System Dominance in the Otherworldly Tower

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System Dominance in the Otherworldly Tower

By: Twilight OngoingSystem

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He was a man who had nothing to his name nor anyone he could call a family. Just living as a corpse without any goal. He had lost all motivation to live and was just pushing the days because of a promise he made. 'Make sure to enjoy your life' He remembered the face of a woman who gave up her whole life for him. He looked at the rope in his hand, feeling disgusted at himself. He felt like his life had no motive. But that's when it happened. [The Necromancer System has chosen you] [The system is recommending you climb the Tower of Myth] [If you successfully climb to the top of the Tower, any one of your wishes will be fulfilled, no matter what it is] [Do you want to take the test of the Myth Tower?] [Yes/No] A reason for him to live appeared. The story of the One who had regained his will to live is about to start....

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  • lazydreamer


    A good read, hope the author continues.

    2023-02-14 19:01:20
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Chapter 01 -Prologue
___________________"A single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”____________________In an average urban house.The afternoon Sun's rays pierced through the curtains, casting a somber light to a dim room, giving it a warm, somber feel. Some might call such a picturesque setting "peaceful", yet the truth happened to be the farthest thing from it.Blood smears stained the walls, broken dishes lay in disarray, and a half-eaten sandwich lay on the ground.The furniture was either broken or tussled around, except for one wooden chair that was holding a teenage boy who was leaning back, staring at the ceiling with an absent look in his eyes.The young man had pitch-black hair with white hair running down the middle. His eyes were a hazelnut color and had a glazed-over kind of feel to them. Blood was splashed across his white and grey shirt, in stark contrast to the shirt's original colors. His legs were kicked out in front of him, and his arms were laying against his sides, a
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Chapter 02 - World React
The weather was damp, it seemed like the rain had just stopped. On the wet benches of the park sat a young man who seemed to be in his 20s. He sat there while staring straight ahead at something unseen.Earlier, he was minding his own business, just walking through the park, and eventually took a seat at a park bench when, suddenly, a blue panel appeared in front of his face with an ominous message inscribed on it.[You have been chosen to partake in the "Ruined Tower's" tests. Will, you accept the test of Tower of Myth?][Y | N]He stared at the projection blankly before thinking, "Is someone playing tricks on me… Nah. I don't have anyone that close to me."He didn't even have parents or family, so he was sure that no one would waste their time on someone like him.He tried to touch the projection, but his hand just phased through it."So, it's like one of those novels I read in the past. Will it teleport me somewhere if I accept?"He deliberated for a while before making his decisio
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Chapter 03 - Tutorial
[00:00:00]On everyone's blue message panel around the world, the timer finally came to an end.The countdown to what most people thought would be the apocalypse has finally reached its end. Everyone was waiting for the change to happen but... nothing did? The earth was silent, no one could be heard, not even a mouse. That is until something decided to break the fragile silence.[Merging of Earth with the Multiverse.............. Complete!][Welcome to all challengers!][The Tower has responded to your arrival. As a gift to new arrivals, The Tower grants everyone the title 'Challenger'][The tower will now announce the qualification to pass the trial]_________________Qualifications include:1. Must reach lv.102. Must have a class3. Must have at least killed 500 monsters__________________[Anyone who accomplishes these criteria, can take the test of the "Ruined Tower"][A unique title will be granted to everyone based on their life experiences]It seems the tower was not as cruel
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Chapter 04 - The System and Survival
"Ahh...! Did the title effect trigger, let's see..."Shiva looked at the message being displayed for killing the goblin.It seemed like there are some conditions for the title to trigger since it didn't trigger when he killed the first goblin, but for now, he wasn't sure how.So he moved on to reading the text messages."Hmm...Oh! I can absorb the stats of a goblin! let's see... It will be good to increase my strength but since the title effect triggers only after getting attacked, it's better if I increase my endurance and health."It was the requirement for the skill to activate."I have to endure the attack to counterattack the enemies or else it will be over. In the worst case I may get one shot, so let's choose Constitution"It would all be for naught if he got killed in one shot by some random monster while trying to trigger the title so he made sure to select 'Constitution', which increased his endurance and health.[Your constitution has increased by 2]A sudden feeling of ref
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Chapter 05 - The Skills
