Man Of Systems

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Man Of Systems

By: Mellatico OngoingSystem

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[The System must never fall in the hands of the Garracks] This was the final message left behind by Rael’s mother, one of the head researchers of Project System, humanity’s sole hope for survival in the Interstellar Era. The System, an item possessing mysterious properties, the fruit of humanity’s century's worth of labour was now left in his hands. And he…had to protect it. After all, the day it falls into the hands of the world-devouring race of Garracks was when humanity was doomed for extinction.

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  • Magicbook_233


    Waiting until weekends to read all chapters. Hope there will be more by then.

    2022-02-17 18:20:19
  • Donald Leedy


    would be an awesome book if they continued it.

    2023-03-14 02:15:07
  • Audi


    Nice Book by writer

    2022-06-11 15:41:53
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43 chapters
Chapter 1: A Century’s Research
[Emergency! Security breach! I repeat, security…] Boom! Sirens honked while flames blazed among the white-walled research institute. Three research assistants, wearing spacesuits, ran across the corridor, the low gravity of the planet troubling them in this situation. “Section Commander, the Garracks have breached the northern base.” One of the research assistants hollered across the radio, one whose signal spiked in static until the transmission was deemed impossible. “Get to safety.” Wearing a battlesuit that shone with a resplendent blue was a middle-aged man, a hardened soldier, the Section Commander that was in charge of the research facility’s safety. His battlesuit covered him from head to toe, not even revealing a hint of his features, protecting him against the radiation unleashed by the enemies. “The nightmare has reached us in
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Chapter 2: Letter of Acceptance
“Irrespective of their health condition, the military would accept anyone that applies. But, their screening test has a high fatality rate. If he dies, we can forget about receiving monetary support from his mother.” The voice of his aunt resounded through the earpiece as Rael sighed, ‘Her motive is still the same.’ The moment he slammed the door shut in anger and entered his room, Rael panted a little in exhaustion, took in a deep breath before approaching his study table, pulling out an earpiece from within. He placed it on his ear and switched it on, hearing his aunt’s voice. Of course, he was already used to her comments and her two-faced character. And, the reason for that was simple. His parents were researchers that had been posted on an Outpost to research a military secret. So, nothing about their work, apart from the fact that they are researchers was known to others. 
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Chapter 3: Hospitalised
“What…what the heck is this?” Rael was flabbergasted as he flailed his arms, unable to touch his bed, failing to anchor himself to it. Floating in the air, with no sense of support was horrifying, especially since he was looking at the coin that had mysteriously appeared before his face. <Ding!> [Genetic sequence detected. Familiarity to the genetic sequence of user Stella Rukh: 83%] [Highest familiarity among humans. Based on the received command, bonding with the user: Rael Rukh] Suddenly, a light shot into his forehead before the radiance around the coin died down, causing him to relax when his face paled, “No…no! No...argh!” After the mysterious power vanished, he fell on the bed, grunting in response as the air in his lungs was exhaled forcefully. Gasping for breath, he groaned, slowly stabilising his breathing
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Chapter 4: Wrister City, Strombus Nebula
“Dad, you must get revenge for me.” Carrak bolted into a room and shouted, expressing his anger. “Who’s the enemy?” A calm and collected voice resounded as a man peeked over a stack of books. “Rael Rukh!” Carrak gritted his teeth, saying. “…” His father frowned, unable to recall who that was, turning around to gaze at the figure of his wife seated nearby. Sporting an expression of annoyance, she whispered, “It’s that sick classmate of his.” “Ah!” He nodded, controlling his urge to facepalm, ‘Such tantrum for a sick child.’ He sighed in disappointment, glaring at Carrak, “What has a sick child done to you now?” “He stabbed me!” Carrak shouted, showing his hand that had a tiny, insignificant injury, only realising n
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Chapter 5: Military Training
“Hmm, why is this child taking so long?” Molla wondered as she entered Rael’s room, intending to clean it up a little, gazing at the closed windows, “The air here is a bit stale.”   She then opened the window, intending to sweep the dust on the floor when something fell into her gaze. It was a piece of paper, placed on the table, held in place by paperweight.   As Rael never left something like that outside, she was curious as to what it was, grabbing hold of it as she wore her spectacles, reading through what seemed to be a letter.   “Aunt, I’m going to avenge my parents…”   Upon reading the first line, Molla fainted.   Rael Rukh got up and followed the crowd, walking through a long corridor as he observed that the bags brought by everyone was pretty small. There wasn’t anything much in them.   Very few people brought in large bags, as if they were on a trip
