Villain Supreme

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Villain Supreme

By: Sinadin OngoingSystem

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In the aftermath of the catastrophic Day of Destruction, a resilient world emerges. Enter Tiraz Meishin, a determined youth starting his journey at the prestigious Reus Academy. As he steps into Class E, a realm of underprivileged students, fate unveils its plans. Little do they know, their unassuming teacher, Mr. Arkram, harbors a dark secret. He is none other than Aiden Arkram, the legendary Villain Supreme. In a world where heroism and villainy blur, "Villain Supreme" weaves mystery, action, and humor. Join Tiraz and his classmates as they unravel their teacher's enigmatic past, and discover the true meaning of heroism. Get ready for a thrilling saga of redemption and courage, where second chances shape destinies. Uncover hidden potentials and secrets in this epic tale that challenges beliefs and pushes the limits of heroism. Are you prepared to witness their legend? .... Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional and the plot is not to be associated with actual records. All characters and designs in this book are totally fictional. There is no intentional disrespect shown to any community. Please be aware of the plot and read it as fiction. This story is purely created for the readers’ entertainment purposes and shall not bear any responsibility for hurting sentiments. .... Your support is genuinely appreciated.

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70 chapters
Tiraz Meishin
As the city streets teemed with life, Tiraz Meishin, a young and spirited delivery boy, embarked on his daily journey through the bustling urban landscape.With each pedal of his bicycle, he weaved through the labyrinth of traffic with remarkable dexterity, his senses finely tuned to the ebb and flow of the chaotic city.The blaring horns, the cacophony of voices, and the symphony of scents that wafted from the diverse array of street food stalls created a vibrant tapestry that painted the essence of the metropolis.Tiraz navigated through the organized chaos, his nimble movements and quick reflexes ensuring timely deliveries to the hungry denizens of the bustling streets.Every stop on his route brought him face to face with a multitude of characters, each with their unique stories and desires.From tired office workers craving a taste of home-cooked meals to families eagerly awaiting their dinner after a long day, Tiraz became the conduit through which sustenance and smiles were del
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Morning Morning!
Days had slipped away like sand through the hourglass, each one tinged with anticipation and eagerness.And now, the much-awaited day had arrived—the orientation day at Reus Academy, a prestigious institution that stood as a beacon of knowledge and excellence.Tiraz, a bundle of nerves and excitement, found himself standing before the colossal gates of the academy, marveling at the grandeur that lay beyond.The walls that encased Reus Academy were nothing short of awe-inspiring. Towering high above, they stood as sentinels of education, imparting a sense of security and purpose. Constructed with imposing bricks, their formidable presence evoked a deep respect for the pursuit of knowledge.But it wasn't just their height that commanded attention; intricate carvings adorned the stone surface, depicting scenes of triumph and wisdom that echoed the academy's rich history.As Tiraz approached the gates, he couldn't help but notice the presence of AI robots stationed as guards, their sleek m
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Academy Altercation
As Tiraz walked through the sprawling corridors of Reus Academy, his eyes widened in awe of the magnificence that surrounded him.The walls, tall and imposing, stood as a symbol of the academy's strength and history. The gates, adorned with intricate designs, welcomed students into a world of limitless possibilities.The meticulous attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the academy's architecture. The halls were adorned with exquisite artwork, showcasing the rich tapestry of creativity that thrived within these walls.Tiraz couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement as he absorbed the vibrant atmosphere that seemed to pulsate through the very foundation of the building.The sound of students' laughter and animated conversations filled the air, creating a symphony of youthful enthusiasm.As Tiraz made his way through the bustling hallways, he couldn't help but notice the diverse array of students. Some were engaged in deep conversations, their passion for knowledge eviden
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Master Of Chaos
About 500 years ago. This event is what led to the revolution of the super society. ...The city lay in utter ruin, a landscape of broken dreams and shattered hopes.Amongst the wreckage stood a figure, a young man of eighteen with long, flowing white hair that swirled around his face like a tempest.His name was Aiden Arkram, and he had inadvertently unleashed a power that surpassed his wildest imaginings.Aiden's cerulean eyes glimmered with a mixture of astonishment and exhilaration as he surveyed the destruction he had wrought.He couldn't help but laugh, a wild, unrestrained sound that echoed through the desolate streets.The chaos around him was intoxicating, a symphony of destruction that filled him with an inexplicable delight."Who would've thought, huh?" Aiden mused, his voice tinged with a touch of arrogance."Aiden Arkram, the harbinger of chaos! I always knew there was something special about me, but this... this is next-level!"His laughter echoed off the broken buildin
