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The idea of making medicine to cure both parents of a rare disease of twins Qavi and Uzi during graduation practice ended disastrously. The reason, the drug made by Qavi, is made from plants that are forbidden and taken from the forbidden forest. Qavi and Uzi's parents' condition after taking the medicine initially improved. However, after two weeks of taking the medicine, both of their parents instantly turned into undead. When he found out that his parents had turned into undead, Qavi immediately had the idea of changing the entire village community by freeing his parents to bite the entire village. The situation gets worse and more chaotic when the entire community of Hogo Sa Reta village becomes undead, even the undead has spread to big cities. The world becomes chaotic, and the Vampires, Werewolves, and Archangels blame each other. Werewolves think that vampires are supposed to be responsible because they have made all humans on this earth undead. However, vampires around the world do not want to be blamed. The debate between vampires around the world and werewolves ended in war. Until finally the Archangels intervened to suppress the war between the two and asked the Vampire and werewolf to make peace, and the solution was for the Vampire and werewolf to fight against the undead. Meanwhile, Uzi-the twin of Qavi joined the war against Qavi. For him, Qavi's actions have come so far.

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"Quickly drag them to the village field. Tie them to the stake!" the village chief ordered ten of his men.With alacrity, ten burly men dragged the weak bodies of middle-aged men and women, who were lying weakly helpless on their mattresses. Their two hands and feet were deliberately tied with iron chains. They lay helpless because their bodies were filled with spheres of water and pus. Even part of their skin has been peeled off and rotted. Not only that but to breathe they are also very difficult.There was the sound of iron chains being dragged from the ancient-style Japanese stilt house building. The two old men were dragged like big criminal who was so dangerous for the villagers.A hundred villagers watched with various reactions, ranging from happy reactions and laughter, some felt sad because they were close to them."Attention to the villagers, you can see the condition of these two old people, so bad smell and helpless because of one disease. And if I look at it, they have
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"Qavi... I want you to go with me, research a medicinal plant," said a middle-aged man with a plant's head."But... why should it be with me, prof?" asked Qavi surprised to get a strange request from his professor."Hahahaha... You don't need to worry, or fear that. I also invite my other students," he replied as he tidied up some sheets of paper and thick books scattered on the desk."Do we want to research where the prof is?" asked Qavi again."To a forest. Still in this country, take it easy," he replied casually. "If I may suggest, this is your last year, right? Besides, you also have to make a final project, so... It could be that by accompanying me to plant research, it can be your final project material," urged the man who teaches about medicinal plants.Qavi thought for a moment, taking in the proposal of a man he respected and respected during his five years at this college. It is true what this man standing in front of him said, this is the last year for the students of the
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"What's the matter, Uzi?" asked Osmon."Qavi wants to go research with Professor Edogawa in the forest. However, Qavi has not said which forest he will research in. Besides, for some reason... I feel like something bad is going to happen there," Uzi explained.Both Xavier, Tyaga, and Osmon immediately stared at each other. Instead of calming his best friend's feelings, Xavier patted Uzi gently on the shoulder and hugged her with his right hand."You said that because you've never been separated from him, Uzi. So it's better, don't worry too much about it," Xavier advised. "You're not alone anyway, there are three of us... we will stay with you, as long as Qavi is gone, how?" suggested Xavier."Do you want to live in our small apartment?" said Uzi.Before Xavier answered Uzi's question, both Osmon and Tyaga said goodbye because there was a class they had to go to. Looks like they are hiding something."Of course, why not? Oh yes, I'll pick you up after you work, ok. I want to go to th
