This temple was so massive that from the bottom to the top of it, it was the same height level as the Eiffel tower while the depth and width were that of a grand football stadium. The entrance to this mysterious temple was just a couple of meters away from where Daniel stood with there being a flight of stairs which lead to this grand entrance in front of him.

Behaving like he was currently feeling overwhelmed the moment the temple had appeared in front of him Daniel went down on his knees and he practically threw his body to the ground, crunching an all fours like a child as tears of regret filled his eyes, grabbing a handful of ground padding as he wried and wailed  remorsefully.

"Please forgive me High Ones. I know I have sinned beyond redemption. It was my duty to protect the Passage Way and judge whoever is to use it, weighing their hearts and then decide who is pure to access its Chambers, your Chambers and have their desires given to them, but i
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