FERAN (The Rise of The Worthless Live-in Son-in-law)

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FERAN (The Rise of The Worthless Live-in Son-in-law)

By: Gem Lynne CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Feran Anderson was seen as the worthless live-in son-in-law of the Miguel's for years until he takes the bold step one day by returning to his affluent family whom no one in the Miguel family knew he was a part of. He takes over the business and crafts plans to seek revenge on his foes one by one. To fufil his dying grandfather's wish and also get back at his ex-wife whom he secretly loved but got engaged to someone else, he takes an unbelievable decision by having a contract marriage. Cheerful and bold Jeana Sanchez (Feran's fake wife)assists him in taking down his enemies. His ex-wife returns into his life through a devious way after he succeeded in ruining her family as revenge, trying to play smart but unknown to her, Feran is way smarter than she could ever thought. Read on to see how the risen disregarded son, Feran, takes on his foes head on.

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  • Twilight Writings


    A very interesting story. Definitely a good read. A must recommend for everyone.

    2023-07-20 05:53:48
  • Divi Chris


    Hello there dr author, this is an honest review from another author. The story is really great. You have a great imagination. Congratulations Though I am an Author as well. It is just a little request of mine that you check my book " Reborn as a Hybrid" And leave an honest review, thanks very much.

    2023-03-27 03:04:37
  • Suhaimi Zakaria


    Interseting book to read. Love it

    2023-10-29 05:24:56
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122 chapters
Chapter 1
The noises from every corner of this second-hand shop pierced deep inside Feran Anderson's ear. He’s here to buy some necessities and a suit for himself within his limited budget. "Can I see that?" He asked, pointing at a pair of suits. It has a classic style he really likes. And it sure fits him well after he tries it on. It’s affordable to him as well. "Please pack it for me," he said to the shop owner. He thought this suit was perfect for him to wear as a birthday party’s outfit for his wife’s grandmother’s birthday party, which is the biggest event in the family. He handed the shopkeeper 2 bucks for the suit and walked out of the shop when a set of strong men walked up to him. Feran glanced at them and knew exactly who they were at once. "What’s your business?" He asked impatiently."Mr. Anderson," one man addressed to Feran politely. He was in his middle fifties and showed a good stature. "Sir, we have orders from your family. They want you to come back and take over t
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Chapter 2
The room went a little quiet, but Feran could hear a couple of giggles from the back of the crowd."Honestly speaking Feran, don't pick that ill-looking thing you call a bracelet," Mark advised in the most despicable way he could."Exactly. Take his advice, dear worthless live-in son-in-law," Mark's new girlfriend who accompanied him added and all laughed again. She has always been mistaken as sweet and loving by the Miguel family because of her innocent face but who actually is a wolf in sheep's clothing.Feran stared at them with a cold grin. Who are they to dare to talk to him this way? If it wasn’t for his wife who told him to keep it low at the party…Laura's face tightened as she walked up to Feran and grabbed his hand. "Come stand in your place, Feran," she whispered to him and pulled him back to the spot they were before."Just save yourself the remaining humiliation, okay?" Laura was actually pissed now by everything that was happening and most of all, she felt ashamed of h
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Chapter 3
"What?” Mark hurled the flute glass of wine in his grasp to the floor, startling everyone apart from Feran."What did you say?!" Mark growled."You're damn atrocious and impudent to utter that, Feran," Tasha said."This vase is actually fake. You all need to believe me. Even though my gift was humble, it was still far better than Mark's fake vase." Feran said, staring straight at Mark’s eyes. A chattering sound began to spread through the room. Mark maintain a calm face but he started to sweat."This vase is not only fake but its coating is composed of a toxic substance. If grandmother places this in her room, in a couple of days she might get ill because of it.""Nonsense! You can actually expect us to believe that? Who are you to tell the real or fake of such treasure that you won’t even be able to see it if it won’t for Mark? Just shut your trash hole." Mark’s girlfriend said condescendingly."Pathetic." Feran looked at the pair of them and spat.Mark's heart raced like he was cha
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Chapter 4
Mark thought his doom would come soon for his grandmother, ma'am Miguel was an expert on this and would tell the difference in a second. He dreaded the thought of being casted out of the family for bringing a cheap fake gift to his grandmother on purpose. If his father knew, he couldn't imagine what he would do to him.Ma'am Miguel stared down at Laura and finally nodded. She stretched out a hand, one of the maidservant standing behind her held onto her hand and stood her up.Everyone held their breath with furrowed eyes to see how this would go.Laura trusted his husband was sure about the vase being fake, or he wouldn’t make such a fuss in front of everyone. She thought that her husband could at least be held in high esteem this time by her grandmother since he had done a great thing for her. If grandmother’s attitude towards him can improve even just a little, their life would be so much easier. But she was a bit angry with herself for not being able to control herself. What if he
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Chapter 5
