Son of Light

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Son of Light

By: Diyet OngoingFantasy

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Nikole gestured for Michelle and Kelvin to sit up and pay close attention. "Listen carefully," she said, her tone serious. "What I'm about to tell you would change your reality right now, and you might never hear anything like it again." Taking a deep breath, Nikole began her tale: "Two hundred years ago, there were two brothers who ruled different lands. They found a special cup called the Nightshade Chalice, rumored to give whoever owned it incredible power and eternal life, jealousy tore the brothers apart, leading to a fierce battle over the chalice”. "The Nightshade Chalice was made from ancient gods' bones and filled with blood from many sacrifices," Nikole continued, making sure they understood . "Their father gave the chalice to Alaric, which made his brother Leopold very jealous. Leopold wanted the chalice for himself, so he attacked Alaric's kingdom during a lunar eclipse." As Nikole kept talking, Kelvin and Michelle started to feel a bit bored. They yawned a few times, and their eyes looked droopy, like they were struggling to stay awake. But Nikole noticed and stopped for a moment. She knew she had to make the story more interesting to keep their attention. "Wait," she said, sounding urgent, "this part is really important. You need to hear it." "The chalice can only be used by someone special, called the son of light, who guards a hidden realm with a secret seer. For two hundred years, the chalice has been dormant, its dark power sealed away by the seer's magic."

