Zero to the Greatest and Richest

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Zero to the Greatest and Richest

By: Adam Aksara Updated just nowSystem

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Alex has many regrets in his life. He missed his best opportunities in high school, was afraid to marry his wealthy dream girl, lost his business to rich people, went bankrupt, got divorced, and his daughter died in poverty. Eventually, he becomes a great general in World War III. However, he dies in an assassination involving a young girl using a suicide bomb but gets a second chance to go back to when he was 13 years old. He promises himself not to have any regrets and plans to become the greatest and richest with the help of his memories and a karma system.

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  • Lepen Ken


    good ..keep it coming...

    2024-03-09 19:34:04
  • Adam Aksara


    Please enjoy this book like i enjoy it ... thank you very much............

    2024-01-25 14:33:02
  • Sivaprakash A


    Such a powerful book

    2024-04-23 04:57:30
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123 chapters
Chapter 1
After Covid, my construction companies went bankrupt. "I want a divorce!" my wife yelled at me on the day we went bankrupt, blaming me for poor of money, the debts and the injustices forced upon us by others. In the turmoil, our daughter died due to a lack of money and other unbearable hardships. When I had lost everything, all I had left was my hollow soul. Then World War III erupted. Israel, Palestine, Russia, Ukraine, France, the USA, and other nations turned the globe into a stage for what seemed to be the final grand fireworks of humanity. Driven by a death wish, I joined the mercenaries. Ironically, the more I longed for death, the more adept I became at dealing death to others. I devised ruthless strategies, slaughtering countless enemies, always surviving, hoping that each battle would be my last. But somehow, I endured—war after war, year after year, just killing and surviving. After 20 years on the battlefield, I rose through the ranks and eventually became a Mar
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Chapter 2
In the muted confines of the school office, I stood before my classroom teacher, his eyes a blend of concern and disappointment. "Alex, what's gotten into you?" he asked, his voice tinged with disbelief. "You're always the polite one, the brightest in class. Why would you hit Roger?" He leaned forward, earnestly trying to reach me through his words. ‘Who are you? A poor teacher from a small city with a low salary, always complaining about the low income, and experiencing the hardships of frugal life, yet daring to criticize this amazing Marshal?’ ‘Because I listened to you too much in my past life, I grew up poor like you.’ I clenched my fists, feeling a surge of frustration. "Roger has been bullying me and extorting money for two years," I said, my voice a low growl. "I just couldn't take it anymore." My teacher sighed deeply, his gaze softening. "Since this is your first offense, I'll only give you a warning this time. But don't let it happen again. We'll have to call both your
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Chapter 3
As I strolled out of the school gates, the familiar tune of a Bruno Mars song hummed softly under my breath. Thoughts wandered through my mind, pondering the possibilities of wealth through music. ‘I think I can sell them to some famous singer. But I need the internet. This damn small city of mine has no internet till now. I need to go to a bigger city.’ My worn backpack rested on my shoulders; it was old and ugly, as ugly as my shoes. I moved my arms rhythmically, wielding a stick as if to warm up my body. Suddenly, Roger's voice pierced the air, his finger pointing directly at me. He was flanked by ten of his friends. "Alex, don't you dare to run!" “Roger,” I yelled, “I spent last night with your mother. Fuck her hard. She screamed like a horny bitch. You might find yourself with a new stepbrother soon! Call me Step Daddy now you ungrateful brat!” Enraged, Roger commanded, “Chase him!” Assuming a defensive stance, I readied myself, holding two sticks in front of me, a skill hon
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Chapter 4
[Karma System] [Your status Health : 50 / 100 max Strength : 20 / 100 max Agility : 20 /100 max Intelligent : 60/100 max Handsomeness : 60 / 100 max First reward all status +2 Health : 52 / 100 max Strength : 22 / 100 max Agility : 22 /100 max Intelligent : 62 /100 max Handsomeness : 62 / 100 max] [New Health quest #2 Walk or run 5 miles. Push up 60 Sit up 60 Reward Strength +1] Great, as long as I can improve myself, little by little, slowly but surely, it means I'm still alive. Even a plant grows; how can humans not grow? Only the deceased remain stagnant. The seed will eventually grow into a mighty tree, and I too will someday transform into... ‘a loser….’ ‘I almost cried again; sometimes, knowing what I will become in the future, a loser, truly saddens me. There is also trauma etched into my soul.’ ‘When you live in poverty for too long, you start to believe that you cannot become rich anymore, and that is a sickness. It requires more money to pay the psychiatr
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Chapter 5
Roger's expression revealed fear, as he was used to pursuing me and giving chase. It hadn't crossed his mind that I would be the one approaching him. He remained seated at his desk, motionless, and his followers had not yet arrived. "Scared?" I closed in on his desk and delivered a sharp slap to his face with my right hand. "Are you frightened of me?" "Fuck you, Alex!" He stood in fury. "You better like this," I struck his nose a few more times, and students around let out sounds like 'oh,' 'ahh,' 'ouch.' Onlookers observed without daring to intervene. They were well aware of Roger and his followers. "You're quite audacious to invite high schoolers, aren't you?" "Summon them again, and I'll visit your class every day. Don't assume you can harm others without facing repercussions; people can strike back." I kicked him away from his seat and made him fall. I approached him, clutching his neck tightly with my arms, and uttered, "Don't assume that I won't actually kill you if you con