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Winged meeting"Secure the Kindan area immediately, right now!" the Lord of the heavens told the seven archangels.The King of Heaven deliberately summoned his seven archangels, because there was an area of particular concern. An area that once had an important and terrible event."Kindan? Is the area where the villagers were then undead, right? What is it? Why should we secure the area again, Rabb?" asked Michael.The event where all the villagers became undead, was caused by two living creatures created by Him, a rare plant that was deliberately planted by one of the Dark Lords to master human souls and herbivorous animals that accidentally ate the plant."That's right," replied the Lord of Heaven. "Soon there will be a small apocalypse, caused by greed, revenge, and selfishness of the self-esteem of the human child," he said."Kindan, isn't that close to your county Uriel, right?" said Gabrielle."That's right, therefore, I want you all to keep an eye on the Kindan area. But... ho
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Hell's gate 
The flash of light resembles a flash of lightning at night. For ordinary people, the flash is a sign of rain. But for Tyaga and Osmon, the flash was a flash of light coming out of Xavier's eyes.And that flash of light looks like a code called for Michael and Gabrielle as Archangels. Feeling that they got a call, the two eldest brothers of Uriel immediately flew to the origin of the flash."You two go quickly to see Uzi, and then take her to the new apartment. I'll catch up," Xavier ordered.Not wanting to linger, the two creatures rushed to meet Uzi in the coffee shop. Meanwhile, Xavier goes back to Kindan."What's wrong Uriel? You called us with a flash of light," Michael asked."Michael, I'm looking for the whereabouts of one of the human children. He is my best friend, Qavi. Qavi went to accompany Professor Edogawa to do research. For some reason, Uzi-twin Qavi feels something bad is going to happen to him. Even with me, Michael," Uriel explained.Without his sister explaining, Mi
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Qavi, get up quickly!" Professor Edogawa shouted back. His voice grew higher to nine octaves while stepping slightly on Qavi's hand with his shoes and swinging his buckle right at Qavi's back.His professor's shout made Qavi wake up and misbehave. All of Yang's belongings scattered on woven bamboo leaves were immediately put into his backpack.Although his eyes were still sleepy, his hands swiftly changed into nightwear a T-shirt matched with a thick long-sleeved flannel shirt and grey cargo pants.For almost half an hour, Qavi prepared himself for an adventure in search of herbs. After putting the bag on his back and putting on his shoes, Qavi and the professor stepped out of the forty-meter house, with walls made of woven bamboo leaves.For a moment, Qavi felt unfamiliar with the house he had just occupied for the night. As he remembers, the house used to spend the night in was so livable. Although it is small, it looks very comfortable. But, why did this morning turn into a buildin
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Bad news
"What do you mean?" asked Uzi with emotion."Both of your parents have been tortured by Mr Nobi," Lana replied with her face lowered in fear."Tortured? On what basis were my parents tortured? Did my parents steal? or kill?" asked Uzi, shouting hysteria, making some female students in the locker hallway turn to the young man who chose the surgical specialist concentration."They were tortured not for the reasons you mentioned," Lana said."Then if not, why are they being tortured?" continued Uzi while holding back his emotions to shout.Lana also explained in detail the reason why her best friend's parents were tortured by Mr Nobi, namely because of the rare diseases they suffered. Mr Nobi influenced the villagers by saying that the disease suffered by Mr Sahasaki and Mrs Uriana was cursed."Curse disease? Not... impossible. My parents never did anything strange, Lana. You believe me don't you," Uzi shouted hysterically.Uzi's shout reached the ears of his two best friends, Osmon and
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Guinea pigs
Realizing that his students did not hear his angry cries, he approached Qavi, "Didn't you hear my voice, huh?" growled the professor.Qavi didn't answer him, he just pointed to a big tree that was so lush. "There are undead in this area," Qavi admitted.Afraid that his students would know something, the middle-aged man who works as a researcher and lecturer immediately turned his attention, "You don't make it up, Qavi. There is no undead here!" said Professor Edogawa."But... but... I saw it, Professor. Trust me," Qavi retorted."Ah, never mind. Let's quickly find the plant I'm looking for. If you don't find it, tonight, then don't expect you to be able to get back from this region safely!" threatened the professor. Afraid to hear the professor's threat, Qavi slowly tried to get up using a branch. Instead of helping his students, when Qavi tried to stand up the professor pushed Qavi's body so roughly that Qavi fell five meters away. Qavi's body was hit by a large tree that crossed,
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