Striving towards a common goal

The copy smiled at Bai Feng as she cut her palm, creating a plus symbol on it:

"The slave contract is pretty simple, I make a plus sign on my palm, and you make a minus one, then we cross our palms together, and I will send my Qi into your body to finish the ritual."

Bai Feng did as she said, and they quickly joined their hands.

Bai Feng could feel some of her Qi seeping from her hand into his, but nothing happened.

But for theatrics sake, a huge amount of Qi exploded between Bai Feng and the copy. Making the fused apostles have no doubts about the veracity of the slave contract.

Bai Feng bowed to the copy and said:


The copy laughed gleefully and sent him another mental message:

"Now listen here. I can't tell you this more than one time. I know what you want, and you know what I want, so we can work together towards a common goal, alright?"

"For starters, I know that you don't particularly care abo

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