A familiar figure with a different face

Bai Feng's eyes remained closed as he expanded his senses to their limits.

He created a dome-like area around himself using his enhanced senses, focusing them inward and creating a space where nothing could escape his notice.

This was a technique he thought about and created due to his difficulty fighting against opponents who had proficiency in stealth.

However, it was in its experimental stages because he never had time to use it anywhere. Nor did he have anyone proficient in stealth who was in his team that he could train against.

This would be the first test run against the monster who did this to these two children.

Bai Feng's arm went to the side, grabbing ahold of a scaly arm which suddenly became fair and silky smooth in his gaze.

However, Bai Feng wasn't enticed by the sight of the arm as he started to apply pressure.

Suddenly, the arm slipped out of Bai Feng's grasp, seemingly as if there were no bones inside of it while bec

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