Hell is a Post-Apocalyptic World

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Hell is a Post-Apocalyptic World

By: Leonell Gamasa CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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After a failed confrontation with his wife's perpetrator Daniel ended up being plunged into the sea. The next thing he knew he woke up in a mysterious world filled with magical beings and savage monsters. He will embark on a journey that will bring him back home.

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41 chapters
Chapter 1: Tragic Encounter
“No matter what happens I have to find her. I need to find Beatrice.” These are Daniel's thoughts while sneaking past the guards of a party cruise that is about to set sail from the shore of Florida. He showed the guards his fake ID then they checked the guest list and find the name there. Daniel successfully got inside the ship. He looked around and saw a bunch of people wearing fancy formal clothings. The interior of the cruise is filled with chandeliers that has diamond crystals dangling from its light. There is also a long red shiny carpet on the floor. Butlers are  walking around carrying  silver trays with glasses of red wine on top of them. Throughout the ship the sound of jazz music is echoing. Despite hearing the relaxing music, intense feeling of pressure and despair  still clouds Daniel's mind.    “This place is filled with rich assholes. They clearly have no idea that a criminal is lurking around this place. Speaking
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Chapter 2: The Shore
Daniel woke up. The moment he opened his eyes, the sight of the dark cloudy  sky immediately met his gaze. He stood up and looked around. He finds himself at the shore of a mysterious island. He can hear the sound of crashing waves, he smells the breeze of the sea. The island is surrounded by rocky mountains and trees. He stood up and looked at his chest. There are holes in his clothes but no sign of bullet wounds in his skin. He looked around and examined the place. From a distance he saw a small cabin made out of woods from palm trees. He instinctively approached the house to check if someone's living there. He knocked on the door but no one is responding. He did it for like five times until he got bored. He decided to walk around and continues exploring the place. From a distance he found a mysterious old man with long white curly hair, curly long beard, body of skin and bones and  a bulging beer belly. "Hey!" he called out. Read more
Chapter 3: Longing for Home
Daniel woke up. as soon as he opens his eyes, the sight of Beatrice's beautiful face greeted his gaze. "Good morning sweetie!" Beatrice cheerfully greeted. Daniel smiled before giving a sweet kiss on Beatrice's lips. Everything was fine. A glimmer of light makes their surroundings a bit blurry. Everything feels happy, until he woke up again on the same island. No matter how happy his dreams are, he's still trapped in that place. "I really have to get out of here."Daniel gets up. He immediately head at the shore to see if he could run into someone that would bring him home. As expected, there's nothing to see except for the vast body of water. Several minutes later Alcharon approached him. "Hey boy!" Alcharon greeted. "Hey." Daniel greeted back. "Did you find something?" Alcharon asked. Da
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Chapter 4: The Only Way Out
Back in Miami. After finding Yeltsa's body,the staff immediately called the authorities. Thirty minutes later, five police officers and a detective arrived at the scene. They immediately examined it, trying to find clues. The detective approached the staff and questioned her. "How did you find the body?" the detective asked.  "I came  to the room to do some cleaning. I thought he had already checked out but then I went to the shower room and I found him there," the staff explained. "Is he alone in this room?" the detective asked."Yes! As far as I remember he checked in alone," the lady replied. "Did he show any signs of health issues when he checked in?" the detective asked. "No," the staff replied. A police officer called out the detective, interrupting his conversation with the staff. "I found something!" says the police. He showed him a pack  of plast
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Chapter 5: Beginning of a Journey
The following morning, Both of them got up early. "Did you get enough sleep?" Alcharon asked. "Yes. I slept soundly last night," Daniel replied. "That's good. You need to have enough strength." Alcharon smiled. "Are you ready?" he asked. Daniel nodded. "I can't anticipate what waits for me though." He smiled, awkwardly. "Follow me," Alcharon instructed. "Where are we going?" Daniel asked. "You'll see," Alcharon replied. Both of them went to the storage room. The room is filled with weapons, tools, and random wooden and metallic materials. At a corner, there is a boat that has holes around it. Alcharon grabbed a sheet of cloth and a long rope. He also grabbed a mach
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Chapter 6: A City Called Limbo
Daniel and Virgil went inside the tunnel. If it isn't for the gas lamp that Daniel is holding both of them wouldn't see anything at all.  "Are there any dangerous stuffs in this shit cave?" Daniel asked.  "Don't worry, caves are the calmest place here," Virgil replied.  They kept on walking, navigating their way through the tunnel. The tunnel is smooth. There no any signs of inconvenient rock formations. There are no signs of any wild animals, not even bats. The place is silent and dark. It is unsettling to say the least. Virgil is calm while Daniel stays alert all the time. He is looking for any sign of hazards but it seems like danger don't apply in the tunnel.  "This place is strangely empty," Daniel noticed
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Chapter 7: The Passing
Katherine slid open the red door of her house."Come in quick!" She went inside. Daniel and Virgil followed her. Daniel looked around examining the house. He saw parchment of papers scattered all around its dirty white tiled floor. The bright yellow ceiling is filled with dusty cobwebs.  Stacks of wooden boxes are scattered at every corner. "You have a pretty neat place," Daniel commented."I'm sorry. This place is a mess. I don't have time to clean it," Katherine picked up a few pieces of paper from the floor. "Don't apologize Katherine. It is kind enough of you to provide a temporary shelter for us," said Virgil. Katherine smiled. 

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Chapter 8: The Three Travelers
"Do you want to come with us?" Virgil asked Katherine. "If you'll take me out of this world then I will come with you." Katherine accepted Virgil's invitation without any sign of hesitation. "Alright! We'll be on our foot first thing in the morning!" the cat said, cheerfully. After eating dinner, the three of them slept. Daniel slept at the couch. Virgil slept at the floor. Katherine slept at the bed in her room. The night is silent, at least inside the house. A lot of chaos are occurring outside. There are people running around, chasing one another, carrying dangerous weapons such as, axe, sword, machete, and even guns. The loud screams of people being hurt echoes throughout the city. The sound of firing guns echoed as well. For the entire night, it was noisy, but as
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Chapter 9: AnThell's Chaos
The next morning, the three of them continued walking. Daniel stumbled upon a couple of rocks, hurting his toe. He accidentally stepped on Virgil's tail. "Watch it Moron!" Virgil yelled. "Sorry not sorry." Daniel looked at the cat, smirking. "So. What are we expecting at the end of this tunnel?" Katherine asked, hoping for an answer that she will like.  "Chaos, Katherine, chaos," Virgil replied in a threatening voice. "That doesn't sound assuring!" Katherine zoned out as she imagines the possible scenes that might be waiting for them. "We're in hell Katherine. A lot of chaos awaits us," said
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Chapter 10: A Way Through
Katherine and Daniel looked at Virgil. "No fucking way. We can't climb it," said Daniel, trying to decline the cat's suggestion. "Daniel's right. It's too high!" Katherine agreed. The cat bursts into laugher. "What's funny?" Daniel asked maintaining a poker face. "I just couldn't believe you'd actually believe me." the cat continued laughing. Katherine lets out a sigh of relief while Daniel laughed, sarcastically."So how are we going to get through?" Katherine asked, scratching her head. 
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