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By: Geralt Daemon OngoingFantasy

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Armand didn't know what to do when he came home from school, and suddenly his grandparents were found lifeless in a terrible condition. A bloody inscription on the wall asked him to return The Sacred Stone. An heirloom stone that should be in hell. The stone is held by a devil named Daemon. Now the demon is targeting Armand to return The Sacred Stone immediately.

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6 chapters
1. The Tragedy
Armand Rumanos, an eighteen-year-old youth. A senior student at a high school in the city of Archos. He is quiet and too lazy. Today he just came home from school. He had imagined going to sleep in his room and playing online games when he got home.The journey from school takes ten minutes on foot. He, tired and hungry, immediately opened the gate of his house when he arrived. But something is off."Strange?" muttered Armand. "Why isn't it closed?"His house gate was not closed so tightly until it was hollow. He immediately entered, though surprised. Usually, grandparents close the gate tightly."Grandma, I'm hungry. Do you have something for me to eat?" he asked. During this time, he lived in the house of his grandfather, Matt Dimitri, and his grandmother Gwen Salvador. And also with his mother, Alexa Dimitri. He doesn't have a father. The mother never told Armand about him.There is no answer at all. This was odd because it wasn't usually for his grandparents to ignore him."Grandm
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2. Becoming The Devil
"What?" Armand was very surprised to hear Viserys's words. "Become like you? A monster? No!" This time Armand tried to stand up. He didn't care if his body was in pain. Well, the most important thing is to escape from this monster."I am not a monster," said Viserys calmly. He also didn't look worried when Armand tried to run away.Armand managed to get up. He immediately stood up though very slowly. Armand walked toward the door. He tried to open the door, but he couldn't. This room's door cannot be opened."Come on!" shrieked Armand. He kept trying to pull the doorknob, but to no avail."You won't be able to open it until you decide on my offer," said Viserys."Are you nuts?" shrieked Armand. "I don't want to be a monster! I refuse your offer! Are you satisfied?"Armand was angry, annoyed, sad, and also scared. What kind of situation is this? How could he possibly be a monster? He felt he had stepped into a comic book and run a ridiculous story."Then you must die," said Viserys."W
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3. A New Life
In a luxurious mansion, Daemon, Viserys' younger brother, is looking for the whereabouts of Armand and his mother, Alexa. Since he slaughtered Armand's grandparents. He could no longer find where Armand and Alexa were.Daemon never returned to the house, but he found the house had been charred and destroyed."Sir," a man called Daemon was sitting relaxed in front of the television. He was watching a boxing fight show."Ken, look at those humans? They're so stupid. Why keep hitting him on the chin. He should have hit him directly on the nose or chest with one hit!" Daemons grumbled.Ken is Daemon's personal assistant. He is human, but Daemons make him have special powers so he can fight well. He stared at the television. I have something to say to my employer."Sir, I have something to report," Ken said."What? Have you got a model I want ?" Daemon said so lightly. He's a bitch who loves changing women in bed.Ken's expression didn't change one bit, flat and cynical. "No woman, Sir. Vi
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4. The Sacred Stone
Armand's first day at college is marred by a horrific incident. He was still standing in the park when forensic officers removed Amanda's body. Though she is beautiful, Armand intends to seduce her after some time. He is really interested in her."Hey, Armand. Just go home. Why do you keep looking at the crime scene?" asked Jonas.The police arrived quite late, so Amanda's body was not taken care of for several hours, so it became a spectacle for the students. Armand also saw Amanda's body and noticed something odd. The condition of the bodies was similar to that of his grandparents. That means Vero might not be the culprit. But everything needs to be proven."Daemon?" muttered Armand. He guesses he knows that name."Daemon?" Jonas was astonished when Armand muttered a name. "You know the university's owner?"Armand was not surprised when he heard Jonas's words. "What do you mean? The owner of the university?""Daemon Bastian. You mentioned his name earlier," Jonas said.Armand's hear
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5. The Black Hand
Today Armand did not return to Vichir's house. Instead, he secretly went to his grandparents' house. Daemon's words bothered him greatly. How could all these deaths be because of the Sacred Stone on him? He never felt like receiving a stone from his mother. Especially after a year of quitting, Armand doesn't know how Alexa, his mother, is doing. Where is she, is she still alive, or why isn't Alexa looking for Armand."Why did things turn out like this?" Armand muttered while looking at the ruins of his grandparents' house inside his car.In that house, there are lots of memories stored. Armand, who had no father since childhood, was raised with love by his grandparents and his mother. Now they are not there because of a tragic incident. Moreover, he is considered the cause of all this.While daydreaming in the car, someone suddenly knocked on his car window. Suddenly Armand came to his senses. He looked outside the car and saw his college friend, Lisa. Armand hurriedly opened the car
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6. Armand's Job
"What?" Armand was surprised. He was more surprised by this fact than by the fact that he was a descendant of a devil. "What do you mean? My father? You said all this was Daemon doing." Viserys still looked very relaxed. He did not want to be provoked by Armand. "Your mother is most likely with your father. I can't be sure if it was your father or Daemon who made the mess at your grandparents' house, but it's clear they most likely have a connection to the incident," Viserys said. Armand was getting fed up with Viserys' words. How could he not care about the mess his family had caused. "And you just do nothing? You're silent about this whole mess? Daemon told me that wherever I go, death will always haunt me. The people around me are in danger. What do you want me to do? I have to do my thing. I have to find my mother!" Armand screamed. "Your job is to return The Sacred Stone back to hell. You can't just want your mother back," Viserys snapped. "You used me for your own purposes!
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