Days of my Life: EXPERIMENTALS

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Days of my Life: EXPERIMENTALS

By: Imposter writer OngoingFantasy

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After the creation of the world. Most of the gods decides to live as human on their creation. Although, they are human, they still possess their god-like power. Some of the gods lived normal life, got married and produce more. These children produce from them are call SUPERNATURAL. Modern civilization see them as weapon but after continuous refusal to the plan, it started a war between humans and the supernatural. Forcing humans to use other human being for experiments to produce god-like being powerful enough to maybe kill a god, results from such inhuman act are called EXPERIMENTAL. Kakashi Yami was a victim of this, leading him to a life trying to find his sister and why people are used for experiments lead him to know what should have been kept unknown. This book might contain bloodshed and sometimes erotic moments, so please beware. The protagonist is not weak and also not the strongest, but he will get stronger over time, and I will try my best to upload at least three chapters in a week.

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I woke up with pains all over my body, I stood up and looked around and noticed the destruction of the lab. What exactly happened here?, But that wasn't my problem, I wanted to run but I fell down,I looked at my leg and noticed that it was broken, it was twisted to the left. I stood up and ran a little bit away from where I was standing not minding my broken leg and started digging out the rumble, I keep digging hoping to find her. Soon, I saw something sticking out the dirt, so dig again and noticed It was her leg, that gave me a little hope as I dig faster not minding the weight of the rocks and the injury that it was making on my hand. Oh, thank God she's still breathing, I happily pushed away the heavy iron on her looked up and saw a helicopter coming towards us. "That was an hospital helicopter" I said happily as I carried her on my hand, walking to the end of the building where I saw light, I knew that was the rescue team. I walked slowly dragging my leg on the ru
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Throughout the ride I was restless, I can't just stop thinking of what might happen to her, she is the only family that I have. We enter her room, she was just lying there on the bed, I almost panic, but the sound of the life-support machine calmed me down. It continues beeping, fills me with hope. "What is that?" I asked, pointing at a large machine, three times the size of a hospital bed. "That a life-support machine" "Is it supposed to be that big and where's megumin?" "She is inside" she cleared her throat "I mean she is going to be kept inside, that's if she doesn't improve" "Can I go and see her?" "She just came back from the operation the......" Without listening, I ran to the girl in the room, only to find out that it wasn't her. "She isn't here. Where is she?" I asked fearfully. She pointed out a space which had been covered with a curtain, I walked there slowly expecting the worst, but to my surprise, she was doing fine, except for th
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"You don't have to work hard to prove anything to anyone, as long as you are satisfied with what you have done, it alright, just leave the rest for me" She smiled with admiration, and asked for my name. "Please mister, what is your name?" "My name?, Why do you ask?" "Because, when I get an admission into the academy, I'll like you to be my teacher" "If you say so" I acted cool but on the inside I felt like I was going to explode with joy. My first admirer, I'm so proud of myself, I just hope by then she might have grown up to be big, yes, I mean it, just big. "I'm Kakashi Yami, just try your best to grow up big and strong, okay?" "Yes!!" She yelled energized "thanks again and goodbye" She waved at me before running off happily. The revitalization machine was used on megimin instead, and told me she will be restored in about three years, or if we're lucky two. She offered me an admission into the academy, which I accepted because I have no other choic
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"Who was staying here?" I asked "Someone, it is not important. The person left, she is not in school," she replied. "Just maintain it, I'll come by tomorrow so we can both clean up. I'll some clothes tomorrow since you only have one" with that she left. I walked into the room and looked around, there was a wall clock hanging up, just beside the kitchen which was behind the door, walked to the other door I saw opposite the kitchen, it was the bathroom, there was some shampoo and stuff, but I didn't mind, there were girls clothes hanging everywhere but still I didn't mind, there was food in the kitchen but still I didn't mind, the girl could have left it when she left, Mira said she left the school. Not only that, but I filled the form, they were some trick questions that I didn't fully understand, so I skipped it, with that I packed the clothes that was on the bed close to the window, so I can have a view of the school at night, it was less busy, but they were still som
