I´m the strongest Cheat Lord in the whole world!

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I´m the strongest Cheat Lord in the whole world!

By: Marvin Miño OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Kurono Ichiru is a student who died tragically in a traffic accident. A god appeared before him and fulfilled his wish to be reincarnated into his favorite game, the only problem is... "Huhh! That idiot god reincarnated me into a magic stone!" To make his life more sufferable, the tutorial villain finds him, and now the two of them must work together to stop their enemies from destroying the kingdom. A story of misunderstanding with the protagonist and the villain has just begun!

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77 chapters
Prologue (Volume 1)
Part A "Hurry up!" "They're coming!" "Leave no side free!" In a barren land, a great war was being waged. The sound of clashing swords, screams of soldiers falling dead, and the scorching sun manage to paint a very warlike picture. A brown-haired man with a Mohican was sitting down and very irritated. "Nothing yet to answer the squadron sent?" The man was asking his subordinate who was trembling. "I'm very sorry General Lurden! But the gold pine squadron has not returned yet. In fact, no message has reached us confirming that they arrived at their destination." "What did you say”" The conversation was interrupted by a huge explosion at the front. Remains of soldiers were falling to the ground. Their intestines were scattered everywhere. "Damn it is here!" The general picked up his case and his battle mace. "Prepare for battle!" All the soldiers took their w
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Chapter 1 ─ The Protagonist and the Villain
The location of this game world is centered in the Brune Kingdom, a small third-rate country according to the neighboring kingdoms. There is no electricity nor adventurers, to get similar benefits use magic stones which you get in mines or from monsters. Magic stones come in different shapes and sizes, but craftsmen in magic stone factories are in charge of modifying and polishing them to be used in different places. As for example lanterns, instead of using candles and matches, they use magic stones to achieve the same goal. You just put the magic stone in a small box and the magic does the rest. The coastal fishing sector is less developed. They are implementing magic stones to the boats to try to turn them into steamboats, but the effect is negative. The farming sector is going through a crisis due to bandits stealing from farmers, plagues sent by envious merchants and poisoning of the land. The Brune Kingdom abounds
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Chapter 2 ─ Cheating Skills (1)
It has been half a year since Rei and Kurono met. Someone was hanging around the mansion. "Haah! Haah!" From very early in the morning, before the sun rose, Rei was running. His body slimmed down and was now slim, his legs for a child's were getting stronger. At first he couldn't even run a lap without fainting, but now he could run 800 laps and still keep running. He had several buckets of water in different areas so that when he felt tired, he could drink it. When he reached the 1000th lap. The workout was over. "Fuaah~ that sure was a lot of exercise!" He took a towel which he laid down on a board, then lay down on the grass to rest, Kurono spoke to him as Rei enjoyed this moment. "It certainly was. In just half a year you have exceeded my expectations, well done Rei." "That's par for the course, I'm a Duke's son." (Although if I'm not mistaken, in the game the protagonist was the adop
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Chapter 3 ─ Cheating Skills (2)
"Cheat Skill: Super Strong Earth Wall!" It's been a week since Rei learned how to use cheat skills. His situation with cheat magic is regular, there are times where he exceeds expectations and others where he almost dies, like what he does now. "Uwaah!" He created a wall of earth despite he said wall, the wall was so big that it grew a kilometer and is almost crushed by the earth removed. "It was dangerous." "It was without a doubt, but there's no time to waste Rei, let's keep practicing." "Yes!" *Roar* Rei's good cheer was interrupted by an enemy impossible to defeat, hunger. "My stomach is growling, it's time to eat." Rei had been training for a couple of hours, he brought his lunch by the time this happened. But Kurono was in a bad mood. That was because of the food Rei brought. It was some pork sandwiches with chicken with lettuce and tomato. When he prepared t
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Chapter 4 ─ First Harem Member
Five years have passed since then. The territory of the Redblade Duchy has improved a lot. The commoners' houses that were once made of wood and thatch were now made of brick. The officials and knights who had their families living here also improved their houses. The difference between the house of a commoner and a Redblade vassal was the size of the dwelling. The streets were paved so to speak. In the center of the city, which was now a large shopping plaza, a huge fountain was the most touristy place in the whole territory for now. Because of the beautiful design of a wailing mermaid, couples gathered around to eat or rest. The air was also pleasant as rot or waste no longer smelled in the streets. There was sewerage. There was clean water. There was even a schedule for picking up garbage and destroying it so as not to pollute. But that's not all, also the farms and crops in the territ
