"I'll speak with the king."

Ivan shot, glaring at Prium. 

"Why should it be you?"

Prium tackled. She didn't care to spare the rest of the group a glance. She was willingly and sternly eating up Ivan with that odd ogle. 

"Because you don't have manners and might ruin the whole thing and we can't afford that. Or can we?"

He turned to the rest. Prium turned too and saw the lot nodding. She was about to make a scene, for why should she be humiliated in such manner, but then Hava came on,

"None of you two would. Let the princess of our land speak to the king. Since she is the Princess and carries the legitimate heir to the throne, the king will believe easily and we wouldn't have to stretch the unnecessary."


Ivan shot and Prium glared,


The four walked into the fort of the palace which was bordered by lofty ramparts. 



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