Chapter 140

Mom had been crying since Ben woke up, it was more like tears of joy but Daniel said it was just unnecessary. 

I was so happy that Ben had finally opened his eyes. He could only smile weakly at us and said just few words. 

Daniel said if he had the chance he would have taught the doctor a lesson for telling us there was an high chance of memory loss. 

Williams informed us that he'd have to go back to Abuja since Ben was recovering and Daniel told me he was glad because Williams seemed to be 'bossing' around. 

"but he's the eldest na " I frowned at him but he only pushed me away. 

I had strangely totally recovered from my strange illness or whatever it was. My mom told me it was because Ben had recovered. 

She felt sad that all of us would soon go back leaving only she and andrew behind. 

Three days after Ben's recovery. 

We were se

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