A couple of minutes, up to thirty minutes earlier, after the meeting at the Hunters guild conference Hall pertaining the shifting of their annual hunting festival had just concluded and most had started heading out to continue with the rest of their day, Xander and a few others were made to stay behind and tidy up the place before they leave as it was their time on the roster.

"You're joining me later for a drink right Xander?" Asked Kevin as he, Michelle and Paul were just about to head out.

"Of course Kevin, it's a shame that I have to arrange today or we would have watched the trail together but once I'm done here it'll only take me a moment to get to the bar"

"Yeah, but what the real shame here is is that because we're leaving before you and since I can't wait cause I'm missing trail time right now, we can't get a ride in that Jeep of yours. Could have gotten to the bar a lot faster with that beauty instead of having to trek like everyone else
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