I am the Supreme Hunter

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I am the Supreme Hunter

By: Dreamwriter7 CompletedFantasy

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Planet Terra was a normal world, everyone lived a steady life where every country had been at peace for decades and was progressing steadily in Technology and Research advancement, not until a deep shockwave that traveled from space and time itself brought disaster to Planet Terra, where the existence of beast, monster, and demons from other plains started to invade the planet. From the disaster, the humans started to awaken their abilities and become a hunter they started to push the invaders to take back the cities and the countries themselves, and with the unity of each country, they started to travel the gates of the other plains. Huh, you’re a demon so what…. Ho, a demigod interesting.. You asked who I am?... I am the Supreme Hunter… Watch Raven, an F-rank hunter who will carve his name from the blood and bodies of his enemies, as he walked the path that even gods envied.

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In the year 2022, a gate suddenly appeared out of nowhere and monsters began to swarm out of it. Humanity was caught off guard in facing the beast, monster, etc.. out of those gates and was completely helpless with the current weaponry they have, because the higher the rank, the faster, stronger, and more intelligent those monsters become.But gradually, humans with unknown abilities start to fight the monsters. People called them 'awakeners'. With their abilities, they start to take back the cities that are swarming with monsters little by little and create a safe zone for the humans to live in.The awakeners, who were now known as hunters, and the government of each country started to work together, turning the side of survival against beasts, and monsters into a mission of hunting, using the materials they obtained. They processed them into different items, weapons, and food sources.After 13 years, the surviving country has stabilized and granted the hunters their rights and merit
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Abilities Information:Abilities@#$ *#$%@#@ SPEED (???) (1% awaken)[ First form sprint -3 manaYour speed will be doubled in 2 minutes. You'll have a 5% boost in your senses]@#$ @#$%&*@ eyes (???)(1% awaken)[1st form eye of appraisal -5 mana-You can use the appraisal to appraise others' information, the higher the level of strength of Target the lower the chance of complete appraisal and 50% chance of being discovered.]@#$ @#$%&*@ talk (???) (1%awaken)[First form words of truth 5 mana-you can ask a person to tell you the truth, even the simplest question no one can lie to you. You can only force those who are slightly stronger than you.]Tinker level 4[2 mana- your arms will be fast to tinker with any weapon- you can now analyze them when fixing or improving anything you tinker from materials to weapons, suits, and vehicles.-you can see weak spots in weapons] After re-reading his skills, Raven surf the internet to watch the interview of the hunters returning from their ex
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..Raven got off the driver's seat and checks the bell's father, when he thinks everything's alright in his condition he lifts bell's father to rush into the underground bunker of his uncle when he got near the bunker, he suddenly saw the guards open the bunker and sees his aunt and twin cousin run towards him with two maids and the private guard of the house."Raven what happened are you okay," her aunt run worriedly toward him, seeing the old man in his hands and bell whose about to cry she signaled the maid to take bell to the bunker, Raven nodded to bell to follow the maid.He looked at her aunty who was a real beauty even though she's in her 40's but still slightly younger than his uncle a year or 2, with black hair that reaches her waist and with her height of 5'5 she was also a B+ rank hunter whose good at support skill and a knowledgeable and experienced doctor."Aunty please take care of bells father's wound it's not serious but we need to stop the bleeding," Raven seriously
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As Raven entered the trial, all the guilds and soldiers in the country fought the monster that comes out of the gates and are roaming the area, dozen of soldiers and hunters died for not expecting a dire situation to happen. ...................... "Guild master the situation is getting worse. The monsters keep coming out of the gates. The worst thing is that the massive gate is still unknown to us. According to the mana reader, the massive gate is still expanding and in a dormant state", Jayson read the report of every team that has been dispatched to counter and control the monster outbreak. "Darn it....@#$%.... what about the other guild's report from the roundtable, beast, and other sub-level guilds are there any information?." Benjamin ask jayson.. "Some low-level guild was wiped out from the monster outbreak they are the first to respond when the gates appeared," Jayson sadly read and gave more reports to benjamin. Benjamin Light is the uncle of Raven the Second strongest S-c
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Seed released a flower from the ground and wrapped Jayson's whole body and was injected by some unknown fluid in his body. "Seed you, what are you doing?" "Jayson you're still young. I know what you think and I've also been there, so let me be a senior to you too, just like my senior in the past, we are old after all hahaha." Seed laughs heartily as he remembers the past while looking at Jayson's eyes with a smile. "Seed is right Jayson, we are all in our 30s to 40s the guild becomes our home and you younglings are still young, so enjoy it, we also want to face that monster. It's been years and I can never forget that aura," James added... "Do you think these flowers and vines will stop me?" said Jayson angrily. " Of course not haha, your duel Elementalist after all, having your fire will just burn my plants and, that's that haha" seed laughed before going serious in his tone and added "but the needles of the vines are not something you can withstand Jayson that vine needle itself
