Global Gods: Starting As The God of Death

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Global Gods: Starting As The God of Death

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Humans from across the world were transported to a world where everyone attained godhood, amassed followers, and propagated their faith throughout the world. However, before anything else, each person had to select their initial divinity. Zhen Qi discovered that he could see the information whilst others couldn't. [God of Rock (F): Not recommended!] [God of Water (A): Recommended!] ... [God of Death (SSS): Highly recommended!]

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God of Death
Zhen Qi stood before a massive gate that towered over him. [Welcome to the Land of Origin!][Current Players: 7 billion!][This is the Land of Origin, where everyone is a god. Here, endless wealth and countless opportunities await the faithful owner.] [Your race has been automatically set as "God". Please remember the following important points!] [1. Death will result in your divinity being destroyed, and you will fall into the Abyss to become a Devil.] [2. You will be given a three-day protection period. After this safe period, abyssal beasts and natives of the world can attack you.] [3. Void Gates are spread around the world. These gates lead to other worlds where you can spread your faith and gain followers. However, Void Gates are rare, so be cautious before entering them.] [4. As a god, your divinity is the core of your life and the source of your power. Losing your divinity means you will become mortal. Protect your divinity at all costs!] [5. All children from babies to
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Dying Once
Zhen Qi was amused by the system design. The system was created to suit him. It was similar to a smartphone, allowing him to scroll or perform other things but maybe lacking social media. He might have guessed that the creator of the system created it this way since gods originated on Earth.In the chat panel, he could design his profile however he wanted, whether to remain anonymous, use his real name, or display his god title. However, he chose to remain anonymous since he didn't have any use for chatting other than gathering information. ----Divine Dragon in my right hand: Why am I the God of the Rotting Corpse? I am not a dragon! I want to feel the darkness within me and awaken the slumbering dragon inside of me, not a corpse! Why!?-The Hotdog is Red: Shut up, Chunni. You're still lucky because you can walk. What about me? I was the God of Withered Leaves, and I don't have any skills!- The History of Monkey: I'm not bragging, but I awakened an A-rank skills, 'Graveyard Bed,' w
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"Hey bard, sing a sang will ya!" In a certain bar within the Town of Velard, the atmosphere was lively and raucous. Drunkards raised their cups in cheers, their voices mingling with the sounds of laughter and chatter. Women with alluring figures and crimson lips flirted shamelessly with any lone patron they could find. Meanwhile, adventurers watched from their tables, their swords resting beside them as they sipped on ale, their eyes scanning the room with a mix of curiosity and vigilance. It was a place teeming with unusual characters, each harboring their own purposes or hidden secrets. "Alright," said the young man as he entered the bar, his black hair contrasting sharply against his pale skin. His clothes were a symphony of colors and textures, reflecting his eclectic style. Around his waist, a belt of supple leather held an array of pouches and trinkets, while in his hands, he cradled his faithful lute. The song flowed from the bard's lips like a sweet ale, its melody weaving
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Above the town of Velard, the sun rises as residents open their doors and begin their daily activities. The streets quickly fill with people - merchants, wives, and farmers alike.In a particular inn, sunlight streams through the window on the second floor. Inside, a man awakened from his slumber, instinctively raising his hand to shield his eyes from the light.Zhen Qi stood and stretched his body, taking in the lively scene outside his window. The streets bustled with activity, a stark contrast to the ghostly quiet of nighttime. He felt a surge of vitality coursing through him, finally able to think clearly and calmly. Making his way to the lobby, he decided to grab something to eat.Last night, knowing he couldn't afford to stay on the streets, Zhen Qi decided to sell his distinctive clothing to a bard who was intrigued by its uniqueness. He received one gold coin for it, giving him enough money to buy cheaper clothes and secure a place to stay.Now that all his basic needs were se
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"Ruin of Demetius of Knowledge?" Zhen Qi mumbled, his brows furrowing. Just hearing the name, he could tell this wasn't as simple as reading and writing. However, he decided to listen further."Uh-huh," the man nodded, then proceeded to explain."Demetius of Knowledge is a man who cannot stop himself from acquiring knowledge," the man explained. "He travels the world in pursuit of knowledge, whether it be about plants, traditions, or the habitats of monsters. Even when facing danger, he refuses to halt his quest. You could say Demetius is addicted to knowledge. As a result, he has become known as the embodiment of knowledge. People praise him as the individual closest to a god in terms of knowledge.""However, one day, this man suddenly went missing," the man continued. "Everyone began searching, with kingdoms offering their assistance. But many years have passed since he disappeared. Now, he has become nothing more than a legend of old times."The Ruin of Demetius of Knowledge is the