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Chapter 6: Long Nails
“Damn!” Rael scowled, gazing at the ground below to see the recruit bleeding from his head, dead. Immediately, a bunch of creatures swarmed him, devouring him in a couple of seconds before vanishing.   “Oh, shit…” As he was about to scream in shock, Rael closed his mouth in a hurry, understanding that any sound that he produced would alert them.   He hurriedly inspected his tactical suit, wondering if he had any weapons to defend himself, worrying immediately upon seeing that there was only a medical kit rolled into the back pocket on his hip.   And within it, there was only gauze, a painkiller, and some antiseptic, nothing else.   As he felt around the tactical suit, he noticed a rectangular thingy within one of the pockets, taking it out to see that it was a rectangular screen, spanning a breadth of five centimetres and a length of four centimetres.   It was a transparent scree
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Chapter 7: 3D Printing
‘It is still alive?’ Rael was shocked, controlling his breath quickly as he watched the squished Arhkar glaring his way. Or more like, it was unable to move anymore, with all the bones of its body shattered.   Relying on the last vestiges of its lifeforce, it stared in one direction, not with intention. And, he coincidentally happened to hide in its line of sight.   Screech!   Suddenly, the second Arhkar unleashed a violent sound, similar to an insect, alarming Rael. He almost jerked in response, but his body had become numb from fear, thankfully for him. So, he didn’t give away his position.   After all, some of the books covering him already came in contact with the squished Arhkar’s blood, soaking it up. Thanks to this, there was a partial cover of its blood over him, preventing the second Arhkar from locating him.   All it could sense was his lingering scent as he had been in
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Chapter 8: I Have No Intention to Fail
[Mission 3: Reach the top of the evacuation tower in 60 minutes]   Katata!   Right as the details of the mission appeared, the sounds of helicopters resounded throughout the area, causing Rael to peek out through the window. There were many in the air, each positioned at equal distances to one another.   The closest helicopter to him landed on the helipad that was positioned atop a metal-railed building. It didn’t have any walls, just the metal rails.   It seemed there were such buildings in equal distances. And, as long as he managed to reach one of them, he would complete the task.   He had been dropped at the place during evening time. 24 hours had spanned after that, but it was still in the middle of the night. This Outpost planet had a shorter rotation, so the day and night switched quickly.   If not for the powerful beam of lights unleashed by the helic
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Chapter 9: Fighting A Horde of Arhkars
“The path upwards is narrow. We can use their corpses to block it!” Rael spoke, having observed his surroundings, failing to see any other options. This was the only way they could reach their destination while alive.   Running alongside Della and Foldran, he lifted his arm, ensured the gun was held steady and shot at the Arhkar that intended to move in their way. His aim was quite off, only hitting its abdomen, causing it to flinch from the attack.   But, it wasn’t stopped by that, heading towards them. Right at this time, Rael flashed the light from the flashlight bundle at it, causing it to stop in place, affected by the intensity. Though, due to the ambient light from the three moons, it wasn’t as affected by it as the Arhkars within the building.   But, it was still enough for him to get closer to it before aiming at its weak spot to shoot again, causing it to scream in response and swipe its claws.  Read more
Chapter 10: Plasma
[Mission 1: Completed] [Mission 2: Completed] [Mission 3: Completed]   Rael looked at the transparent device before slumping on the seat within the helicopter, sighing in relief, “It’s over!”   “I don’t want to think about it for now,” Della closed her eyes, relaxing.   “A day of stress…” Foldran massaged his forehead, “Once I return, I want to play some games and relax.”   “Congratulations on passing the screening test.” The soldier seated within the helicopter smiled, saying, “You have now gained the qualifications to become a soldier.”   “That’s it, right? We don’t have to go through any other tests?” Della asked, just in case.   “Nope, that’s it.” The soldier twirled his bushy moustache, smiling, “You can rest comfortably now. Once the time limit for the third mission is up, we’ll return to the spaceship. You’ll be patched up there.”
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