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"Party tonight, Kelvin! It'll be wild, and Sarah will be there!" George, Kelvin's high school buddy, announced with a grin, shoving aside the books scattered across George's desk at his home.Sarah was Kelvin's secret crush. Smart, beautiful, and popular with everyone, even some of the teachers. Her perfect grades made him admire her even more. But Sarah wasn't known for hanging out with guys who weren't well-off, and that worried Kelvin about the party."Ugh, parties aren't my thing," Kelvin mumbled, his voice laced with doubt.Despite George's enthusiasm, Kelvin remained unconvinced. He slumped back in his chair, the weight of upcoming exams pressing down on him. Parties meant loud music, flashing lights, and way too many people everything Kelvin disliked."Come on, Kelvin, you can't miss this!" George pressed, leaning closer. "Trust me, it'll be epic. You'll thank me later.""Fine, I'll consider it," Kelvin finally accepted, gathering his books. He followed George, a knot of nervous
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As Sarah's eyes widened in surprise, Kelvin felt a rush of panic wash over him. She had always known him as the shy, timid boy who never stood up for himself. Without a word, Kelvin turned and walked without saying anything more, as Kelvin couldn't believe what he had just done.Unknown to Kelvin, a mysterious figure in a black hoodie, part of the clan of the mist-covered Evernight from the generation of Leopold, the rebellious brother, had been watching him closely.Back at the party, the music blared on. Kelvin found George, easy to spot because he was dancing wildly with a blonde girl. But before Kelvin could even speak, George had his arm around another girl, this one with red hair."Hey man, where'd you go?" George slurred, his voice thick. "Come on, let's party!"Kelvin grabbed George's arm, way harder than usual. "We gotta leave now"Kelvin finally stopped, catching his breath, his heart racing. He glanced around nervously before George's insistent gaze. The fury in George's e
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CHAPTER 3The street lights flickered out one by one, leaving Kelvin in darkness. Only a single building, stubborn and bright, cast a pool of light on the sidewalk. Kelvin stumbled towards his house, his legs heavy and his lungs burning. He practically fell onto the porch steps, gasping for air. With a groan, he pushed himself up and pounded on the door. It echoed through the quiet night, unanswered. Panic clawed at him for a moment before he slammed his fist against the wood again, harder this time.The door creaked open, revealing Kelvin's Kid sister, Michelle standing in the dim hallway. A lamp in her hand cast dancing shadows across her face. She squinted at him through the gap.“Hey Son, Welcome back”.. noticing Kelvin's stressed demeanor."Watch your words, young lady. I'm not your son," Kelvin retorted."Please, get me some water. I'm stressed out," Kelvin pleaded as he struggled to rise.Michelle stared at him for a moment, then replied, "You know what? Maybe you should go ge
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CHAPTER 4.Mr. Thompson slammed the door shut, the deadbolt snapping into place with a metallic click. He spun around, his face a mask of terror. "Nikole, there's big trouble," he gasped, his voice ragged. "The Evernight... they found us."Nikole shot out of her chair, her heart hammering against her ribs. "How come? How did they find us? " Her voice was a sharp chirp, laced with panic. She lunged for Mr. Thompson's shirt, her fingers digging into the fabric.Across the room, Kelvin sat frozen, a forgotten book slumping in his lap. His eyes darted between the frantic adults, confusion clouding his countenance. Nikole's grip tightened on Mr. Thompson's shirt for a moment before she whirled on her son. Her voice, a storm brewing, lashed out. "Kelvin!"She grabbed his shirt, her fingers leaving white indents in the worn fabric. "Why did you do this? Didn't your father warn you? Now look at what you've done! You have no idea what you've unleashed!"Kelvin's face crumpled. "Do what, Mom? I
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Michelle looked up at her mother, eyes filled with a mix of fear and sadness. "But mom...I don't want to leave yet. I'll miss my friends," she confessed, her voice shaking.Nikole gently brushed Michelle's hair back and held her daughter's hands with a comforting grip. "I know, sweetheart," she reassured, her voice soft and mixed with understanding. "But sometimes, life compels us to make difficult decisions for the greater good.""We have to leave, Michelle. The overnight gang will come looking for us, especially after they took your father. It's not safe here anymore," Nikole explained, her tone firm yet gentle, trying to set a sense of urgency in her young daughter.Kelvin flung his bag on his shoulder, feeling a big change coming. He went to his mom, Nikole, who always seemed so strong. Now, she looked a bit worried, thinking about what's best for them."Mom," Kelvin began, looking confused and worried. "Why do we have to leave our country? It's hard because we don't know anyone in
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Nikole dabbed at her face with her sleeve, attempting to conceal the bloodstains from Kelvin and Michelle. "It's just a scratch," she assured them, her voice strained with effort.Michelle's eyes widened with concern. "Mom, you're bleeding! We need to get help," she urged, her tone tinged with fear.Nikole nodded weakly in agreement. "Yes, let's find somewhere safe to rest," she acquiesced, each word a struggle against her labored breathing.They stumbled upon a secluded alley and sank to the ground, seeking refuge from the chaos. Nikole leaned heavily on Kelvin, her head swimming with dizziness."We need water," Kelvin rasped, his voice hoarse from exhaustion. "And we should tend to Mom's wound."Nikole nodded in acknowledgment, her voice barely audible above their ragged breaths. "We'll find water and take care of this," she promised, determination flickering in her eyes despite the overwhelming odds.Nikole was getting worse by the minute. The blood kept flowing from her head, and s
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Whisper led Kelvin to a secluded site in the forest, where bright green herbs covered the ground. Among them stood a special plant that caught Kelvin's eye. Its leaves were arranged in such a way that they resembled the shape of a man's face, with a crooked nose and a mischievous grin."Touch it," Whisper instructed, his voice barely audible over the rustling of leaves.Kelvin paused for a moment before reaching out to touch the herb. As his fingers made contact, the plant began to shake and swing, as if dancing to an invisible tune. Kelvin watched in awe as the herb responded to his touch."Wow!" Kelvin exclaimed, his eyes wide with amazement.But the heat of the sun bore down on them, intensifying with each passing moment. Kelvin felt beads of sweat trickling down his forehead as he listened to Whisper's next words."That's the herb you need for your mom," Whisper said solemnly, his eyes reflecting the seriousness of the situation. "Give it to her, and she'll start feeling better in
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Michelle looked up as Kelvin approached, her eyes searching for good news. "So, what happened? Did you get the job?" she asked, her voice a mix of hope and anxiety. Kelvin managed a small smile, nodding. "Yes, I start tomorrow. It's going to be okay, Michelle. We'll make it through this," he reassured her, though the memory of Mr. Johnson's warning kept ringing in his mind.****The morning came with the usual bustle of Aridolia, the city waking up to the sound of cars and the distant hum of machines working non-stop. Kelvin was jolted awake by these loud noises, reminding him that today was his first day on a new job, a chance to change things for him and Michelle.Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Kelvin Searched through his bag, looking for something decent to wear. He pulled out the shirt his mom had given him a few months back before everything turned upside down. It wasn't much to look at, faded and a bit too large for him, but to Kelvin, it was perfect. The shirt was a pale blue
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The clang of metal on metal echoed through the narrow stone passage, a horrific sight bouncing off the damp walls. Prisoners face etched with agony, huddled in the meager light filtering through a barred window high above. Their ragged clothes offered little protection from the cold, and the flickering torches lining the hallway cast monster shadows that danced across the uneven floor. The air hung heavy, thick with the stench of mold, sweat, and something far more disturbing, a metallic tang that sent shivers down Thompson's spine. It was the smell of blood, fresh and old.A deep scream ripped through the oppressive silence, shattering the peace that had momentarily settled. It was a blood-curdling shriek, filled with terror that echoed deep within Thompson's body. Weak and tired, Thompson changed positions. The last thing he remembered was a struggle, a searing pain in his head, and then… nothing. Panic surged through him as he tried to sit up, only to find his wrists and ankles bou
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Marcus stormed into the Sunrise Cafe, his appearance unkempt and untidy, his clothes rumpled and stained. His eyes blazed with fury as he confronted Kelvin, who was busy wiping down the tables in preparation for the day ahead.Kelvin glanced up, startled by Marcus's sudden outburst, but chose to ignore him and continued with his task."You!" Marcus's voice boomed, cutting through the din of the cafe. "I've had enough of you! It's either you leave or I leave. You choose!".Kelvin leaned against a nearby table, staring defiantly as Marcus came closer. "Did you brush your teeth this morning?" Kelvin's voice was full of disdain. "Your breath stinks, Marcus. You smell."Marcus, surprised, brought his hand to his mouth and blew on it, then sniffed. His face twisted in disgust, confirming Kelvin's words.Marcus's fists clenched at his sides, his face contorted with rage. He was itching to deliver a blow to Kelvin's smug face, but Kelvin's challenging stare held him back."Go ahead, Marcus. D
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