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Zhen Qi's heart raced as he witnessed the translucent mist floating around the bodies of the victims, their souls wiggling and staring at him. Suddenly, one of the souls pointed towards the man who had been leading them, followed by many others doing the same. Zhen Qi's eyes widened in surprise as he realized they were pointing at Morbid."Hmm," Zhen Qi murmured, narrowing his eyes in surprise and confusion. What did the souls mean? Was Morbid the murderer, or did they want him to bless and send them to paradise? Uncertain, Zhen Qi attempted to communicate with the souls, but they seemed unable to understand his words, continuing to point at Morbid in silence."I don't care anymore," Zhen Qi muttered, his gaze shifting back to Morbid. Whether Morbid was the murderer or not was not his responsibility, and he had no intention of delving further into the matter.With a determined resolve, Zhen Qi absorbed the 200 faithless souls. He didn't want to appear hypocritical by ignoring the piti
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Zhen Qi stood before the Void Gate, glancing left and right. Three Hunters stood behind him, each of them at level rank 2. These were the hunters he had hired using the money that Elandir had given him, supposedly as an apology.Zhen Qi had learned his lesson, especially now that his skill, Resurrection, was on cooldown. Going alone would surely result in certain death."Remember, don't engage in fights. Protect me until we reach my territory, and we'll be safe," he instructed, tightening his grip on the sword and shield in his hands.The hunter nodded solemnly in acknowledgment.---Name: TyroneAge: 34Status: HunterRace: Magically Alter BeingLevel: Rank 2Skills: Rune – Water (F), Rune – Shield (E), Rune – Speed (E)Description: A man who once lived peacefully found himself forced into his current situation due to a certain incident. Now, his only dream is to explore the world and find a purpose in his life.Danger: 30%---Name: MathewAge: 26Status: HunterRace: Magically Alte
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Zhen Qi directed his skeleton servants to construct a rudimentary shelter, emphasizing the need for speed over luxury. With only a day remaining, there was no time to spare for elaborate construction. Their priority was to create a basic shelter sufficient for their immediate needs.As Zhen Qi directed the skeleton workers to build the shelter, he led a group of skeletons, including one giant skeleton and five others, to clear out weak monsters lingering outside. Strengthening themselves and alleviating pressure on the group would be crucial once the protection barrier expired.Zhen Qi discovered that simply killing monsters didn't contribute to his faith but rather increased his strength. To raise his rank, he realized he needed to absorb the souls of the monsters he defeated. This newfound understanding reshaped his approach to combat and the acquisition of power."Retreat!" Zhen Qi ordered urgently as he observed the massive beast charging toward him, flames igniting on its claws a
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A day had already passed, and this was the last day the protection barrier would disappear. Zhen Qi stood at the watchtower, overlooking the monsters lurking outside. In just one day, the skeleton workers managed to build a palisade wall and a small fortress. With a gate made of stone and an altar located in the center of the fortress, Zhen Qi knew that one day was not enough to build a well-defended structure.Using his remaining faith, he summoned three more skeleton soldiers and five skeleton workers, totaling 30 faith. The sun shone brightly on the world, and then Zhen Qi sighed as he looked at the chat panel, wondering how the world was doing.What is bro doin: I’m fucking done. I never expected it to be hard to gain faith. I found the Void Gate, but some god stole it from me, and his servant was powerful as hell. I almost died. If anyone is willing to accept me, I’m going to offer you my loyalty. I don’t want to die.God of Rats: Is anyone willing to form an alliance? We could h
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War of monsters
Zhen Qi stood at the fortress wall, overlooking the outside world. Beside him stood a young man with a solemn expression, both observing the horde of monsters gathering below."Do you regret it?" Zhen Qi asked, turning to Mathew."I regret many things, but this is not one of them," Mathew replied, his tone firm.Zhen Qi nodded, his gaze returning to the protection barrier. It flickered intermittently, like a beacon amidst the darkness. The monsters outside noticed its presence, attempting to breach it. At first, they seemed elated at the prospect of reaching the humans within. However, their joy quickly turned to shock as they found their bodies severed the moment they touched the barrier.As the other monsters watched in horror, their mindless brethren marched to their doom. Meanwhile, the imposing figure of the large nether hound locked eyes with Zhen Qi, creating a palpable tension in the air. Each passing second felt suffocating, as if Zhen Qi were drowning in an ocean with no one
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