I defeat it?' he asked.     'There's no way to defe
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Chapter 8: Collections
When Sur regains his consciousness. He found himself tied up inside an abandoned storehouse. He shouted from the top of his lungs asking for help.   "Scream all you want no one will hear you," Leon said.  There he saw the same man who came last night and beat him all up.   "You're a dog of some high official" Leon stated while looking at his brooch. The emperor smirked and said. "That's why you didn't even recognize me"   Sur was all confused and trembling in exaggerated fear.  "Your two assistants were both dead." He said   "Start pleading for your life," he added.   and that day Sur lost his life.   While on the other hand at the Center
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Chapter 9: Deception
Again rest time came, Hidelga was unable to sleep again. She went to the deck and gazed from the distance, wondering.   "You're bothered?" Leon asked   He leans on the metal handrails crossing his arms.   She shook her head to say no and utter "I probably feel something was not right again." she explained. "Perhaps something Melancholic" she added.   Leon was silent waiting for her further statement.   "It feels like I forgot something important," she said, confessing.   "Perhaps, It needs to be forgotten for a reason," he said. He came near her and pointed his pointer on her forehead. "Note this in your head," he said, "that you have all the right to have your peace of mind".   She smiled and sighed in ease turnin
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