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Being considered "weird" had never been a problem for Amy Masters. She liked her quiet life, and as routine as anyone else's. However, one day that ended. Suddenly—and for no apparent reason—she began to feel watched every hour without a break. Everything gets worse when she discovers that the one stalking her is nothing more and nothing less than an imposing and attractive being, a native of Hell itself, who breaks into her home for a very particular reason. Her reality completely collapses when he reveals that she possesses mysterious qualities that attract demons, and that they will not leave her alone until they take her peculiar soul from him. Amy will be involved in countless dangers, and she will be willing to do anything to find out what makes her different and try to save herself... But, in addition, Azazziel is not just any demon, and that will only make things more difficult. What secret does Amy's soul keep? And what consequences will her involvement with the most enigmatic demon in Hell have?


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Chapter 1
I knew this was wrong. I knew I was wrong. The voice in my head was screaming that I had to get away from him. That he was not like me, or like anyone else. There was nothing like him. He wasn't an angel, and he wasn't a demon either.It was both.Light and darkness. Splendor and chaos. Harmony and destruction. He was a being who was in the middle of the two worlds, and at the same time he did not belong to either.I should have walked away, but it was already too late. Her darkness was my downfall, and it was impossible for me not to burn in the flames of his Hell.Suddenly open my eyes.My lungs gasped for air as I scanned the darkness around me. My heart was pounding furiously against my ribs, ringing in my ears.I sat up in bed. The suffocation I felt was so oppressive that sweat bathed my forehead and neck. I breathed a sigh of pure relief as soon as the heaviness of the drowsiness left me and I was able to recognize each piece of furniture, each object in the blackness of my roo
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Chapter 2
I woke up past midnight.She hadn't had the need to take the tasteless pills; She was so exhausted that I didn't even realize the moment I fell asleep with the television on, showing a program she didn't know.The atmosphere in the room was very cold, as if a draft of frigid air had slipped in from somewhere. I immediately put my hands in front of my lips and tried to cover them with my own breath. I rubbed my arms in a vain attempt to raise my body temperature a bit.At that moment, the loud but high-pitched meow of a cat made me jump.I recognized that the noise had come from the courtyard and went to see what happened, feeling somewhat uneasy. Opening the back door, I found Nico, my mother's Siamese cat, in a ball of bristly hair as he hissed at nowhere in particular. I searched the fenced space with my eyes, looking for some other animal or something that would have made him complain like that, but I found nothing."Come in," I called, waving my fingers at him. Come on, Nico.The
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Chapter 3
I suppressed a sigh. Rain was commonplace in the state of Oregon , nothing new. The thunder, on the other hand, wasn't so much, so I couldn't help but feel strange. Through the window, I could see that the sky was too dark. The total absence of any noise in the house made me know that it was already very late, and that my family was sleeping.I rubbed my eyelids hard and sighed, because I knew I was going to have a hard time sleeping again. But he had to try to do it, or else in the morning he was going to have dark circles even worse than they already were.I nodded—half sleepily—as I distractedly noticed the religious objects on the nightstand next to my bed. I pursed my lips.On the one hand, I was inwardly grateful that the thunder outside woke me up, since at that moment I remembered that I had left my cell phone in the living room. I slapped myself on the head, getting angry with myself. If I finally managed to sleep again I had to go get him, or else I would fall asleep. I was
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Chapter 4
Inwardly, I was infinitely grateful that at no time during dinner did I mention to my family about the man who had followed me. Even she knew in advance that my parents, as overprotective as they were, would attack me with a thousand questions. Shortly after, Dee went to her house.After everyone went to rest, I stayed watching television on the sofa until I waited for me to get sleepy. A voice in my head ordered me to go to bed early, but for some reason I didn't want to obey it despite the tenuous uncertainty that fluttered in me. I flipped through the channels, paying no real attention to any of them, until I felt my eyelids grow heavy.Turning off the TV, I was invaded by a small pang of insecurity.One besides me said that nothing would happen, that I had done enough damage to the demon to scare him. But deep down, I knew my little attack had only made him angry.I observed my surroundings when I began to feel a ravenous cold in the environment. I rubbed my arms and blew my breat
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Chapter 5
