Chapter 125 The Two Familiar Ladies



"How did that insect manage to escape?"


The old Angleous gritted his teeth in frustration.


"But, why would the behemoths kill the Abyssal Abaddon commander? Maybe there is something wrong with my calculation... That is most likely it..."


Then suddenly, he noticed the Behemoth who hadn't finished devouring the Abyssal Abaddon commander's flesh starting to emit a vapor of darkness.


Seeing this, his eyes lit up.


"It might not be a bad Idea~ and this behemoth had to harvest a dark element. It can even evolve further to become a curse force of corruption!"


He then thought for a moment.


"I should send some of my creation to help Emperor Baal against the Judges' attack. At the same time, collect more bodies on the battlefield outside~ by then, I should be able to get some samples from the Judges' bodies or even the Seers' corpse~ how great w
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