Greg's Dreaded Return

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Greg's Dreaded Return

By: BANE OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Greg Chase was a talented man. When he graduated from college, he started his own company and soon earned a lot of money. But just when he was going to have a beautiful life, his girlfriend, Laura, had a conflict with a man who tried to obscene her. To protect his girlfriend, Greg had a big fight with that man.However, that man was rich and powerful, so Greg was put into jail. His girlfriend told him that she would wait for him. But 3 years later, when Greg got out from prison, he found out that his girlfriend was going to marry the man who tried to obscene her!Fortunately, when Greg was in jail, he met a mysterious old man who taught him medicine and martial arts. The old man gave Greg a ring, which is the symbol of the king of a mystery organization.So, Greg will start his revenge on the influential man that snatched his girlfriend.

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306 chapters
She's No Longer Yours
''I handed over a hundred bucks and a wristwatch before I entered my cell,'' Greg told the prison warder with a clear tone. The thick-set, boisterous male warder shot Greg a knowing look and returned to what he was doing. ''Mr Seiko, sir. I am referring to you,'' Greg insisted after staring at the warder for a split second. ''Oh, because you are being released, you think I cannot smack you in the face with my baton? You better choose between your freedom and a damn wristwatch,'' Seiko told Greg. Greg clenched his teeth and walked away from the warder's office without taking back his surrendered items. ''See you soon Greggy boy. Please try to attack another person wealthier than your scraggy ass so that you can bring another wristwatch for me,'' Seiko yelled at Greg as he put on Greg's wristwatch with a cruel smirk. Greg turned around to look at the warder just in time to see him putting on the wristwatch. ''Filthy cunt'' Greg whispered as he turned back around and walked out
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Take Me To The Venue
''I should forget about who?'' Greg asked Pedro. ''Somebody that I went to jail for? I went through hell in jail because the lunatic that sent me there made sure I was put in the same cell with the toughest criminals. Now he has gone ahead to take my girlfriend too? Where is the venue, Pedro? I want to go there,'' Greg insisted. ''He didn't take your girlfriend, Greg. She willingly agreed to marry him,'' Pedro replied. ''Greg, why don't you just start a new life? You have time. You are still young and energetic. You are also talented with experience in the business. Go back home, brush yourself up and have a proper thought about how your life will navigate forward from now. Forget about Laura, she's gone. When you get successful all over again and become popular, she will be the one to look for you, and by then it will be too late for her. There are too many females out there that are worth it, for you to insist on destroying your life because of that lady,'' Pedro explained. ''Ta
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Angry Banter
In the mansion, the wedding had already begun. Damien Ban was the son of the richest guy in the city, so at his wedding, there were all upper-class guests.Everyone looked fancy, even the waiter had to wear a uniform worth over 1000 dollars.But among this group of people, came two different men.Greg and Pedro weren’t rich guys, especially Greg, he just came out of jail, so he wore cheap clothes, which attracted the sight of guests.“Who are they? How could they come to Mr Ban’s wedding dressing so sloppily?”“Maybe they are low-profile young masters from the greatest families? Otherwise, they won’t get an invitation!”Everyone was guessing who they were.However, the couple on the stage didn’t notice the situation here, so they were going to exchange their rings.Damien Ban stood elegantly at the front of the gathering, sliding an expensive diamond ring into Laura's finger.Suddenly, a bottle flew past his face!Laura swallowed hard and clutched her wedding dress nervously. She grab
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Strike him
''How dare you?'' Laura asked angrily. ''Are you people standing there, watching him insult me like this?'' She asked Damien's bodyguards. ''Arrest the poverty-stricken numbskull. He must be out of his mind,'' Laura barked. ''Smack...Punch...Kick...'' Greg beat up all the bodyguards that attacked him in the twinkle of an eye, to Laura's surprise. ''What?'' Laura muttered and hurried to hide behind Damien in fear. She had never seen this part of Greg before. Never. ''What is he doing? What has he turned into in jail? Damien, do something,'' Laura said as she trembled like a leaf in the wind. ''Relax Laura. Don't worry, he cannot do more than he has just done. That's all he would ever be able to do. Trust me,'' Damien said with a wicked sneer as he stared at Greg devilishly. ''But. How?'' Laura asked as she peeped at Greg from behind Damien. Damien laughed because his father was friends with the boss of the biggest mafia in the city. Sending Greg to jail was even no longer appea
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The Man In Jail
Greg smiled, and it seemed that Bane knew his ring.“An old man gave me that. Any other questions?”“An old man…”Ban mumbled, “Could you tell me his name?”Greg said, ”I don’t think you’re qualified to know his name.”“Yeah…you are right.” Bane said respectfully, now he can assure that Greg was not bluffing.''I apologise. I have nothing to do for or against the organisation,'' Bane said“What are you doing, uncle Bane? Take down this garbage and throw him into the sea!” Damien yelled.Bane suddenly turned his head and stared at Damien angrily.“Shut up you idiot! I’m your uncle, not your servant! Do not order me!”Damien was frightened by Bane, he knew how cruel Bane is.“But…”“If you want to live with your money happily, then don’t offend the people you should never mess with. This is my final advice, for your father’s sake.” Bane left with those words.Soon the place returned to Greg staring at Laura and Damien angrily.Greg suddenly turned and walked away with angry strides.Dami