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Sword dance + sword energy + way of the sword activate" James with firm and red eyes as he moved as fast as the demon and waved his sword to the fullest and scariest degree of his sword way "Ughhh," the demon groaned as he was stabbed in his left hand and had a sword cut to some part of his body. "You darn humans, playtime is over now die for me!" he punched as hard with his strongest physical attack but was absorbed by Tack's shield of will. Boom..."Do you think the light aura of our will we are wrapped in is just a decoration demon, no physical and magical attack can hurt us as long as this light aura exists and, because of seed it strengthens to another level haha" Tack gave a big loud words and anger to the demon "Lowly Human than I just have to, surpass the ability of your shield, don't you think haha.. I'm a proud demon, one over the many Cryos the general do you think I'll let a lowly humans step on my dignity as a demon I'll be a laughing stock If I do that in the demon wo
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Ha..ha.. ha, what kind of force is that!!.. That's too scary, Nima it's like I'm gonna lose my life because of that force" Raven stabilized his breathing and wiped out his cold sweats. As he looked around he could see flying islands and was amazed at how beautiful the island was as they have independence and are in sync with the formation before he could marvel more at the island he heard the system announcement again and was quite alarmed at what the system will announce again if he could turn back the time he would just choose the other one because of the information that his gonna risk his life in the trial.[DING.. 1st trial has been set...][DING.. 1st trial Rank: A mission The island of the sky of independence space is in danger of being swallowed by a mythical world-devouring beast... in 35 minutes,-you the participant must reset the 9 formations of the 12 islands, the elemental runic formation is on your left side ones you started to move to your fir
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"AWAKENING MY FIRST ABILITY" After his ten minutes' rest and thinking about the possible use of his reward, he decided to use his awakening, in @#$ *#$%@#@ SPEED (???) (1% awaken) because this is his escape and offensive ability that he has now, even though he wants to awaken the eyes first he was still his skeptical if he could use it too survived in the trial, the eye's ability as for talk his not sure about the ability and was still rooting for speed so he thinks of the runic stone of voice of gods which appeared on his hands in an instant. The runic stone-like shape is a diamond that is really expensive, its size was the size of a baby's hand and its color was black all over. "System used the runic stone, the voice of the gods, to awaken my speed ability now," as he was excited about what his real ability was. The runic stone shined brightly and turned into a mist that was entering his pores. He felt a jolt experiencing [Ding] [Using the voice of gods to awaken the ability of
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I Choose You..
What? Why didn't you tell me that earlier hays" Raven started to scratch his head as a sign of him thinking deeply about what to choose of the three choices the guardian spirit had given him.'Think Raven Light. What do I choose should I go for a spirit contract it would be good and I'm not like any other person who liked to abuse others, but it is just a middle spirit, even though it's strong, it would still be weaker than the guardian spirit himself and, for the second choice itself I have no intention of choosing that, it was just a lend and I can't guarantee a certain someone would take it if the situation arises that would be a double edge sword if I'm in a mission and it's not like I can control the elemental hands that easily in its full power just seeing it right now its a no, nono for me, even though the affinity is good as its merit I could just practice my second form I think it could give me the same benefit than the 2nd choice the guardian spirit gave me. Then the final
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[Unknown cave of the trial]"Ohh, I can feel a delicious meal arriving at my doorstep. What a kind person. I wonder what he tastes like? It's been a thousand years since I warmed my belly with those tender and juicy meat with the wonderful aroma of aura hehe I can't wait. Come to my little abode my kind little fat sheep, show me feaaaarr, now come, come, comeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahahahahaha" as the mysterious man hysterically laughed in the unknown cave with his eyes smiling with red light in the darkness as he released the foul smell of miasma made of aura in his body makes that makes the area feel with Its horror and dreadfulness, even plants that brims with life can only wither and animals die leaving only its bones as proof of their existence in his area, making his surrounding lifeless."A human dared to enter my forest, what does it seek?" The entity, looks at Raven from afar with one of its eyes on a wooden throne inside a cave after glancing at Raven for a second he again clos
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