Feran stared at everyone waiting for him to obediently apologize. The smirk he saw on Mark's face made him sneer.He glanced at Laura as she walked back to their spot. Observing his hesitation which was starting to irk her."Feran!" Laura bawled as she rushed up to him. She pulled him to face her and slapped him so hard across the face making him stumble back. “Apologize!” she grabbed him then whispered: “please…’’Feran slowly shut his eyes. There was a brief silence."Apologize now, you fool!" Mark ordered, making others giggled.Feran folded his fists and flicked open his eyes, but when he saw Laura obviously trying hard to fight her back her tears, his anger slipped away.He could clearly see Laura was hurt and upset. He understands Laura's feelings. She has always been miserable and ridiculed by her siblings and cousins,even outsiders on some occasions because she’s married to him.She was treated no better than himself since they got married. The last couple of years were not at
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Chapter 6
Feran stared at her, patiently waiting for her reply. He had formed some kind of attachment to her after these years of marriage and was considering her the only person he might want to change for.Laura forced a smile and nodded hopelessly. She tilted her head and stared at the bed, paying no further attention to the important question he had asked. She thought he was just pulling her legs or day dreaming of rising up to the top in a blink of an eye and changing her fate with a magic wand."Yes, I would very much like that for you, and for me. I truly hope you can change, but it's just a fantasy…Anyway, I'm heading out first," she muttered and left as Feran stood up.Feran stared after her for a while before heaving a sigh and walked out of the room.He arrived at the huge living room and glanced at everyone as they marched to the sitting room puffing with pride and elegance. None of them fail to cast a scornful look as they walked past him.Laura headed last to the dining room, fo
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Chapter 7
All the members of the Miguel family went from silent to excitement, mostly the granddaughters who were still unmarried.They were overwhelmed just by imagining how wealthy this mysterious guy from the Anderson family would be and everyone of them wished to get married to such a wealthy and powerful man."Grandmother," Kayla, the youngest granddaughter in the Miguel family said, stepping forward."I think I'm the woman the man seeks to be betrothed to." All were stunned by what she said and the other single granddaughters pulled a frown."Shut up, Kayla. You're talking nonsense. The man certainly doesn't know a twerp like you exists," Gigi, another daughter-in-law scoffed."I know him. He has intentionally sent all these gifts to grandmother to seek my hand in marriage in a grand and stupendous manner.""Oh, save us the perry lie, Gigi," Averly, the last of the single granddaughters of the Miguel, cried. "You too don't know him. I've met him and…he's my…my boyfriend," Averly stuttered
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Chapter 8
"No, mom. I'm not going to divorce Feran," Laura stated firmly as the driver halted in their house and they got out of the car."I thought you were going to consider it. I thought you hate him too," Mitchel said, walking over to her daughter."No, I don’t hate him, just…" Laura said. Though her marriage isn't a bed filled with roses, she'd never thought of opting for a divorce."Listen to me, Laura, you…""Please mom. Don't try to convince me," Laura said and went into the house, Mitchel following behind."Welcome, my dears," Laura and her mother were stunned to hear her dad, Frank's voice.He was seated in the living room, smiling at them when they walked in."You look pissed off. What's wrong?""Everything. Everything is wrong, Frank," Mitchel stated, stamping her foot on the tiled floor."The big problem now is that Laura is unyielding to divorce your worthless piece of trash of a husband, Feran."Mitchel thundered, startling her husband."I'm not talking much about this. Excuse me"
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Chapter 9
Feran decided to see his mother who he had sent a message to a while ago. She's been staying in a five-star hotel."Feran," his mother called immediately after he knocked on her room door and walked in. She rushed up to him and embraced him."My son, at last. I get to see you."Feran glanced at his mother. He didn't really feel anything about this mother and son reunion. His mother never treated him with kindness before. She never spoke up for him back then. She just let his brother and grandfather casted him without interfering.Now, he knew his father wanted him back. But he wondered why SHE wanted to see him so urgently."What are you doing in Spring Villa?" Feran asked his mom, a bit coldly.She opened her mouth to say something but no words came out of it.If not for Feran's brother who had gone missing for over a month now, abandoning the business, she would never have come here and asked to see her useless second son."I missed you, son. So that's why I came over since you've
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Chapter 10
"Where have you been for a while, Feran?" Laura asked, the minute Feran walked into their room.”Uh, just around and…"Laura thought he would change, but he didn’t look anything different than before. She sighed, a little annoyed that she actually believed him, again."Laura," he called as he attempted to hold her hand but she took a step back. "I know you just made a useless promise to protect your pride earlier, okay?"Feran's brows creased, bewildered."What do you mean, Laura?""I meant that, I understand why you said what you said earlier when you got home before you wandered off.""No. I actually," Feran paused as she held up her hand and waved it back and forth, looking away from him."Just stop giving me hope. You're hopeless yourself," she said and before he could utter another word, she climbed on the bed with her night robe to sleep.He sighed and dragged his foot to the bathroom to freshen up.Two weeks later, Laura returned earlier from work. She worked as an assistant s
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