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Snap Out Of It
A week had passed since Greg returned from jail and Laura was already looking like a shadow of herself. ''Go and tell your mysterious gang-affiliated ex-boyfriend to come and save you from me,'' Damien would say, anytime he was humiliating her. It didn't take too much to upset Damien, and he would pounce on Laura as if she stole from him. On the other hand, Greg was trying to thrive. He was trying to get his business back on its feet. ''I'm glad you eventually came out of your dazed state,'' Pedro said one time. He was tired of having to babysit Greg. A grown man. For the number of days Greg spent in depression, it took a lot from Pedro not to kick him out to live in the streets because Pedro was the only one footing the bills in the house. Greg was incapacitated and was not doing anything to get back on his feet at the time. Now he had taken a quick job that could fend for a place for him to live for the time being. So he left Pedro's house. ''Forget about that bitch. Don't ev
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Please, Help Me
Greg spent a lot of time arranging his new apartment to the taste he wanted, and then he fell asleep. His dreams still haunted him, just like they did when he was in jail. In fact, this time it was a little bit worse because there were more factors that disturbed his mind. Ordinarily, Greg had a phobia of things going drastically wrong in his life. In his dream, he would see Damien Ban grinning scornfully as he burnt down this new house that he just rented. Damien became one of his greatest nightmares and Greg had come to realize and accept the fact. At least, accepting that sort of thing was a good place to be in for a start, rather than fight it, because Greg felt tormented enough while he slept.When he woke up, beads of nervous sweat formed on his forehead, as he got out of bed. The only thing he could think of was taking a walk to calm his mind down, and grocery shopping seemed like a good idea at the time. As had been the norm for the past couple of days, he was strolling to t
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Pull Up Like A Gangsta
Greg leisurely walked away from blocking Laura. He felt so disgusted concerning what was going on. He wished he could yell at her and push her into Mr. Ban's arms, but he was not interested in communicating with her at all. He hated her. ''I said, get into the car,'' Mr. Ban yelled. Laura trembled and hurried into the car, waiting for Mr. Ban to finish with Leo and dole out whatever punishment he had for her for disobeying him. But Mr. Ban would not be Mr. Ban if he did not gloat in front of Greg. ''You still miss your little miss pretty thing?'' He asked Greg with mockery obvious in his voice. Greg didn't respond, nor did he show off any facial expression other than the one Mr. Ban met him there, with. ''I thought I made it clear boy, you should not be anywhere close to her. She's mine now, as you can see,'' Mr. Ban continued to say to Greg with a wicked grin. Greg's thought was that Mr. Ban really owned Laura now, in all senses of the word, owned. Look at the way he comman
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I Was In Jail
''Lucy,'' Greg muttered, although, she didn't hear him.Lucy arranged the grocery in the backseat of her car and then stood up to see that Greg was staring at her in disbelief.''Is everything okay?'' She asked him.''Are you seriously asking me that? Lucy. Who's car is this?'' Greg asked.''Oh,'' Lucy said in realization and laughed. ''Of course, it's mine. Whose would it be? It's with me, right?'' She replied.''Of course? I don't know. It could belong to a boyfriend or husband of yours for all I could care to think of,'' Greg replied.Lucy rolled her eyes.''I don't have a boyfriend, and I definitely do not have a husband,'' she replied, flashing her ring finger at Greg to indicate that it was bare.''Okay. A girlfriend then? Maybe?'' Greg asked mischievously.''What? No, Greg,'' Lucy replied and laughed heartily.There was a brief silence between them as Greg looked at her, expecting her to give him details on how she was able to afford this sort of luxury for herself. ''I have a
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Guess Who?
Lucy stopped in front of Greg's house and looked at him. Her eyes showed off how much pity she felt for Greg, she could only imagine what he was going through at this time. Recuperating from spending time in jail was not easy. ''Thanks, Lucy. I have to go and sort out these groceries now. I just moved in here today,'' Greg said as he tried to step out of the car. Lucy pulled him back ''Why are you acting as if everything is alright with you? Don't you need help?'' She asked him. ''Help? What sort of help?'' Greg asked her back. He maintained his pride as a man. Ordinarily, if not for what happened to him, Lucy would not have been so much more successful than him. It would only be by a small margin if she were more successful than him. So he tried to make sure that he maintained his dignity. ''Greg. You just left jail. You definitely have been cut off from society for three years. Where do you intend to start picking your life back up from?'' Lucy asked. ''I just got a job, rig
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