I didn't think there was anything wrong with me. Maybe I was a bit of an introvert and didn't like to stand out, and neither did mass groups of people, but many other people were like that for different reasons. I was not exceptional for being what I was. I mean, he didn't even have fancy tastes. You could easily tell that she was someone… pretty boring. Why then would a creature from hell be interested in me?More importantly, why was I racking my brain thinking about it? Wasn't it supposed that, after so much, I was finally supposed to feel good? Happy and "safe"?I covered my eyes and exhaled again in frustration. None of this made sense. Unintentionally, she had already begun to ponder it: if he was a demon, that meant she could summon him, right? But how the hell was that done? And the biggest question, why would he do it?I shook my head and growled.My thoughts were a tangle of confused ideas that were not headed in the right direction. I needed to understand all of this. I
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Chapter 6
He knitted his eyebrows together, and stared at me.-I don't know. By? I bit my bottom lip and shrugged. My brother continued to gaze at me for a while longer, then turned away from him, searching his pockets for something. I'm going to see Jess, so I'll be late.I nodded head down. She had already learned that she shouldn't ask too much about their complicated relationship, not when they broke up and got back together the following week."Luck," I mumbled.He nodded, and left. I was glued watching the front door, where he had left. I got up and cleaned up everything he had messed up by eating. I didn't make any more effort than that, and still my heart was pounding as if I had run a marathon."No one is there, so your family is not at risk. You could try to summon it , a strange, new voice whispered , one that was nothing like the one in my consciousness. Much less than my common sense.A knot of anxiety squeezed my stomach so tight it hurt.You have to know about him , the little v
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Chapter 7
As far as I knew, this was not an illusion.Neither mirrors, nor words of invocation, nor animal blood or mine, nor the Ouija board , nor any of that crap. I didn't need any of that. He had appeared in front of me solely for saying his name.The demon was looking at me with narrowed eyes, not moving. His black wings —so large they brushed the ground—, on the other hand, made slight, almost imperceptible movements, as if they were a totally alien appendage of his body. At that moment, I noticed that at the top of both of them, just at the point where they bent downwards, a small bone was sticking out at a point, like tiny horns.He still didn't utter a word, and I, on the other hand, wasn't able to say anything else. He just kept his arms crossed over his chest, holding my gaze. Radiating an aura of danger, intimidating and arrogant."Did you call me to make you look like an idiot?" —She inquired suddenly, in a tone so surly and cold that a current of ice ran down my back.I cleared m
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Chapter 8
-Whatever?"Anything you want," he replied in the same soft tone as before.I shook my head in a leisurely denial. For some reason, that didn't sound like a good offer."I don't want anything.“Please, Amy,” he said, maintaining his half smile, “everyone wants something. I've seen how you look at your brother's car in the mornings when he leaves. I can get you a thousand times better.Although that was true—in part—owning a car of his own was not something he urgently needed. At least, not something he would make a pact with a demon for. And much less wanted one that he got it, because he wouldn't even know where the hell he would get it from. What if he stole it from someone else to give it to me?"I don't need a car," I muttered."How about a couple?" I can make you be with anyone you choose.I almost snorted.—No, I'm not interested in forcing anyone to be with me.The demon's half smile had already begun to fade. -Money? Your own house? Her,” she offered with a hint of anxiety. I
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Chapter 9
"I-I can try."A slight laugh, deep and somber, escaped her lips.-Are you sure?At that moment, the only bulb that illuminated the room began to flicker. I swallowed air hastily. Dread invaded me like a current of ice that made my body tremble.Between the brief changes in light and total blackness, I was able to visualize the gray twinkle in his eyes between the two times. No matter what, those orbs seemed unfazed, able to see me even in pitch darkness. His tall figure, along with his great wings, looked like a huge shadow so implausible and terrifying that my heart squeezed violently.If he dared to leave me in the dark, I wouldn't succeed in threatening him with the rosary. I couldn't try to defend myself from him if I didn't see anything. I was going to become too easy prey.More than it already was.-Stop! I exclaimed.A gasp left me at that moment, when the light in the room finally returned to normal, letting me see that he had gotten quite close. I backed away immediately, do
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Chapter 10
My mind was spinning on something completely different from anything to do with work. I wanted to be able to put all matters in their place. I wanted to know so many things, and at the same time I wished with all my heart that that demon, Azazziel , had never meddled in my life.I was no longer in any doubt what kind of creature he was. And yet, he still couldn't believe it. Even after all he'd seen, he couldn't take it.For me everything was different now. Overnight he had discovered that supernatural beings existed, that Hell did exist, and that demons—those beings that many are terrified of, but others scoff at because they believe in heaven, but don't conceive of the idea. that the counterpart is true—were real. I couldn't even look at the customers in the café without wondering if any of them weren't human. She couldn't be calm, no place seemed safe anymore. And this was not a fact that a person could assume, just like that.I, at least, couldn't.It was too difficult for me. I
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