Sitting near the corridor of the room was a young man with pitch-black hair, staring at the blue window that was hovering in front of him."Hmmm... even though I don't have any special arrows, I can use my archery-practice arrows for the time being, and considering that the nameless bow is a growth-type weapon, even if doesn't help me much now, it will grow along with side me, so let's not worry about it for now"Moving on he noticed the newly updated part of his status."It seems I gained two skills after the fight let's see""Status"______________ Name: ShivaRace: Humanlevel: 02sex: MaleProfession: noneTitles:1. Challenger (Unique)2. Vengeance is mine:(unique)--------------- Strength - 7+1 Constitution - 8 Dexterity - 8 Intelligence - 10 Perception - 8 Charisma - 10----------free attribute points - 05-----------Skills: -->Active:1. Peirce:Strike the spear in straight ahead with full force,
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Chapter 06 - The Forgotten Legend of the Past
A total of 9 members were transported to the hall of legends based on their achievements.The achievements were calculated by the Akashic records, which recorded all the remarkable achievements in the Tower.The achievements differed from person to person, some got selected because of their ability to fight against the monsters, some for their craftsmanship, and some for their own competence.All of that was happening while Shiva was doing some crazy sh*t.To know what's going on, let's go back to when he got out of his house.Moving under the cover of the dark night, Shiva saw a dozen goblins loitering around the gas station that's when the light bulb in his mind lit up.He silently sneaked to the back of the first goblin and attacked aiming its head using Peirce, and the goblin perished without even a sound due to the effect of the skill.He killed three more goblins by sneaking behind them but unfortunately, the goblin shrieked and others beside it realized Shiva's presence and att
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Chapter 07 - Death Summoner
"Forgotten Legend of the past... You fuc**ng bastard, if you are forgotten then just stay like that, why the hell do you want to mess up my reward, you bastard? fu*k you! fu*k your mother! fuc* your...…"Some unrecognizable curses were resounding in the night. of course, the one who was cursing was none other than Shiva.Well, anyone would be pissed if someone messed with the reward they have gotten after all he had suffered.After all, he had the chance to get the epic class but due to some forgotten legend of the past, he ended up with a normal class, his cursing was at least reasonable.The curses were pouring nonstop, he calmed down only after feeling tired from cursing and finally decided to check the messages.[You have obtained a class 'Crazy Sorcerer'(normal) ]____________Crazy sorcerer:-The holder of this class is a crazy person. The one who is the possession of this class will inevitably find himself in some crazy situations, even if he doesn't will to, fate will lead him
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Chapter 08 - Bountiful Rewards
"Ahhh! damn! Am I still alive?"Shiva who got up after god knows how long, touched himself all over to confirm that he wasn't dead and passed onto heaven!!"Damn System! It didn't even warn me that it would this painful! good thing I can't touch it or I might have killed it brutally"[The system is neither responsible nor needs to warn you of dangers, be grateful you are even able to acquire strength through me]"...."Shiva was surprised that the system answered, but was annoyed at its tone.He didn't even know how the system works or what the system is, but as it said, it was helping him gain strength which he couldn't refute."Tch!"Without having to say, he just clicked his tongue in annoyance.But that didn't last long as he was soon swarmed by the system notifications.Ding![Congratulation! You have successfully awakened the Nether energy!][You have successfully obtained the class "Nether wielder"]____________The title given to one who is capable of controll
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Chapter 09 - First Summon
Shiva was stupefied looking at his status, it was to the point that he was wondering if it was his own status or not.His stats which were less than 10 before were now above 20 and his intelligence was whooping 35 at that, which he obliviously did not have any idea of.Shiva had gained about four active skills and two passive skills along with two titles although one was just for show.The power of the increased stats was surging throughout his body, he could feel an immense amount of power from his closed fist!"This power!! oh..oh... Am I dreaming?"He pinched himself to check whether he was dreaming!"Ouch!!..doesn't seem like a dream..."The power that was surging through his body!He still couldn't believe it. He was still finding it hard to believe that the things that happened were all real and were not a dream.Someone called the forgotten legend of the past whom he had no idea had interfered with his class change, which acted as a blessing in disguise, enabling him to acquire
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Chapter 10 - Survivor's Camp
Three days after the start of the tutorial. Millions of humans perished in the sudden invasion of monsters, In just two days the civilization built by humans for thousands of years fell, the survivors grouped up, and the law of jungle once again took over. The strong have already started to prey on the weak, and what's happening now was a classic example of it. A middle-aged man who has a well-built body, with a gun in his hand was dragging a woman by holding her hair, and a young man was holding his leg but he seemed like a three-year child dragged by adults, it was proof that the middle-aged man's stats were already beyond the humane level. "ugh... Leave me alone... You bastard, leave me,... Sob sob" "Leader I will do anything please let her go, I beg you, leader..... Please let her go" "You scum, you thought you could hide her from me, haha" There isn't even a need to explain what's going on here. A group of survivors was watching the scene unfold, some were looking at them
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