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"Well, you being there helps the school to get more job from the government which increases the school revenue. But, the student gets an increase of salary and maybe a promotion, but it's based on your skills" "You mean the more exchange program I participate in the more I can get promoted?" I asked. "Yes, and don't forget the salary. If you get promoted, you can get access to authorize information and can change your teammate" "What do you mean by authorize information?" "Information no one can access" she answered, "That mean I can find my sister?" I said to myself happily "Did you say something, Kakashi" "No, nothing. I know what t
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Tokah came back hours later, she seemed pale like something bad happened to her. "Tokah, what happened?" I called on to her, but she didn't respond. "Tokah!!!, You scared me. I thought we agreed that you are coming back before nightfall" She didn't answer me she kept walking straight to our house, I ran and held her hand, she held my hand and threw me against a tree, I fell on the ground coughing blood, Tokah looked at me, and suddenly she returned to her normal self and ran to help me. We got home and I asked her about what happened. "Big brother, I made a friend outside the barrier" she happily informed me. "Outside the barrier!!!!!, Who is this friend of yours?" "It was a young lady, she comes into the forest with her father to cut wood and takes it to the city" Tokah came closer to me. "Guess what brother?" "What?" I asked confused
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"What you did isn't it enough?" My mom replied crying, I've never seen her like this after that day we left the village. "My dad disowned me, you humiliated me and chase me out of the village. I'm just trying to forget about everything, so please, LET US LIVE IN PE....." My mother was cut short of her word when the third man stab my mom in the stomach in a dagger. I rushed angrily at them, they were shocked, maybe surprised to see me. He pulled the dagger out of her and went for me instead, I jumped down the stairs and just as the moment he was about to stab me my mom called out to me, he got distracted, and I used the opportunity to bend sideways allowing me to avoid his attack, I caught his hand and drag the dagger and threw it away from sight before using my left leg to kick him behind his knee, he kneeled down, and I kick his face, sending him flying across the room. The other guy caught me from behind and hit me on the floor, using his weight to put me down. My mom tried to fig
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"This is the day you'll all be set free!" An ugly looking man who should be in his late fifties shouted. He is the same person who has going on and on about us saving the world, that we are chosen, he was just trying to motivate children whose spirit are already broken, if he wanted to be a hero why didn't he do it to himself, instead of dragging along a bunch of kids who don't care. "Today, you'll be set free to make the world better with your new supernatural powers. The supernaturals, they placed themselves above us, rule over us because they think we are weak, NO. This proven that we are strong, you are the proof. But since they are trying to stop us, trying to stop us from our right, we have no choice but to fight. But we have one problem, because they made our way of fighting back we have limited resources, which can only work out for twenty people" Kenji raised his hand up, waving it, signifying that he wants to ask a question, he stood up an
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"Kakashi, don't blame yourself. What we did was right" Kenji said and pointed at an emergency exit hidden somewhere at the end of the hall. "Go, there is an exit there, just break that wall" "What about you Kenji, what are you going to do?" I asked, my body was shaking as a bullet bruise my left hand, I held it moaning in pain with Megumin still on my lap. "Why don't you come, let's go together?" " No, take Megumin. She is low on chakra so she can't heal quickly and at this rate she might die" Kenji warned me, and he kneeled down beside and gave Megumin some of his chakra. "Why did you do that?" "I can't survive, not with an injury like this" Kenji moved his hand a little from his abdomen and blood rushed out. " But at least, I'll be able to save you" "But why?, Why would you do such a thing" "You remember my brother, Kenji right?," "Yeah, I'm still confused why you and your brother have same name"
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" Oh, I almost forgot. Kakashi, meet your teacher, Yaze" Natski informed, and Yaze walked into the office, it was like he was waiting for the exact moment to be called out before he came in. "Natski, there's been report of missing people in Shibuya" he informed. " It happens between 8pm-11pm, and sometimes a whole family goes missing" "Has anyone seen anything unusual in the area" Natski asked. "No ma'am" "Then, I want you to take your team and investigate and report back to me" "Yes, ma'am" "Kakashi and Ayaka" Natski called out. "Yes ma'am" we both replied. "You are with Yaze on your mission, so listen to him" "Yes ma'am!" We all left the office, leaving Mira and Natski behind. I went back to my room to take a bath and change to my uniform and to be honest, the uniform wasn't bad, it looks like same uniform that every normal high school student wear, it was a black pair of trousers and
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