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Chapter 6
In a hazy daze and numbing of pain, I felt hands gently lifting me, their touch a contrast to the hot asphalt. I felt the sticky sensation of blood matting my hair and tracing a warm path down my neck. They hoisted me into a taxi, the chaos of the scene blurring around me. As the vehicle hurtled towards the nearest hospital, I could only focus on the rhythmic thumping of my heart, echoing my disarray. The taxi's journey ended abruptly, and I was met by a flurry of activity. Nurses, moving with practiced urgency, called for doctors while the world around me faded to black once more. When I next opened my eyes, the sterile, antiseptic scent of the hospital room filled my nostrils. A splitting headache gripped me, as if my skull was being cleaved in two. Alone in the dimly lit room, I surveyed my surroundings, the stillness of the night enveloping me like a shroud. Yet it was pain, an old acquaintance from my days as a soldier, that truly awakened me. It surged through me, a reminder o
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Chapter 7
Prostitution and gambling, two occupations that have persisted through the ages, remain unaltered by the march of time. These endeavors, frequently viewed as swift avenues to riches and equally rapid ways to lose wealth, maintain their hold on the human psyche, their appeal deepening with each successive era.It was June 10th, the onset of the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and though my knowledge of football was limited, I was certain of one thing: the final showdown would be between France and Brazil. These titans, I believed, would effortlessly vanquish their adversaries, claiming victory in every match.As high school commenced in early June 1998, I found myself wandering the familiar corridors of my new school. Despite it being my first year here, a strange sense of déjà vu enveloped me. I could navigate its halls with my eyes closed, knowing each hidden corner and secret rendezvous spot.A wave of nostalgia washed over me as I settled into this familiar yet new environment of my class. I
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Chapter 8
“Anyway, as a good uncle, can you give Hendrick $100?” I pleaded with Dave, my eyes locked onto his. “I promised him $100 to bring me here, to bet my only $1000. Now, I'm penniless.”Dave half-smiled, a mix of amusement and disbelief dancing in his eyes. “But that was your promise to him.”"I tricked him into coming here to bring you profits for your business. This is called a referral in business. Please, he is your good nephew, and he is trying to help your business grow."Dave shook his head, a reluctant chuckle escaping his lips. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crisp $100 bill, handing it to Hendrick, whose face lit up with joy.“Thanks, uncle,” Hendrick beamed.“Now we're square, right?” I said, clapping Hendrick on the shoulder. He nodded in agreement. “Listen to me, invest your $100 in the 16 games I've picked out. You won't regret it.”Hendrick's expression soured, his brow furrowing. “I need the money for something else, brother.”I shrugged, a wry smile playing o
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Chapter 9
Early in the morning, as the first rays of sunlight pierced through the mist, I found myself racing toward the infamous gambling den. My heart pounded in my chest like a drum, each beat echoing my urgency. With the heat intensifying and the adrenaline pumping, sweat drenched my neck and clothes."I need to change the bet, the game will be played in mere hours!" I gasped, the words tumbling out in a frantic whirlwind as I burst into the restaurant. The backside, a shadowy gateway to gambling den, was guarded by a lone bodyguard , a tattooed bald guy with big muscles. He sat, an immovable force, right beside the door, his eyes a calm sea of indifference."You cannot enter, kid," the bodyguard stopped me, his voice a low rumble of authority. A faint scent of tobacco lingered around him.“Please, I need to change my betting,” I pleaded, desperation lacing my voice. My hands trembled, betraying my inner turmoil. “It was a staggering $128,000 at stake. My only lifeline. I came here last tim
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Chapter 10
"You are really smart," I said, my voice tinged with a mix of admiration and cunning. "If you had offered 1 billion, it might not have piqued my interest. But with 5 billion, your greed mirrors my own. We're perfectly matched. You will benefit greatly from my knowledge.""So, does that mean you'll share your plans for the 5 billion?" Dave asked, his eyes sparkling with eager anticipation."We both know that such an enormous sum cannot be brought into this place swiftly. It needs to be laundered, cleansed of its illicit origins. I presume our funds are in the Cayman Islands, a zero-tax haven, correct?" I pondered aloud. "Bringing it into our country would mean losing about 40-50% of it to taxes, which neither of us wants.""You are so smart," Dave chuckled, his laughter resonating with genuine appreciation. "I enjoy conversing with a smart man. So, what shall we do with our money?""There's a company in Finland named NOKIA, makers of mobile phones. Buy their stock on the 10th of August
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