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Chapter 5 ─ Noble Wretches
"Well, how do you spell this?" "It's spelled..." It had been a few days since Rei met Rose. She was learning the Kingdom's spelling with Walter. Everyone already knows that she is the assistant to the future lord of these lands, so, if anything happens to her, their heads will roll. "Err, where is Reidel-sama?" "The young Master is meeting with a visitor right now, is it something important you should say?" "N-No... I just wanted to know if we would eat lunch together." "It won't be long now, so I'm sure we will." "Hahahahaha!" A laugh came from another room, there stood Rei with Harold. ◇◇◇ "This is the best!" "Yes. The profits due to the new product are high, as agreed, your half." Harold handed Rei a chest, when he opened it, he found a large pile of gold coins. "You have 1000 gold coins, you can count them if you wish." "No, I trust you, so I know they
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Chapter 6 ─ Infinity Cheats
Five years have passed since that incident. The kingdom has undergone various changes thanks to Rei and Rose, both of whom have been killing corrupt nobles who were attempting against the duchy. To make it even more heroic, a group of knights were currently spying on a casino. Not just any casino, but one that operates clandestinely in broad daylight. Where in addition to gambling and enjoying exotic alcoholic beverages, it is also a nest where drug traffickers, illegal purchase and sale of weapons of the republic, and even where requests for kidnapping or murder are carried out. The Kingdom is unaware of this thanks to the owner's undercover conspirators. A man known in the underworld as the "Black King", a figure who never shows his face and always moves under the table. ... Or so it was supposed to be. "Could it be that one?" "It must be. We've seen everyone going in and out of there every day for several weeks."
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Chapter 7 ─ Duke Redblade
It was evening in the duchy.The duke and his wife were having a romantic dinner as husband and wife."Well, how was it?""Delicious!"They were both feeding each other with their own fingers."This is the best romantic dinner ever, honey!""Hahaha, it's not the best as there will be many more like this to come, my beloved."The wife looked at him with moist loving eyes."Do you love me that much?""I would never trade this moment for anything in the world.""My~, what a sweet husband you are.""And you the most beautiful woman in the world."A pink aura surrounded them as they approached.The romantic moment was stopped by Reidel who came in kicking the door.He turned on the light and the candles were still burning."Mother, father! Stop what you're doing right now! I have something important to announce!"Rei's mother became annoyed and pouted."Moo! Rei-chan! Yo
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Chapter 8 ─ Cheat Lord goes to the Royal Academy
Today was a special morning, it is because today is the start of chapter one of the game.In the original game which was a dating simulator, there was no such thing as chapters, just the prologue and followed by the first day at the academy.There was a total of one year's worth of days.That was the length of the plot, but now that it became an eroge, they added more things.First of all, the chapters are divided into three. The first is the arc of the principality, the second chapter of the republic and the third and final chapter is the empire.These represent the three years of the academy.There is a fourth chapter that happens after the third, it is of enjoying your harem with gratifying scenes of impregnating each of them.That chapter is the one I'm least interested in for one reason only and that is..."Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Harder please!"Unlike yesterday when they had me locked in the crate, this
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Chapter 9 ─ Saint Princess
"As you may know, magic is the purest state of strength in the world.""For that reason, there are many humans who are born with the ability to be able to use it, among those humans long ago the social state developed.""We have three social states. Commoners, knights and aristocrats.""Commoners have no rank and no magic power either, but some of them are born with the ability to use it, that's why they are adopted by noble families.""Knights are considered semi-nobles since they possess a surname, but they do not possess a territory or property or resources, that being the reason for the treatment of being only vassals of noble families.""Now with the nobles, there are six types as you may know. From the highest to the lowest they are: duke, marquis, count, viscount, baron and baronet.""Now, who will explain to me how one rises in rank?"It has been a couple of days since the academy started, the month was the end of January.
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