God Hounds

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God Hounds

By: Cym Ramirez CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Death is a conquerable thing for the clan leaders. When a clan leader dies, the gods always grant them resurrection after one year. But, when the whole council is mysteriously killed in an incident, the clans grow more restless than ever before. Any hope for unity among the tribes died with them, and nobody's going to wait for one whole year to get answers. With the council dead, and the gods' throne empty, Alice senses a motive. But, she has no target. Fearing for her own clan, Alice must take the place of her husband, Dante, as leader of the tribe--until Dante himself comes back to life. Without his memories, Aden finds himself alone in Manila with nothing but his name. To himself, he is nothing. To Alice, he just might be the answer she was looking for. Aden and Alice help each other until they both get what they want. For secrecy, the clans use Manila's criminal underworld as a front for their real intentions: a conclusion to the unending battle of the gods.

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88 chapters
Chapter 1: The Boy
The bright and beaming white ball was firm above the sky as it stared down at him. It was a full moon. His breaths whirled rapidly. Gusts of air looped in and out of his lungs in an unstable, and unending, cycle. His head throbbed violently, like something inside was drilling his brain and he couldn’t reach for it. It felt like he had slept for a millennium, and his brain had already been shattered to pieces while he was asleep. He just woke up, after all. It felt as if he had just come back to life, after being left for dead—deep in a forest with no life in it. It was just… dark, woodland hell all around him. He was lying down in a small patch of seemingly dead grass. It looked as if the tiny pasture spot was purposely prepared for him—to die in an open, meadow-carpeted coffin. But, around him, it was all just trees. They stretched on; almost for forever. And without the sun, they were just color black. He couldn’t decide if the trees were also just victims of the darkness
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Chapter 2: The Tattoo
“Dante,” Alice said. Her voice echoed across the pitch-black abyss that they were in. A void; an empty black nothing—except for Dante and Alice. They stood on a sea of darkness, abandoned by stars and planets alike. It wasn’t even cold. Dante only stared back. Wordless. “It’s me. It’s Ali—” Dante turned away before she could finish. She watched as he stepped farther away from her. His footsteps rang solitarily across the lightless expanse they moved in. It was like a hallway. Dante could only go forward. And Alice followed. The destitute infinity around them gradually got more inhabited as she continued along Dante’s path. Stars, albeit distant, started to glow above them. Winds began to storm in. Eventually, they reached a table. Dante moved to the other end, and kneeled down. There was a mallet, and a hafted needle. Alice realized immediately; it was the rite of the batok. An old ritual. Done by the eldest tribes. The inking of a warrior’s skin. Wi
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Chapter 3: The Forest
He just stared at it. Dead silent. And it laid in front of him like it was some other mango he had to eat. He lost his memories. But he knew bodies didn’t fall from trees. He didn’t realize it, but he was getting closer. His feet pulled him towards it unconsciously. It felt like his soul took over, and desperately wanted to see what—who—was inside. He had no choice, anyway. It felt like a moral responsibility. Or an ethic. Or an inborn rule. The only way to react to a dead body is to go towards it. Wasn’t it? He questioned. He could feel its coldness. Like he was already beside it. It only just needed to turn its face to him.The air felt thicker as he closed in on the corpse. Flies and maggots? Everywhere. The pests sprouted out of nowhere. The stink got in his nose now, but he managed. And the mangoes stopped falling from the tree, like everything else waited… and watched. It was just him and the body. And he was possessed. By curiosity,
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Chapter 4: The Woman
The headbag screened him from the room he was in. He could hardly breathe through the small holes of the rough, brown fabric. His hands and feet were tied to the metal chair, and he tried to stay calm. He listened; three voices in the room. “Go, get her,” the deep, stern voice on his right side said. “Yes, sir,” another replied, as a strict set of footsteps of leather shoes tapped the echoing concrete floor. A door opened—metal, from the sound of it—and closed, as the pair of footsteps faded away and a faint hint of what waited outside whispered to him.  There were only two voices in the room now. Still, he was clueless.“What’s your name?” the question startled him, as he turned to face the same, low-pitched voice he heard earlier. His breathing broke form, turning his inhales and exhales into irregular wheezes. They still hadn’t taken the bag off his head.“You scared him,” another voice rin
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Chapter 5: The Village
