Return of the God of War

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Return of the God of War

By: Harlequin Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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After an unexpected divorce with his wife, Michael decides to finally come out of the shadows and reveal his true identity, although things go haywire and he's forced to take revenge on those who had caused him pain.

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  • PearlJoe


    I love the fact that Michael can fight...

    2024-01-08 16:04:04


    I really hate how Micheal is being treated...

    2024-01-08 07:21:47
  • Harlequin


    consistent update would begin this month

    2023-12-04 23:43:23
  • Devil King


    so freaking amazing

    2024-02-29 10:41:45
  • Felix Melissa


    absolutely love every chapter...️

    2024-01-08 00:04:25
  • Dominic Matthews


    this book has alot grammatical errors and at least 5 chapters so far that repeat verbatim and charge

    2024-06-11 01:31:36
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284 chapters
Chapter 1
"You scheming cheater!" Michael's mother-in-law lunged at him with a pillow making him fall from the bed to the ground while trying to dodge the attack, he looked around in surprise wondering why she was doing so, he knew quite well she didn't like him but this was going too far."How could you do this to my daughter? Haven't you disgraced her enough?" She snapped at Michael who was still trying to process what was happening, he noticed his clothes scattered on the floor and the only thing attached to him was his underwear which he quickly covered with the bedsheets."What are you saying?" Michael asked calmly, he furrowed his brows taking a scope of the unfamiliar room before his gaze landed on a woman lying on the bed who was wide awake and smiling. "What is this?" "Don't act like you're innocent, you scoundrel!" His mother-in-law Alice snapped at him again, her loud voice ringing in his ears, he winced in pain as his head ached and the smell of alcohol hit his nose, he noticed som
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Chapter 2
With that, Lucy turned around and walked out leaving him in the silent room, just before she had left she glanced at him and he caught a glimpse of her reddened eyes and tears that flowed down her, one he hadn't expected to see….tears. His chest felt tight and he had the urge to run to her and engulf her in his arms but it took everything within himself to hold back because she was disappointed in him, the three years he had spent with her never had she cried in front of him and seeing her now made his heartache.Michael sighed, he felt pain in his chest. Perhaps, he could do the last favor for her, as…a farewell gift. Gathered his clothes and put them on immediately, then grabbed his phone and dialed a number."Hello sir Mr Montreal, it's been a while since you called…. Is there a reason for that sir?" A lady finally answered the line with a respectful tone."Good day, Karina I need you to help me get some information regarding Latiel's holdings..""If I may ask sir, is he causing
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Chapter 3
"Security!" She yelled beckoning the men over and they briskly made their way to them with concerned expressions on their faces."What seems to be the problem here?" One of them asked, staring at Michael still holding his mother-in-law's wrist firmly but slowly letting go of her and facing the men with a blank face."This man…." Alice began to feign crying. "He cheated on my daughter and now he's threatening to beat me up, how utterly disgusting!" Michael slowly looked at her and he could see an evil smirk at the corner of her lips. He knew this was what she wanted all along, she had found the perfect spot to disgrace him to her heart's desire. "If only… I knew you were this kind of person, I wouldn't have let you marry my daughter." She burst out crying and brought out a white hanky to dry the tears that never came out of her eyes. "Curse the day you were born because you would never find another woman like my daughter. "Oh my goodness, how could he be so brave to do something utt
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Chapter 4
Lucy was in absolute shock and disbelief, unable to process what her mother had just told her. "Why would he do such a thing?" She questioned her mother who had no response to the question and bit her lips nervously."Well, he… he must have been…angry about being exposed." Alice stuttered."Angry?" Lucy repeated, she was more than convinced that Michael wouldn't do much to her mother. "Mother… now isn't the time to cause any more trouble.""Trouble? I did no such thing!" Alice huffed, whining like a child with her pouted lips. "I'm already famished from the previous situation so don't start another." Lucy gruffed, wanting to end the call as soon as possible."Silence you ungrateful child… I helped you remove that stone head from your life and you end up talking to me this way?" Alice snapped at her daughter, evident with anger that she didn't react the way she had expected, she frowned her lips and made her way to the car, the driver opened the door and she got into the back seat lea
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Chapter 5