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Suddenly, the deafening sound of approaching helicopters and blaring sirens shattered the eerie symphony of destruction.Aiden's laughter echoed through the air, blending with the cacophony of chaos.Choppers whirled above, their searchlights illuminating the devastation below.Police vehicles screeched to a halt, forming a barrier between Aiden and their futile attempts to subdue him."Cease this madness!" a voice boomed from a loudspeaker, its authority laced with desperation."Aiden Arkram, surrender yourself. There is nowhere to hide."Aiden's laughter escalated, a sinister crescendo that drowned out their feeble demands.He raised his hand, palm open, and with a snap of his fingers, unleashed a cataclysmic blast of energy that obliterated the nearest police vehicles.The explosion sent shockwaves rippling through the air, the force of his power reducing the metal frames to twisted wreckage.The choppers hovered above, their occupants frantically calling for reinforcements.But Ai
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Clash Of Titans
The air crackled with energy as Aiden and the superhero locked eyes, their unspoken challenge resonating through the desolate battlefield.The superhero, resolute in his purpose, stepped forward, his metallic armor gleaming under the pale moonlight.Aiden's smirk deepened, relishing the opportunity to test his might against a worthy opponent.With lightning speed, the superhero lunged at Aiden, fists clenched and ready for combat. Aiden sidestepped the attack effortlessly, his movements fluid and graceful.He retaliated with a swift strike, aiming to incapacitate his adversary. But the superhero anticipated his every move, countering with a skillful block and a counterattack of his own.Their clash was a symphony of raw power and extraordinary skill. Aiden's strikes were fueled by his godlike strength, each blow capable of crumbling mountains.The superhero, with his unwavering determination, matched him blow for blow, utilizing his arsenal of gadgets and martial arts expertise to his
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The Embodiment Of Chaos
"Sike!"Aiden's eyes flickered with a glint of cunning as he absorbed the superhero's words. In that moment of contemplation, he saw an opportunity—a chance to deceive his opponent and reassert his dominance.With a swift motion, he feigned defeat, crumbling to his knees as if overwhelmed by the weight of his own malevolence.Reus, unaware of Aiden's ruse, approached cautiously, his gaze filled with a mix of compassion and wariness.He extended a hand once again, this time offering solace and redemption. Aiden, in a calculated move, reached out as if to accept the gesture.But as their hands met, a surge of dark energy pulsed through Aiden's fingertips. Reus gasped, his eyes widening in shock, but it was too late.Aiden's true nature was revealed—a master manipulator, orchestrating his own downfall for the sake of a grander plan.With a triumphant sneer, Aiden rose to his feet, his countenance transformed from defeated to vengeful.The cityscape trembled beneath the weight of his powe
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Awakening And Realisation
As the dust settled and the defeated heroes lay in their defeated state, Aiden Arkram, the self-proclaimed harbinger of destruction, stood amidst the wreckage.With a brief pause, his mind drifted back to the events that had shaped him into the formidable force he had become.In the midst of the chaos, a flashback washed over his mind, transporting him to the bleak corridors of his past.Aiden had been an orphan, discarded by society and left to fend for himself. Throughout his formative years, he had been subjected to the cruelties of bullies, their taunts and jeers echoing through his memories.But it was within the darkness of his solitude that Aiden's true transformation had begun. Alone and broken, he sought solace within the depths of his own mind, delving into the recesses of his thoughts with an insatiable hunger for answers.It was during those introspective moments that he discovered the dormant power residing within him."I was a forgotten soul, discarded and abandoned," Ai
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Chase And Tag
As Aiden Arkram, the agent of destruction, continued his relentless rampage through the shattered city, a formidable force emerged to challenge his reign.Thousands of superheroes, each possessing unique powers and unwavering determination, converged upon the scene.They had one goal in mind: to apprehend the elusive boy with long white hair and bring an end to his reign of chaos.With a mischievous grin on his face, Aiden reveled in the chase that ensued. It was a game of tag like no other."Come on, stupid fucks," he muttered under his breath.The superheroes, fueled by a sense of duty and righteousness, dashed through the broken streets, their powers on full display as they sought to corner the elusive antagonist.Aiden, however, danced effortlessly between buildings, his movements fluid and graceful. He leaped over crumbled debris with an agility that defied human capability, his long white hair trailing behind him like a banner of defiance.Laughter bubbled from his lips, filled
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The Strongest!
As the dust settled and the echoes of his victory reverberated through the shattered city, Aiden's eyes surveyed the scene with a mix of satisfaction and anticipation.The defeated superheroes lay scattered around him, their once vibrant costumes now torn and stained with the remnants of their shattered dreams.The weight of his power pressed upon his shoulders, a reminder of the dominance he had achieved.Yet, amidst the carnage, a flicker of resistance sparked within the fallen heroes. Bruised and broken, their indomitable spirits refused to be extinguished. From the midst of the fallen, a voice rose, defiant and resolute."Your reign of destruction ends here, Aiden," a voice called out, trembling with determination.Aiden's gaze narrowed, his curiosity piqued. He turned his attention to the source of the voice, his smirk transforming into a wicked grin.A lone figure emerged from the debris, his stance unwavering, his eyes blazing with unwavering resolve.It was Reus, the superhero
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