It was the same moon. Unchanging and indifferent. The same light beaming from the black sky. But it didn’t give him comfort anymore. He felt betrayed by it. Deceived and seduced. Lied to by a silent, white circle fixed on the dark background. Its brightness could tell anyone that they were safe. But they were not. He knew it the hard way. But it was still good to have something familiar as he rolled down the stony hill in blood and broken bones. Why? He thought. Why him? Was it just right if he was dead? The pain and the motionlessness gave him enough time to think, as he lied down the ground drenched in his own blood. All he could do now was remember. The corpses. The burning tree. The river. The child. The dog. The forest. Yes, the forest, he thought. It was the forest. It wanted him dead. It wanted him to just stop. And he did stop. The thick, red fluid ran across his forehead and some got into his eyes. It obstructed him from seeing anything at all, as if
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Chapter 6: The Target
The forest seemed to breathe around them. The green panorama vibrated and exhaled itself onto Miko and Lyle as they trekked up the monumental mountain. It seemed to watch them every step of the way. It seemed to welcome their entrance. Their appearance. After many years.“How long has it been since we came back here?” Lyle asked. The way up felt like an escalator to them. Like a path opened up just for the two. And they wore their suits, in case the locals would ask.“Too long,” said Miko. “I miss this place.” He spun around slowly as he let himself be consumed by the little frames and systems that synchronously made the forest. Its curved trees grew in a way that represented movement. Like a shockwave at the center had just blew them all away and now they’re frozen in time. Its moss populated it enough to make everything colored green. For a moment, the two felt peace. “Your sister would’ve liked this,” Miko
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Chapter 7: The Path
There was a ray of light at first, but it was more of just a blurry smudge of brightness in his eyes. But it gradually grew. He blinked repeatedly, until he got the sense of his own surroundings. Until he got the sense of his own state. He was looking up at the trees above. They covered him from the perfectly-risen sun and its light, but a few beams of the full morning had still managed to get through. Tickles of heat played around his skin like yellow insects, but overall, it was a perfect shade of phosphorescent green in the daytime. His head felt hard. He felt like he was lying down in a rough and itchy asphalt road. His body wasn’t in any kind of pain, but it felt like it finally moved for the first time after a hundred thousand years. It was dizzying, and nauseating, just to sit up straight. His eyes took in even more of what was around him. Right in front of him was just enough space for him to see a majestic, solid bluff, that overlooked an illuminated skyline. He felt
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Chapter 8: The Three
To Alice, everything was all about the cafes in San Pedro. Every street. Every road. Every corner. The seven-year-old city was Laguna’s beating heart for food and coffee. The kids grew up watching coffee shops and restaurants come and go while family businesses and startup companies eat each other and fluctuate against even more. Alice was never a big fan of coffee. But that never really stopped her. Jumping from one café to another remained one of her biggest hobbies, if she wasn't in one of the safehouses brutally interrogating her prisoner. Cafes just felt right, to her. It was essentially the most important human innovation in all of economic history. Maybe it was the people. Or the menu. Or the interiors. But Alice always felt at home, in the best ones. There was a novel sense of privacy that came with coffee shops. Everyone would just mind their own business. Civilized customers knew how to respect the silence. And the café enthusiasts always had thei
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Chapter 9: The Guide
“The what?” he asked Nanay Wang to repeat herself. He furrowed his brows and glanced at Nanay Wang perplexedly.“The Kadlum.” Nanay said. She walked towards him and looked back as well. “It’s a group, kid.”“What kind of group?” he asked.“The kind of group that’ll give you your memories back,” she sneered. She looked away, slowly being pulled into her thoughts, and nodded confidently. “After that,” she gazed back at him. “You’re one step closer,” she added as she gave off a tiny smile. “You want to know why this is happening and why the world’s doing this to you?” she dared. “You’ll find out in the Kadlum.”“They’re… like you.” he said.“Well…” She shrugged, and chuckled. “You’ll see…” She walked past him and headed towards the doorway. “
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Chapter 10: The Name
Villa Urrutia was a white, gilded castle of silence and memory. A beacon, fortress mansion promising both solace and invulnerability. A marble tower resting on top of a hill, overlooking the rest of the neighborhood below it. It was a family palace. An old, retreating place for Alice, her brother, and her father. As a child, Alice used to soar across the pristine halls towards the dining room. She had always reminisced about it every time she got there.It was always just Alice and her father when she was just a kid. She never saw her mother. She died giving birth to her. But she had always heard stories about her mother. The trailblazer. A perfect example and a guiding light to the community. The funniest, smartest, queenliest, and kindest, bestest person in all the land, as Alice used to summarize growing up.Following her footsteps. She had always done it. Or at least tried too. But it had always brought her down. The expectations. Expectations, from herself. To her
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