"The only person who gets to decide whether I leave or not is Miss Karina, it would be best if you kept quiet." Michael finally spoke which angered Doctor Ryan. Karina sensing the tense air between the two finally decided to speak up as every little time counted."There's no time for any of this… doctor Ryan why don't we give Michael a chance?" Karina was not ready for the bragging and sizing up as all she yearned was for her grandfather to open his eyes once more. "Both of you could join heads together and know what to do in this situation.""Competing with a man below my level is far beyond any sort of humiliation." Ryan spat bitterly, adjusting his glasses while staring at Michael in disdain. "But why don't we give this clown a chance, let's see just how much he can play." He spat at him.Ryan walked past Michael and began to test his patient with a stethoscope and other vital parts, he nodded his head and turned to Karina who leaned against the wall silently staring at Ryan as he
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Chapter 6
"What are you saying?" Karina's eyes widened in surprise. She turned her head in surprise and gazed at Ryan in the hope that he would be able to know what was going on."You scum, what are you spitting?" Ryan glared at him in anger. "Do you think you're better than I am?""That's not the case here, the herbs you mixed are incompatible and would create another poison," Michael explained but Ryan wasn't interested in what he was doing and was more bent on humiliating him. "Why else do you think I would stop you from using it?" "What?" Karina gasped, just when she thought it would be over, it felt as though it was getting worse. She clasped her hands together mumbling prayers hoping he would survive this. "How do you mean 'Mr. I know it all?" Ryan mocked him tilting his brows while staring at the plate containing the herbs. "This procedure is unique and taught to me in medical school, unless you went to how would you know it's the correct one?" "I didn't mean to mock you but a man'
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Chapter 7
A few hours passed and Karina's grandfather had begun to do well although he was still unconscious, his pale skin had begun to get back its original color. Karina held his hand in her palm as tears of joy flowed down her cheeks. She was more than happy that he would remain with her for a while."In a few days he will be awake and healthy as before," Michael informed Karina who nodded happily and was unable to speak because of the joy she was feeling."Thank you so much, there are no amount of words to show how happy I am for what you have done," Karina said between tears as she stared up at Michael who nodded at her."You fool, even without those herbs, he would be fine… he just needed time for it to get deeper into his body so that he could get cured," Ryan snapped at Michael while trying to ruin his image in front of Karina. "You only did that just to be praised and steal my win.""Steal?" Michael chuckled briefly, he guessed that something like this would happen after healing Kari
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Chapter 8
Michael's eyes widened and fear was written all over his face. "What's wrong?" "Meadow hotel, eastville…” Before he could ask for more the call ended almost immediately. Worry took over him as he wondered what could have happened to Lucy and his mind raced in fear. "Is something the matter?" Karina asked with a look of sorry but Michale didn't have time to explain such a thing and turned around. "Excuse me… I'll be taking one of your cars." He made his way out of the room and made his way to the garage where a driver was already waiting to pick him up but Michael grabbed the keys from him and got into the car. "Sir, Miss Karina-" the driver tried to explain but was cut off by the sound of the engines being loud, Michael zoomed off not caring what the man had to say. "Damn it Lucy… why do you find yourself in such situations?" He mumbled, tightening his hands around the steering. Half an hour later he was able to get to the location and quickly made his way into the hotel, and
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Chapter 9
Michael heard a scream come from the room just above and jerked his head towards the direction, he could tell it was Lucy and his heart raced in fear. He couldn't waste any more time here and clenched his fists, Alice and Emily sensing the change in his aura were cripes with fear that he could do something drastic and quickly moved away making a way for him to walk up the stairs and towards the room where the sound came from. He was filled with panic that something might have happened to her. He ran with so much speed and used his leg to bang the door making it open instantly. He walked inside the door and saw Alec jerk away from the floor with blood on his hands. "You! What do you think you're doing here?" Alec snapped at him with a trembling gaze. Michael ignored him quickly making his way to Lucy who was lying on the floor with a bleeding head and half-naked he immediately took off the coat he was wearing and covered her. "I would send my men to beat you up, this is your l
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Chapter 10
"You bastard!" He screamed. "I-i'll make sure my father ruins your life!" Alec was in a lot of pain and squirming around but Michael couldn't care less, he slowly turned to Lucy who was still lying on the floor unconscious. He huffed breathlessly and gently picked her up walking out the door."What do you think you're doing?" Emily stood in front of him in an attempt to stop him but she quickly moved away when she saw how his eyes had darkened."Give my daughter back you scoundrel, where do you think you're taking her to?" Alice snapped at him, making him more annoyed than he already was."I will call the cops if you move another inch with my unconscious daughter, what are you planning to do with her huh?" "Mother is talking to you so respond!" Emily snapped at him but didn't dare move an inch forward, the fear in her voice was obvious and her hands were trembling.He ignored her and made his way to the car, gently placing her in the back seat, shutting the door, and turning to look
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